All you need to know about starting a career in blockchain technology

Blockchain is an innovative technology which gained significant attention in the past years. This technology is the backbone of cryptocurrencies and became popular after Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin in 2009. In the world of digital assets, blockchain, a decentralized ledger, ensures that transactions are transparent and quick, creating fairness and equality through the consensus model on which it is based. Blockchain eliminates the need for a middleman, which is one of the reasons why many find cryptocurrencies so appealing. Since it’s easy to learn the price of bitcoin by checking it online, literally anyone can access cryptocurrencies and enjoy more freedom as they have more control over how they manage their funds.  

But blockchain is not only limited to cryptocurrencies – its value goes beyond that, impacting healthcare, supply chain management, information and communication technology, and more. Many see blockchain as a real game-changer, not only due to its potential for smart contracts but also because it enables new business models. Immutability, reliability, and privacy make blockchain suitable for every sector, and this revolutionary technology will likely continue to be a hot topic in the future. In fact, there is now an increasing demand for people with blockchain skills, as startups and tech firms are looking to hire employees who know how the technology works. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in blockchain, keep reading this blog to learn more about the existing opportunities and the skills you need. 

All you need to know about starting a career in blockchain technology 1

What positions are available in the blockchain sector?  

Blockchain provides ample career opportunities, so if you want to get a job in the industry, you’ll first have to decide which role suits you best. The available positions include the following: 

Blockchain developer 

Blockchain developers are programmers who help companies create applications via this technology. They are the most sought skill in the industry, so pursuing this career path can be very profitable. To become a blockchain developer, you need to know how to work with programming languages like Python and C++ and have attention to detail.  

Blockchain UX designer 

With many industries adopting blockchain, its design and user interface have become critical. A blockchain designer can shape an alluring and user-friendly interface, thus creating user trust. If you are a detail-oriented person with artistic abilities, pursuing a career in Blockchain UX design may be worth it.  

Blockchain project manager 

This position involves connecting blockchain projects to blockchain solution providers. It requires the abilities of a traditional project manager along with technical skills and excellent communication skills.  

Blockchain quality engineer 

In a development setting, a quality assurance engineer tests to check that the project has the required quality. In the blockchain space, a blockchain quality engineer has a similar role by ensuring that all the operations are excellent. In other words, they test and automate blockchain frameworks. For this role, you need to communicate efficiently with people and pay attention to detail – no minor mistakes are allowed, as they would affect the whole performance of the technology.  

Blockchain solution architect  

As a blockchain solution architect, you must design, assign, and connect blockchain solutions. This can be achieved by addressing the needs of experts like UX designers, developers, and IT operators. 

What skills are required for a career in blockchain?  

Blockchain is far from a simple concept, so unsurprisingly, not everyone can pursue a career in the sector. The primary qualifications you need to possess include the following:  

  • Knowledge of programming languages. This is one of the most important skills to master if you aspire to work in the blockchain industry. You must understand data structures, as in blockchain, the data isn’t stored in tables but blocks. Moreover, you also need to have knowledge of programming languages, such as JAVA, C++, and others.  
  • Cryptography skills. Cryptography is the foundation of the blockchain and refers to the study of techniques used to ensure secure communication. Understanding cryptography is crucial if you want to pursue a career in blockchain, as private and public keys are encrypted via cryptographic methods.  
  • Understanding blockchain platforms. This may seem obvious, but you can’t apply for a job in the blockchain industry if you don’t know how a blockchain platform works. Consider choosing only a specific platform, such as Ethereum, to ensure everything is clear.

What are the steps to take to learn blockchain technology?  

As with any other career, you need to take things step by step and start with the basics: learning blockchain technology. There are several ways to do so: 

  • Sign up for an online blockchain course. With e-learning becoming so accessible, you can now learn any skill you want. If you search on Google, you will likely find many blockchain courses that are available for free. This is the finest source to embark on your blockchain learning journey and gain the knowledge and skills you need for your desired career. You will be required to pay a fee for advanced classes, but you can compare prices on different e-learning platforms and make the best decision. 
  • Watch YouTube tutorials. The easiest way to learn something is by watching video tutorials, and YouTube is an excellent resource for that. Many channels are available, so you can subscribe to them and learn blockchain at your own pace. 
  • Learn cartography and programming. You can traditionally learn blockchain technology by enrolling in a course provided by a college or an institution. Moreover, you can also use books, as they are also an excellent resource for acquiring blockchain knowledge. 
  • Join blockchain forums. Being part of online discussion forums related to the blockchain can provide you with first-hand knowledge from those with blockchain expertise.
  • Get a blockchain certification. Nowadays, online platforms allow people to get a diploma by completing a specific course. All you have to do is attend the lessons and pass the exams, and you’ll be rewarded with certification. This is one of the best ways to learn about blockchain because it will also enhance your resume, increasing your chances of landing a job in the industry. 

The bottom line

Many have become excited with blockchain, and it’s easy to understand why, as the technology is indeed one of the best to exist. And since blockchain is here to stay, why not use it as an opportunity to pursue an exciting career? 

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