9 Best Website Keyword Checker That May Suit You

Best Website Keyword Checker – If you realize how important to have website keyword checker, you are going to keep staying on this page to find out what the best keyword checker for website you actually need. A keyword checker is a tool or software you can use to search the list of keywords. In this case, the keyword checker software is very useful to help you easily find the list of keywords that you will use to write articles for your product.

Certainly, a keyword checker software will have its own features which are different from other ones. In this concern, we are going to share the 9 best website keyword checker along with each of their features so that you may be inspired to use one of them which is best suiting you.


9 Best Website Keyword Checker Free And Paid!


1. SE Ranking

Best Website Keyword Checker

Best Website Keyword Checker


SE Ranking is one of the keyword checker software coming with primary focus to keep you up-to-date with the visibility of the website organic search. This software is quite considerable due to the useful features as follows:

  • Search Range Option

This is the unique element of the software you can use to track the keyword rankings up to 100 or 200 positions in a nutshell.

  • Detailed View

Based on the goal which is to track the keyword rankings, SE Ranking has the detail view that will enumerate your website search positions both for each single keyword and for the monthly search volumes.

  • Quick Filter Buttons

Featuring quick filters button, this software enables you to scoop up the keywords along with the certain positions. Visit Here


2. What’s My Serp

What’s My Serp

What’s My Serp


The second considerable website keyword checker is What’s My Serp. This one is usually used by some established bloggers. Well, they say that this software is very great due to the features:

  • Affordable and Reliable

This software is very proper especially for those who don’t have more budget for a paid software. Although is comes with an affordable price, What’s My Serp definitely allows you to have reliable data.

  • User-friendly Interface

For most bloggers, it is very important to have a software featuring user-friendly interface. This way, you just need to type the keywords you want to track one by one in your domain.

  • An available Bonus

What’s My Serp provides you with a bonus to create an account. This account will help you track the keyword ranking continually without the need to start from scratch. Visit Here


3. Moz Pro

Moz Pro

Moz Pro


Moz Pro is one of the best website keyword checker and widely used among the website owners. It is also one of the most popular software for starters including the bloggers, marketers and small business owners. Here are the useful features of the software you may have a look.

  • Subscription

This feature will enable you to monitor the website’s organic keyword rankings just by figuring the account once and the software will send you a report automatically. Visit Here


4. Searchmetrics: Enterprise SEO and Content Marketing Platform




The next keyword checker software that is considered the best to use is the Searchmetrics. This is another premium analytic platform you can consider due to the ability in supplying you with a data host gauging the blog’s SEO and content marketing performance for sure.

This software is featuring an ability to generate Winner/Loser keyword that will directly reveal the current changes in the organic keyword rankings. Visit Here


5. Ahrefs – SEO Tools & Resources To Grow Your Search Traffic




If you have been using some website keyword checkers, you might have been familiar with Ahrefs. Ahrefs is best described as an alternative software matching with SEMrush’s capabilities. Featuring a dedicated rank tracker, this one is able to provide you with in-depth insights on your website’s organic keywords.

Ahrefs is the best tool for keyword research and spy on competitors’ keywords. You can also see the power of backlinks from your website’s competitors, so you can easily monitor keywords and competition in search engines.

Ahrefs serves monthly subscriptions starting at $ 99, $ 179, $ 399 and $ 999. But for your annual subscription they give a 2 month free discount that means you only pay 10 months. But, you can also do a $ 7 free trial for 7 days. Visit Here


6. AccuRanker » The World’s Fastest Rank Tracker




Now you can also consider AccuRanker as one of the best website keyword checkers. This software has a very pure keyword ranking checker. In order to use this software, all you need to do is just plugging in your domain, get into the rest of the details and manually add the keyword you want to track, view the keyword suggestions as well as import the keywords through a CSV file. Visit Here


7. FatRank – Digital Nomad | Growth Hacking | SEO




Do you know more about FATRANK? If not, now you can hold on to read this part. FTRANK is a keyword rank checker available for free. It is also categorized as a browser extension. Luckily, it has some great and useful features as follows: Read: 5 Best Free Website Speed Test Tools

  • Easy-to-use

As one of the best keyword checkers for websites, thins software is considered lightweight and easy-to-use particularly for Chrome users. They can certainly install and use FATRANK on demand.

  • Extension Toolbar

Facilitated by the feature of extension toolbar, FATRANK will lead you to the main interface where you have to enter your target keywords. This way, just click “Check” to start analyzing. Visit Here


8. SEMrush for SEO and PPC

SEMrush for SEO and PPC

SEMrush for SEO and PPC


Among the best website keyword checkers, SEMrush is the most popular and widely used since it is an all-in-one platform providing a 360-degree view of the website’s marketing performance. This way, the organic rankings can be viewed just by entering the URL and tap on “Click”.

SEMrush is featuring a filter option that can amazingly help you find the keywords that are matching with your likeness. This software proves the best for SEO and digital marketing. Do you want to try this tool? Visit Here.


9. Rank Tracker by Mangools: The Most Accurate SERP Tracker

Rank Tracker by Mangools The Most Accurate SERP Tracker

Rank Tracker by Mangools The Most Accurate SERP Tracker


When you have to talk about usability of a keyword checker software, never ignore SERPWatcher by Mangools due to the following features:

  • Ability to start quickly

Using this software, you can definitely start the keywords tracking very quickly. You can do it simply by entering the domain, choosing the target search platform and adding your target keywords. In this case, you can easily drag and drop the keywords into the software if you have already had a CSV file which is full of keywords.

  • Built-in filter

Do you know something? This is a great feature to spot the keywords that fits the specification. Visit Here


 In shorts, possessing one of the best website keyword checkers is very necessary to support the way you work in relation to track the keywords on your websites. Now don’t hesitate to get inspired to use one of the ninth recommended keywords checkers we have just shared.