Everything To Know About Getting Amazon Prime Student Discount

Have you been familiar with Amazon Prime Student? Or you are just new to it? So this is the right page to stop and find out more about the term. As the name suggests, Amazon Prime Student Discount is a discount given to students through Amazon Prime Student services.

Usually, there is a 50% off-cost or discount offered by Amazon Prime students who are especially studying at the college. This discount is usually offered after the 6-month trial without any cost at all.

So, what is actually an Amazon Prime Student? This is the first important that we would like to answer before we lead you to how to get the discount.


The Definition of Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student is considered the best way for college students to save their money and time completed with either next-day or two-day shipping. There are lots of discounts offered after the trial ends. In this case, the discounts are available for 6 months, starting from the rate of $6.49 per month and $59 per year.

Amazon Prime Student


In the other words, you will be able to use the free trial and save 50% for the paid version after the trial ends. As a result, there are more Prime perks you can access more than the normal one. This way, there is a big benefit. In this case, there are over 100 million eligible items to offer in the free next-day or two-day shipping. There are also unlimited photo storage and unlimited streaming thousands of popular movies and TV shows offered along with Amazon Lightning Deals as well as unlimited access to tons of books on Prime Reading.


Amazon Prime Student Discounts

Dealing with Amazon Prime Student Discount, there are always deals and promotions for college students. This way, while Amazon finds the deals, you will be able to shop the savings. Prime Students also come with hundreds of vendors to offer some great deals for students only. In this case, you can even save up to 90% on college textbooks. Beneficially, it can be traded for Amazon Gift Card later.

According to the date you input in the signup process, the memberships of Prime Student will last for four years or until you have graduation.

If you want to know more about how to sign up for Amazon Prime Student’s 6-month trial and the discounts which are looking after, continue to read on our best review we are presenting.


How To Sign Up For 6-Month Trial of Amazon Prime Time for Free

It is always a big beneficial news that Amazon offers a student program that is providing the college students with a free 6-month trial followed by the 50% discount of regular price for the membership. So if you are a college students, this is a really a big thing you should never miss out.

amazon prime student discount price


To get the 6-month free trial, make sure you have enrolled in an institution in Puerto Rico or the United States. Go with the required proof and valid. EDU email address. To start your Prime Student on Amazon, simply direct yourself to and tap on “Start your 6-month trial”.

Once your trial is finished, you can have the Amazon Prime Student Discount which is 50% cut off. In this case, the price can be $6.49 per month or $60 per year. One thing to remember is that you have to mark the end date on your calendar. If you don’t want to continue the paid version, you can simply cancel any time after the Prime Day. So your membership will continue to the end of the trial period only. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that the discounted rate is good enough for up to four years.


Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card

A student can also have the discount for Amazon Prime Student through Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card which usually gives you 5% cashback on Amazon and Whole Food Purchases. This way, you have already shopped at least $2,400 per year from Amazon and its Whole Foods, using Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card is just the best way to have your credit card benefits pay for your membership for Prime.


How To Get Amazon Prime Student Discount Through Multiple Qualifying Items

Another way we can try to get Amazon Prime Student Discount is through multiple qualifying items. This is one of the promotions that offer discounts for everyone especially those who are studying at the college.

In this regards, there are two simple things to do to get the discounts through the multiple qualifying items. Firstly, select “Add both to Cart” on the offer message. Secondly, go to the product information page that appears on the offer message. This way, choose “Add to Shopping Cart”.

In this method, the amount of the promotion discount is reflected on the last order checkout page. It would also be allocated in a proportional way for all the items promoted in the Shopping Cart.


How To Verify Continuing Student Status

Sometimes it is very possible for you to receive an email stating that Amazon Prime will automatically renew at its regular rate for non-students. This means that you are no longer admitted as a student that deserves the student status in Amazon Prime.

Therefore, you need to continue your student status in Amazon Prime in order that you can use Amazon Prime and enjoy all of its offerings. In this regards, there are two helpful ways to assist you verify your continuing student status. Those are:

  • First, for your annual plan, head to “Manage Your Student Membership” in “Your Account” and re-verify your student status. For your monthly plan, you can open “Manage Your Prime Membership” to re-verify your student status.
  • Second, if you are finished with the verification, you can surely submit the required documentation in order the student status can be verified well.

In this case, if you tend to have Amazon Prime Student Discount, you must make sure that you are the member of a Prime Student. Usually, the discounted Amazon Prime for students are available in a maximum of four years.

This way, if the verification you have done for your documentation meets no single criteria, or if you decide not to verify your student status, now worry! Your student status in Amazon Prime membership will be automatically upgraded at the regular rate.

What if you have been renewed at the regular rate but you have also submitted your documentation verification within 60 days to show that you deserve the student status, the amount charged on the Prime renewal date will be refunded. Then, the discounted rate will be charged to continue the membership of your Prime Student. This is one of the benefits that you can derive from using Amazon Prime Students.


How To Sign Up Amazon Prime Student Without an .edu or .ac.uk Email

Now we have a big question to ask. What if you don’t have an .edu or .ac.uk email? Can you sign up for Amazon Prime Student and get its discount? The answer is yes you can.

In the US, you can apply for a Prime Student without required email. This way, you need only to prove that you are enrolled at an eligible collage located in one of the 50 states or Washington DC. In this case, the only thing you should do is to send the documentation to [email protected] but you have to make sure that your Amazon account payment information is up-to-date.

Later, you will be required to include in the email the scan or a photo of the following documents:

  • Student ID along with the current term or expiration date stated on it. In this case, your student ID number won’t cut it.
  • Transcript or the class list for the current term displaying your name and the name of your college.
  • Tuition bill for the current term displaying your name and the name of your college.
  • Official acceptance letter for the next term that must state the enrollment date.

In the UK, the procedure of getting Amazon Prime is similar enough with that of the US. For students who don’t have an ac.uk or .edu.ie email, they will need only to show that they are 18 years old or more. Optionally, they need to show that they are enrolled at least one course at the college in the UK.

Later, send the following documents to [email protected].

  • Valid NUS Extra or NUS Apprentice Extra card that displays your name, college and expiration date.
  • A printed proof of a student status on official school letterhead. This way, it must include your name, address, course details, the start date and the expected graduation or completion date.
  • Tuition bill for the current term that also includes your name, college, address and start date.
  • Tuition invoice for the current term that displays your name and your college.
  • Official acceptance letter for the next term that also includes your name, address, course details, start dates and expected graduation.


FAQ: Amazon Prime Student Discount

What are the primary things to prepare to get Amazon Prime Student Discount?

According to the explanation above, the primary things to do are to register the membership in Amazon Prime and to make sure the student status.

What are the best ways of getting Amazon Prime Student Discount?

It refers to your personal preference. The most widely used way are using the free trial and the discount after the trial ends.

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