7 Strategies to Get More Views on TikTok

Have you given TikTok a try yet? Perhaps you and your colleagues are having lots of fun in the office making TikTok videos as part of your marketing strategy, but no one seems to be watching them.

Getting views on TikTok can seem like it involves a lot of luck, but there are plenty of things you can do to make it more likely that other TikTok users will see your video.

Here are 7 strategies to get more views on TikTok:

7 Strategies to Get More Views on TikTok 1


1.  Use Hashtags

TikTok, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media platforms, lets users add hashtags to their content so that it can easily be found by people interested in that topic.

When you upload a TikTok video, take a moment to add relevant hashtags. That way, your video will appear in lots of TikTok searches – and hopefully, get lots of views.

Hashtags are also a great way to start building a community following on TikTok. You can come up with your own hashtag for your brand and encourage your customers and fans to use it too.


2.  Keep Your Videos Under 30 Seconds

While TikTok lets you create videos as long as 10 minutes, it’s best to keep your videos really short. 15 seconds or 30 seconds are lengths that work well if you want to maximize views.

When TikTok started, videos were limited to 15 seconds, and users still generally expect super-short videos. If all your videos are several minutes long, that could be why you’re not getting many views.


3.  Add a Compelling Description

You can use up to 300 characters (including hashtags) in your TikTok description – that’s around 40 to 80 words. While you don’t necessarily need to write a long description, it’s important that your video’s description gives people a great reason to watch it.

You can use captions in a similar way, adding these to your video so that they appear in the thumbnail, helping to grab the interest of users who are scrolling through TikTok.


4.  Tailor Your Videos to a Specific Niche

There are lots of different niches for content on TikTok, and tailoring your content so that it fits well into one of these is a great way to increase views.

Some of the niches you might try include:

  • Funny dances – dancing to popular songs (or making up your own) is a TikTok staple
  • Home fitness
  • Fashion – and fitness fashion
  • Beauty tips
  • BookTok – a great trend for authors to get in on

Obviously, you’ll need to find a TikTok niche or subculture that fits well with your brand. It probably won’t make much sense to focus on offering beauty tips if your company sells WordPress plugins.

7 Strategies to Get More Views on TikTok 2


5.  Use the Duet Feature to Borrow Popularity

One of TikTok’s great features is the ability to create a “duet.” This means recording your own video alongside someone else’s existing video. It’s a great way to piggyback on popular content, “borrowing” popularity from a video that’s already got lots of views.

You can also use a duet as a form of reply to another video, which could be a great way to build engagement if your customers are creating videos relating to your products or services.


6.  Promote Your TikTok Videos Through Other Channels

Getting TikTok views isn’t just about what you do on the TikTok platform itself. You can also promote your videos through other online channels.

For instance, you might send out the thumbnails of your most recent TikTok videos in your email newsletter. You could also produce a roundup of your best TikToks for your blog. Make sure your site includes social share buttons to make it easy for your visitors to spread your TikTok videos and other content even further.


7.  Find the Perfect Time to Post Your TikTok

Timing counts for a lot on TikTok, and if you post your videos at a time of day when the majority of your audience isn’t online, they’re not going to perform as well as they should.

Experiment with publishing on TikTok at different times of the day and on different days of the week. You might find that early weekday evenings perform best for you, for instance, or perhaps your target customers are often online during their lunch break.

Getting more views on TikTok may take time, but by being proactive and following the above strategies, you’ll give your videos the best possible chance of success. Make sure you keep track of which videos are performing best and try creating similar content in the future.

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