5 Ways a Facebook Page Can Help Our Business

With 22% of the global population on Facebook, today, it has evolved as one of the top social media platforms for social as well as business growth. It is not an unknown fact that Facebook helps thousands of small businesses worldwide daily to achieve their business goals. You can effectively conduct marketing activities on Facebook that would cost thousands of dollars through other channels at a fraction of the cost. This makes Facebook ideal for businesses with a limited marketing budget. Businesses can try Facebook marketing concepts and themes before investing in more prominent campaigns.

Here are 5 ways in which a Facebook page can help your business grow.


#1 Engage With Your Audience

Undoubtedly, the most important way to use your Facebook page for business is the vast platform that it provides to engage with your audience. Your audience will consist of various categories of people–potential customers, current and former customers, lovers of your content, and people interested in your business. You can create engaging and interesting posts and content that bring these groups of people together.

You can let your business identify itself through these pages by product offerings, listed services, and by sharing images, posts, and links. A customizable business page gives your audience a sense of your business’s character and personality.

You can encourage your audience to participate and share content relevant to your industry or niche. The better the content on your Facebook page, the more will be the reactions, shares, comments, and audience for your Facebook Page. It can help extend your organic reach. Better engagement helps boost your News Feed placement based on the Facebook algorithm and grows your interactions.


#2 Facebook Advertising with Classic Ads

Your Facebook page gives you the opportunity to take advantage of Facebook ads as a distinct form of advertising. These classic ads that appear to the side of the Facebook website are also referred to as Facebook Marketplace Advertisements. These ads include a clickable link to an external website, another Facebook page, or an app. You can include Facebook advertising into your digital marketing strategy to drive website clicks and increase likes.

With Facebook advertising, you can also engage in targeting demographics by using user data on Facebook for location, age, interests, and hobbies. You can set an ad budget and do ad testing, in which you can run versions of the ads simultaneously to test the best ad design. There is also an in-built ability for tools for performance measurement and to publish area-wise advertisements, which is an excellent option for a local business.


#3 Collect Testimonials and Reviews

If you have or are planning to set up a Facebook page for your local business, it will give you an opportunity to reach out to your customers. You can let your customers know they can review your business on your Facebook page and leave behind comments and reviews. You can also ask them to share their feedback on your products and services and take steps to deepen your engagement and build trust with your customers. Thus, it becomes a hub to collect testimonials and reviews from your customers.

Great testimonials are powerful and tell people online that your business is legitimate and that it actually works. More than 90% of customers report they read online reviews before making a purchase. Thus, testimonials boost your conversion rates. You can start by either featuring existing reviews or asking existing customers to create new reviews for you.


#4 Facebook Contest Hosting

Your Facebook page is an excellent place to run Facebook contests, promotions, or sweepstakes to increase your brand awareness and fan following. Facebook contests have been around for some time and are one of the best methods to build meaningful brand engagement and grow an active audience.

Businesses can use a different external app for creating a Facebook contest. They can then direct users from their Facebook page to the app. Running a Facebook contest provides an opportunity to collect data about your audience in the form of a quiz or simply an engagement-based contest. First time contests with great give-aways are an incredible way to connect with your audience. A photo vote contest is another excellent way to drive traffic to your page as more and more people will share their entries with their friends to collect more votes. You can even add a referral component to your contest. This will help you get double the number of entries for your contest.


#5 Use Facebook Insights to understand your customers

Facebook Insights provides a whole treasure of information. It lets you know who is looking at your page and when and how it is being done. It also shows which types of content the audience engages with most so that it becomes easy to formulate a marketing strategy based on that. Facebook Insights provides analytics that tracks user behaviour. You can then post this performance on your Facebook business page. You can get key metrics like page views and post reach for paid and organic posts. It also recommends and provides competitor pages to watch and track.

Insights help figure out relevant target audiences and so become useful for Facebook Ads to for the right people. They can match up your Facebook creative and Ad copy according to the interests of the audience.


Summing Up

The benefits of your Facebook page for business are not limited to just these uses. Whatever type of business you have, your Facebook page is a powerful marketing tool. It is still the most popular social network platform amidst hundreds of new social media platforms crowding the digital market daily. Thus, it becomes essential for your business to be on Facebook as with over a billion people on the platform every day, you can get in touch with your audience daily.

Facebook is a great place to keep customers informed, develop your brand identity, and expand your reach. Your Facebook page can be used for marketing and to make connections, develop relationships, and share your thoughts and content with others. When done the right way with an effective strategy, you can create a community of friends who look favourably to your business and you.

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