AI Tools – CF Spark & Promptomania

In the digital era, everything depends on online tools. Most of them use the artificial intelligence and can help humans in different applications but what about the creative and fun part?

Well, now you can try powerful online tools that uses AI technology to create unique and cool images, these tools are called text to image generators and some of them are free and easy to use.

In this article, we will talk about AI art generators and give our opinion of some tools we recently discovered online, CF Spark & Promptomania.


AI Art Generator

What is an AI Art Generator? This is a sophisticated tool to create images automatically by just typing a few sentences, this tool will help you create cool and extraordinary images that you have never seen before.

For example, ”a Cat playing in the house and a dog sleeping on the red carpet’’. With just writing, the AI art generator will create amazing images. This is a state-of-the-art technology that will give young artists a lot of ideas.


What are the benefits of using an AI image generator?

AI image generator is an advanced tool created to ease your performance. Whatever your profession, everything will be completed quickly with the help of this AI image generator.

Some of the benefits of using an AI image generator:

  1. Generate text to image easily, no drawing or design skills needed.
  2. Save time and money
  3. No special skills needed
  4. With just a few pieces of text you can already create your own image
  5. You can sell your work on the online marketplace
  6. As alternative to creating images with a drawing program in situations where you don’t have a drawing program available

Are AI generated images copyrighted?

To answer this question, we first have to look at the definition of copyright. Copyright is a form of intellectual property that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it, usually for a limited time. This means that only the copyright holder can copy or distribute the original work, whether for profit or not.

This is where AI generated images get tricky: they are the result of an AI system which is fed data and learns to create new content based on what it has learned. In most cases, they are not created manually by a human being. This means that you cannot claim copyright over AI generated images unless you happen to create them yourself or you have been given permission by the creator of the AI to use their system.


Generate new art with CF Spark Art

CF Spark Art is a recently launched AI art generators from Creative Fabrica, a well-known platform for creatives and crafters around the world. This AI tool helps you to imagine and create unique art designs from text indications called prompts.

With CF Spark you can easily create AI art, besides that the AI art from the community will also give you an idea for creating AI art for your future projects.

So how do you create AI art with CF Spark?

  1. Open the tool and launch the AI image generator CF Spark Art
  2. Next, put your prompt in the text-to-image generator (you can make commands or text according to your idea, for example, a cat and a dog are playing in a field where there are trees and flowers)
  3. Please, choose a ratio. you can also modify the ratio as you wish.
  4. Click ‘Ignite’ and wait for the AI image generator to generate text to image.
  5. You will see several variations of your request. Choose the one you like the most and click ‘Publish’.


Build your prompts with PromptoMANIA

promptoMANIA is a Prompt Generator that allows you to generate detailed prompts and create text to images easily. The prompt builder makes it easy to build and edit prompts.

You can add text, base images, colors as well as recreate artist styles. This way, you can create the perfect prompt for your AI image generator tools.


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