4 Things You Can Do With Alexa Ranking Checker Tool

Have you been familiar with Alexa ranking checker tool? If not, this page is the right path for you to start with. Well, it is one of the most popular tool presented by the web analytics company to provide you with the traffic data and other marketing based on the information. It also comes with the various toolbars as well as web browser extensions.

In the past times, Alexa runs a numerous services and have been around in the notable projects. This means that Alexa had been widely used around the world. These times, Alexa is born to as a metric ranking the websites using the global ranking system facilitating the web traffic data to list the well-known websites on the internet in line with the usage.

Some of the reasons why Alexa ranking checker tool is widely used and well-chosen are the fact that the tool is built and developed with the latest and sophisticated technology based on the necessity toward the accurate results delivery.

This tool is also the easiest tool to use. Moreover, it offers you a big ability to check the multiple website Alexa Rank which is very beneficial to marketing section. It also uses the unique algorithm for the careful analysis with the fast results delivery.


About Alexa Ranking Checker Tool

Alexa Ranking Checker Tools

Alexa Ranking Checker Tools


In particular, Alexa ranking checker tool is an online tool you can have for free to allow you check the recent position of certain website on Alexa Rank system. This tool has a great function to view you the data of Global Rank, Reach, Country, Country Rank, and the change. The global rank will include the website rank analysis on most website all over the world. The Reach will help you to count the number of different people who are visiting the website using Alexa Toolbar. The country will show you the highest percentage of the websites’ visitors. The country rank will rank the website in the country. Meanwhile, the change will show you the ranking of your website has improved.

According to Alexa, the more well-known a website, the lower the ranking will be. This is the normal condition. This means, if you found the top rank website, it means it is the most visited one in Alexa. Now Alexa comes to you with the function to easily check the rank Alexa of any site existing on the internet. Read: 8 Free Keyword Position Tools

Here we have summarized the four key things you can do with Alexa ranking checker tool.



The first key things offered by Alexa Rank is the capability of doing self-analysis. If you are just a newbie with a new website, it is necessary to find out how popular your website is on the internet. It deals with how often people visit your site.

This way, you can check it by Alexa Rank. Improve your site’s traffic using the data along with your strategies to get into the competition. Through Alexa Web Ranking or you may call it as Alexa ranking checker tool, you can be able to track your website’s progress including the condition whether your website loses or gains popularity.

If you find it lost, you must get it quickly fixed. On the other hand, if you gain popularity more and more from times to times, it means you have a very good website’s progress. In short, all of these tasks are much supported by the feature of self-analysis. Read: 7 Best Keyword Generator


Marketing Analysis

If you are running for commercial website, so, this is the right way to go.  Alexa offers you a marketing analysis capability even when you are just starting as an advertiser. This way, you can still check out your website’s popularity so that you can decide the target ads as well as its cost.

In most cases, Alexa Rank plays the role to help you determine marketing potential of the targeted website. Well, this will work out well only if you are an advertiser.


Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is the next key things of Alexa Rank you have to find out. This way, Alexa Rank can serve you the best function as a competitive intelligent tool. This competitive analysis tool is used to check the extent of the traffic of attracting competing website. You can also both compare and contrast your website with the main competitors. This is aimed to check how you stack up against one to another in terms of popularity. This Alexa checker tool is a great tool to check the Alexa site information of more than one website at once.


Who-Is-Who Analysis

The forth key things of check tool of Alexa rank is who-is-who analysis. This way you can find out “who-is-who” in a certain country based on the most visited in that country due to the availability of Alexa Rank web categories which are Global, Country and Category. Along with this key thing of Alexa Rank, you can also get to know how your website is competing with the other websites per country per category. Read: 9 Best Website Keyword Checker


How To Use Alexa Rank Checker Tool

How To Use Alexa Rank Checker Tool

How To Use Alexa Rank Checker Tool


Now that you have known what to do with the data you got from Alexa Rank through its four key things, it’s time for you to find out how to use Alexa ranking checker tool. Well, this tool is designed with a simplicity along with the easy-to-use interface. The steps are only the followings:

  • Firstly, you must ensure yourself that you are on the page of Alexa Website Rank. It is most likely where you are now.
  • Secondly, type your URL you want to check. This way, you can do it by adding up 5 domain names and the system will check the domains out for you at no specific time.
  • The next step is to tap on “Click” button showed on the page.

Finally the tool will view the results as soon as you finish the step. It is greatly viewing all f the elements including the four key things of Alexa Rank.