6 Ideas to Help Come Up With a Unique Gamer Tag

Are you returning to gaming and want a different gamer tag because your old handle is no longer relevant, or it makes you cringe because you came up with an idea back when you were a teenager? 

Coming up with a new gamer handle requires creativity, which is not something everyone has. The purpose of this article is to provide ideas to help gamers who want a new tag.


Avoid Certain Names

First of all, you need to be aware of the fact that offensive names, swear words, and similar things are not an option.

Even if you want to sound a bit edgy with your new gamer tag, you should be smart about the words you use. Crossing the lane will have you reported and banned from a video game or an entire platform, such as Steam.


Associate the Name With the Game

Depending on the video game you are playing, you might want to select a name that fits the character and the video game itself.

It is common in dungeon crawlers and MMORPGs when players have multiple characters. Naturally, selecting an assassin or warrior class and naming it Fireball Enjoyer makes no sense (unless you are a tank who likes to absorb fireballs). Such a name is more fitting for a mage class.

If you want to stick to your name and still tailor-make it for a specific character, that is also an option. Let’s say that you use Trooper as your primary handle. For a character that is a support class, you could try Support Trooper. Or, if a character revolves around using dark magic, Sinister Trooper is an option.


Use Humor

A gamer tag does not have to be serious. As mentioned in the previous section, you can associate the name with a game you are playing while also adding some humor to it.

For instance, if your character uses grenades, you can try something like Send Nades. A comedy reference from a movie or a TV show could be a worthwhile idea as well, though be careful with obscure references because if most people do not get it, your approach to being funny might not work out.

Finally, you can also change some letters in a phrase to make it funnier. Instead of I Hunt Rabbits, why not go for I Hunt Wabbits?


Consider Your Hobbies or Favorite Characters

Those who are trying to come up with a new gamer tag from scratch can rely on hobbies and popular or favorite characters for inspiration.

Sports, music, books, movies, and TV shows offer so many opportunities to take something from them and modify a word or a phrase to turn it into a unique gamer tag. 

For example, pick a character and add “Enjoyer” to it. Or, if you want the opposite, pick something you dislike and add “Hater” to the word. 


Add Symbols

A video game name can consist of more than just letters so long as the game or the gaming platform allows it. It is common to see numbers at the end of a name. The number also usually has a meaning, such as the date of a birthday. If someone has 90 or 91 in their gamer handle, you can bet that they were born in 1990 or 1991. 

Besides symbols, you can also add extra flair via custom fonts to make your gamer tag stand out more with the help of Glyphy.io. Instead of Ally of the Sun, Å͓l͓̊l͓̊ẙ͓ o͓̊f͓̊ t͓̊h͓̊e͓̊ S͓̊ů͓n͓̊, ͜͜͜͜ ͜͜ ͜͜͜ ͜͜͜, ℎ or a similar unique font.


Try Foreign Languages

Gamer tags in English are the most common, which makes them a bit boring. You could take the approach of using a different language, such as Latin. A word like Umbra might sound better than Shadow, for instance. 

There are a couple of rules of thumb when using a foreign language, though.

First of all, make sure that you actually know what the word or phrase means. You do not want to use something that makes no sense or makes you look like a fool just because you failed to confirm before creating the handle.

Secondly, even if a foreign language is not something that the majority of players might understand, you still do not want to be offensive. Someone might know what the words mean, and you could be reported.

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