5 Tools Every Employer Should Use for Hiring

If background checks are done properly, they can be indispensable in the hiring process. The tools used for hiring check for legal issues in candidates’ backgrounds. They are used to verify employment and education. Regardless of whether you’re screening a future or current employee, many additional types of searches are possible.

Always use a compliant background check service for your hiring needs. Most of these services will let you choose between a preset screening package or a customized one. The most basic of plans is limited to checking a Social Security number and a criminal search on federal and state levels. A customized plan might include a motor vehicle record check, drug screening, a credit history check, an additional statewide search, and even social media screening.

UnMask and other authority sources on background checks will confirm that this type of screening can ease your mind in the recruitment and hiring process. They can help prevent a bad hire and/or reveal someone’s lies about previous employment and other important things. Here are the five best tools people can use to make a hiring decision.


5 Tools Every Employer Should Use for Hiring

5 Tools Every Employer Should Use for Hiring 1


1. First Advantage

Companies nationwide are receiving applications from candidates from abroad more and more often today, which is why First Advantage is a top choice – they will let you do an international background check and deliver very fast results. You won’t need to contact applicants for additional information because the background check provider will reach out to them on your behalf.

Companies in all industries and of all sizes use First Advantage’s services. The company also offers drug screening and FBI fingerprint checks.


2. Instant Checkmate

This company is quite different from the first choice – basic checks are where it truly excels. It makes it very easy to get addresses, dates of birth, and phone numbers. What’s more, you don’t need much information, just a name, and state. The email search feature accesses a lot of data beyond a sender’s name. Their best feature is the criminal record search. The service checks a vast database of public records. The word “instant” in their name is no coincidence.


3. BeenVerified

BeenVerified runs the gamut of basic checks, including employment and education history. You’ll get access to unlimited reports if you opt for a monthly subscription, making this provider a better option for companies that do a lot of hiring. Individual reporting is not an option here. You can also sign up for a three-month plan, which is actually more cost-effective.

Whichever option you go for, you’ll get access to criminal records, property records, basic personal details, social network information, and more.


4. InfoMart

One of the best things about the fourth choice is fast results. A full, reliable background check report is generated in no more than two days. InfoMart is most suitable for small businesses because it doesn’t come with any minimum requirements. The company will recommend a custom screening depending on the position you’re hiring for and the industry you’re in.

InfoMart has a user-friendly online portal and a fully transparent fee structure apart from industry-specific screenings. The screenings are most suitable for companies in the sharing economy, finance, education, healthcare, automotive, and food service. Some of the other industries that can benefit from them are entertainment, transport, sports, and retail. Small companies and startups are very happy with the helpful support team.


5. CheckPeople

CheckPeople has an intuitive interface with a large search bar at the top of the homepage, where you enter your job candidate or employee’s name. Only basic information is required for a search: a name, an email, a phone number, or a mailing address. To see your background check report, you need to sign up. There is one free search, after which you’ll be asked for your credit card or bank details. After providing them, you have a free five-day trial. During these five days, you pay just a dollar, and you can do unlimited searches.

Once these five days pass, you’re upgraded to a paid subscription automatically. If you don’t want this, you must cancel the free trial before the time is up. If you’ll need to run checks regularly, there’s no need to cancel.

CheckPeople uses cutting-edge software to retrieve data from national databases, including employment history data, criminal background information, and data on business affiliations, etc.


Additional Advantages of Background Checks

Hiring tools like those reviewed here are the most effective way to screen job candidates. By using them, you’re helping ensure workplace safety and job fitness. When it comes to high trust positions, this is of paramount importance. If you’re hiring for a position in finance, financial history screening is a must.

You must partner with an FCRA-compliant company to do your background checks. The FCRA is a federal law with rules and guidelines on how businesses can search for and use job applicants’ personal information. From this, it follows that you’re probably breaking the law if you’re doing your background checks yourself. Specialized services are familiar with FCRA requirements and perform checks in compliance with those. When choosing a provider, ask if they are FCRA compliant.

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