How to Fix Microsoft Minecraft / Remoteconnect Error

Is your Microsoft Minecraft Error? Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the internet. Millions of internet users are playing this amazing title. The remote connect feature can have some issues. If you are facing problems with the login, then try our fix. We are going to discuss in detail the Microsoft Minecraft issue. The error link comes to your screen when there’s a login error.

It is a common problem that everyone has faced at least once. In this guide, we discuss in detail the service.


What Is Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect Error?

The “https & aka-ms/remoteconnect” error is common when you are trying your Microsoft account. Minecraft recently was switching to the Microsoft platform. There are tons of amazing services on the platform. It is a great game for those who enjoy building stuff.

The error is commonly happening on PS4, PS5, Nintendo, and other consoles. You can also face this issue on your computer. In this guide, we will try to fix it through different solutions.


How To Fix Https //Aka.Ms/Remoteconnect? (Step By Step)

In this section, we will take a look at how to fix the error. Our guide is going to offer you quick and easy solutions to this problem. Here are the different methods to solve this problem.


1. Crossplay Issue

Crossplay Issue


The fix for crossplay issues is quite simple. You can follow the given below steps. It will help you out to bring an amazing gaming experience. Here are the steps to start crossplay easily on your devices.


XBOX Crossplay:

Users who have Minecraft on their Xbox devices can download it from the official store. It is a crucial step to start gaming on different devices. Users need to have the Minecraft game on either Xbox One or Xbox 360 to play it through remote play.

  • To get the remote play code, users have to visit the following link – You can check it out from your Xbox browser. The site will display the code for the remote play feature. Users need to have the Microsoft account up and running. Users have to log in with their free to use Microsoft account on this website. It is a necessity on your Xbox.
  • It is quite easy to start remote play on your device. We recommend users to visit the following link – Visit this link from the device using which you want to try the remote play feature. You need to have a Microsoft account to work on this amazing feature. Login through the free account or create a new one.
  • Users have to enter the remote play code, which is available on your Xbox screen. The website will load the Minecraft game directly once you enter this code.

Amazing! Those are the working steps to get the remote feature up and running. We hope this fixes the issue you are facing with the website. It works perfectly for Microsoft Minecraft.


2. PS4

For the PS4, the steps remain quite similar to the XBOX device. Here are the steps to fix any errors with the platform.

  • The first step for users is to start by visiting the PS4 store. You can click on the download option here and start using it. Download the Minecraft game on your device. Users need to have the paid version of the game, at least on one device. It is only then you can try the remote play features.

minecraft ps4


  • The PS4 version of the game will give you the option to log in using your Microsoft account. Click on this option and sign in through your email and password. Once the process gets over, you can get the remote connect data.

Fix Microsoft Minecraft Aka ms remoteconnect


  • Users can easily save the code from the PS4. It is a necessity to run the remote play feature. We recommend it to everyone who wants to play on multiple devices. Try it out on your computer or mobile device. Visit the remote connect website to solve the issue.

minecraft PS4 error


3. Save the File Problem

Save file issues are a common problem with console users. You can solve this problem on your device easily. Here are the guidelines you should try out.

  • The storage settings on your device are going to give you the necessary information. It is pretty simple for PS4 users. You have to visit the gear icon and select storage. The saved files will be available there. It is quite similar to XBOX users as well.
  • Corrupt save files are a huge issue for people who want to use the remote play feature. You can delete these files and start from scratch. We recommend having a backup ready for users who have content ready.

You can try using the remote connect feature again after removing the saved files. It is perfect for your daily needs.


What Can Cause The Problem?

Microsoft Minecraft error


There are a few possible reasons why you will face this issue. Some of the most common reasons are as follows.


1. Change Of Devices

Minecraft is offering crossplay services to its users. It means that users can use one account across all platforms. It is a simple yet effective method of gaming on your devices. When you change the device, it can be ineffective. Users can face issues with their login. The software might glitch and cause issues. Device change is the main reason behind this common issue.


2. Corrupt Game Data

The game files play a major role for many users. A corrupt game data is going to cause you tons of issues. It can be a problem on all platforms.

You can check the type of data problems through your device. For PC users, it is quite easy to fix this issue. Reinstallation can be a quick fix but not suitable for the long term. Sometimes the saved files can also get corrupted. That is going to cause some issues with opening your progress maps. It is advisable to take regular backups.

These are the two main reasons why users face the Microsoft Minecraft issue. It can be a long-term problem if you don’t rectify it right away. The process is very simple for users.



The error is quite common for many users. We hope our article was able to answer all of your questions. There are different answers to a common problem.

Now you can easily enjoy the Minecraft game from anywhere. The fix works with the Minecraft bedrock edition.

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