Information about SEO Backlinks Checker

Before we go further about SEO Backlinks Checker, you must get to know that backlinks has an important role for the results of the web page performance. In other word, backlinks influences how well your web page show a good performance in the search engine result pages which you know as SERPs.

Designed as an important factor, backlinks should be started with its profile look. In this case, you must make your backlinks look different, analyze the location and determine the next level you have to take. This is where you need a backlink checker.

On this page you will be presented some critical information the importance of backlinks in SEO, the backlink checker or tool, how to use the free backlink checker and what to do with the backlinks. Now you may refer to the following sections to get the details of each backlink checker information.


The Importance of Backlink Checker in SEO

Dealing with the term of SEO Backlinks Checker, you can’t ignore that backlinks are the links on other websites which are pointing to your website. This way, when the website has more backlinks, it will definitely have a better performance on the search engine results pages. If your backlinks perform better and has higher quality, you will have higher ranking, too. Hence, you can see how important the backlink is for your website’s performance.

If backlinks are very much recommended by Google or other search engines, you must pay attention as more as possible. It is because the more backlinks pointing to your website means that the search engines trust well on your website. This will lead you to have a higher ranking.

There are several things to focus when you are building your backlinks. This way, please pay more attention to the quality and relevance of the links rather than the quantity of links, too. For example, if your links have low quality or spammy, you will have bad rankings. In other words, having 10 natural and high quality backlinks is better than having 100 low quality backlinks.

For this reason, you need a SEO Backlinks Checker to monitor and check your website’s backlinks as well as their value. Again, you can see now that backlinks checker is very important to enhance your website performance. Read Also: 6 Best Free Competitor Keyword Research Tools


The Backlink Checker

The backlinks checker especially those who are developed by Small SEO Tools is free and fully integrated with Ahrefs’ engine to view the detailed report of the backlinks either for active websites or for the web pages.

Along with the backlink checker, you will be able to:

  • Find and track your backlinks particularly where they come from.
  • Perform the backlink analysis.
  • Provide an audit for any website.
  • Research on the best performance of the content on your website.
  • Search and find the competitors’ backlinks which are very valuable.
  • Examine the competitors’ backlinks profile to get the pattern and possible links in order to create opportunities.
  • Find out some keywords or pages that will likely bring you the most links.

When your backlinks analysis is integrated with Ahrefs, this SEO backlinks Checker can do more as follows:

  • It can be able to view the URL of specific website that is linking back to your website.
  • It can be able to view the definite anchor text used in the link back.
  • It shows you the Domain Rating of Ahrefs owned by the domain that is linking back to your website.
  • It enables you to view the Link Type.
  • It provides you with an option to check the Ahrefs URL rating linking back.

However, based on the users’ experience, the tools capabilities above are not enough. to support you more and more, there are still free backlink checker with the relevant metrics which include the Ahref rank of your website, the total number of the backlinks linking to your site, the total number of the referring domain to your website, the organic keywords as well as the organic traffic, the number of Dofollow and Nofollow links on your website and the total number of the referring IP’s. Read: 25 The Best SEO Tools to Help You Rank on Google


How To Use The Free Backlink Checker

Now that you have known about the backlink checker and the importance of it, the next crucial thing to find out as a part of Backlink Checker information is how to use the free backlink checker. Here we have provided you with the easy-to-use tool so that you don’t have to be an advance user in SEO.

SEO Backlinks Checker

SEO Backlinks Checker


Here are the three simple ways you can try.

  1. Get on the page
  2. Enter your URL in the provided space. This URL can be the main domain like a blog post URL.
  3. Tap on button “Check Backlink”. If you are required a CAPTCHA, just go ahead with it.

When you finish the three ways above, the result will appear along with the metrics. If you want to download the result, yeah, just download it. Most of other backlink checker view only 10 results each page. However, this SEO backlinks Checker offers to view 100 and more results. It is your option to view the 100 backlink results or more as you want to. Read: 3 Best Free Website Traffic Checkers


What To Do With The Backlinks

Now that you have derived all the detailed backlinks which means that you have all the backlinks you want, the question is what to do with the backlinks. If you don’t have any idea about it, here we will suggest you the five things you can do:

  1. Search Engine Optimization

This means that you are improving the SEO that would be profitable.

  1. Lost Link Recovery

If you lost some link, you can take it back using 301 redirect.

  1. Audit the Competitor’s Backlinks

You can analyze your competitor’s profile and look for an opportunity to improve your own backlink profile.

  1. Building Relationship

This way, you may follow up people who are linking beck to your site.

  1. Build Better Backlink Profile

SEO backlinks Checker lets you to check out the quality of the site which is linking back to your site.

Well, we hope that SEO backlinks Checker information above help you to get the best qualified backlink.s