500 Markets Review – Created for New and Experienced Traders | 2022

500 Markets’s long time on the market has turned it into one of the first brokers that most traders choose for doing their daily exchanges. It has helped thousands of people trade hundreds of crypto assets in a much easier and more efficient way. Moreover, it also features several risky products, such as margin accounts and futures trading, which are perfect for experienced traders who want to step up their investing game.

500 Markets is a great place for anyone. It features a basic and advanced section, which cultivates the ideal environment for each trader to discover their path within this business.

This 500 Markets review is meant to display all the fantastic features of 500 Markets and why it has become so popular among crypto traders.


500 Markets Trading Experience

500 Markets has two main platforms, one designed for new traders and another created for advanced traders. Therefore, this guide is going to begin by explaining the basic platform.

Once someone decides to become a trader and create a user on 500 Markets ( www.500-markets.com ), they must verify it and start buying as many assets as they wish with their regular bank account. The trading process is as easy as converting any fiat currency in their bank account into their favorite cryptocurrency.

A fantastic perk is that they don’t need to directly fund the account, and all the cryptocurrencies go directly to their preferred digital wallet.

Moreover, new traders must always remember to be as safe as possible and activate two-factor authentication. Hackers tend to take advantage of naive traders who don’t know any better.

On the other hand, the pro version of 500 Markets is a lot more detailed and not as user-friendly as the basic version, but it has several other features that advanced traders need for their daily trading activities. Some of the things that can be found on this platform are charts and detailed information about each asset.

Moreover, those who use the pro version of the platform can enjoy lower fees, which helps save money when making big transactions.


500 Markets Education Features

500 Markets has proved to be a fantastic platform for new traders, and that’s why it offers a wide variety of educative materials meant to train new traders in several financial subjects that help them develop the skills they need to succeed in this business.

These materials are videos, podcasts, blog posts, PDFs, books, etc. Subscribers can even enjoy interactive webinars up to 10 times a month. Forex traders also get their special section filled with information on the most important concepts of CFD trading.


500 Markets Research Tools and Insights

500 Markets isn’t the best at data analysis and creating insights, as it doesn’t feature a news section or a research area. However, it allows traders to create charts and identify recommended positioning, which can help when creating investing strategies.


500 Markets Assets Selection

In 500 Markets, traders are going to find a vast range of cryptocurrencies and other investment products. It has more than 160 stocks to choose from, and it features cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.

Other assets that can be bought are oil, gold, and other precious metals. Moreover, all assets can be purchased with fiat and cryptocurrencies.


500 Markets Trustworthyness

the platform’s code is protected with anti-hacking software, making it virtually impossible for cyber thieves to break into someone’s account and steal their coins. In addition, it offers negative balance protection to its clients, which prevents them from losing more than their initial funding when they face volatile markets.


500 Markets Customer Satisfaction

Most of the users of 500 Markets have mentioned they are pretty pleased with all the features and options of the platform’s basic and pro versions. However, they mention that customer support isn’t as sharp as it should be and that 500 Markets’s team should work on providing faster response times and better solutions.

Nonetheless, comparing good and bad reviews, it can be determined that 500 Markets is a solid platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies.


Check Out 500 Markets

In summary, 500 Markets provides a fantastic trading experience by allowing new and experienced traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the exact features they need depending on their level of experience.

However, anyone interested in this can visit 500 Markets’s website and learn about all the great features it offers.

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