9 Best Animeultima Alternatives For Watching Anime Online For Free No Sign Up

Knowing some Animeultima alternatives can be handy – in case the service is shut down. Manga and anime are problematic topics. There are many websites that are offering their services for free, so anime lovers can read the manga or watch the anime for free. But because these sites are mostly illegal and have pirated contents, they are often shut down because of copyright issues.

The same problem happens to Animeultima – some people say that it is pirated, while some say that it is completely legal. For now, you should be able to install the app and watch free anime with such convenience.

The episodes are always new and updated. The quality videos are impressive. And you can get notifications for the new episode availability. However, it doesn’t hurt to know the alternatives, as you get wider options in enjoying your entertainment.


9 Best Animeultima Alternatives For Watching Anime Online For Free No Sign Up


1. KissAnime

If you want to stream tons of anime without having to pay a fortune, then KissAnime would be a perfect place for you to do it. It is one of the best Animeultima alternatives because it has a wide variety of collections – and they are coming in different genres. The website itself has a nice interface where it is easy to understand and also navigate.




If you are clueless about using the site, you can always check the section for most-watched movies, leading trending, or the latest launch. It should make your exploration easier. There are different categories available, such as animation, documentary, funny, journey, action, and so much more. The quality of the movie is simply superb. And you can easily access the site through the regular browser – no need to install or download anything.


2. AnimeHeaven

As the name suggests, this site is a ‘heaven’ for anime fans and lovers. There are many (good) reasons why you will love this site. For a starter, the anime options are coming in various choices and pick. You have the freedom and also the flexibility to choose which one you like the most. Second, the website has a nice and convenient website that is easy to use and navigate.



The interface system is user-friendly – even those who have never accessed the site won’t experience any issue maneuvering their way around. Moreover, the collections are vast and wide. You have tons of options – and most of them are arranged in a neat manner.

You can choose between anime movies or anime series. There are also dubbed anime if you don’t want to have them in the original language. No wonder if this site is considered one of the best and most reliable Animeultima alternatives.


3. Anime Kaizoku

Looking for Animeultima Alternatives? Whereas the previous websites allow you to stream the anime free, this one enables you to download them – without having to pay anything. Everything on this site is free, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Before you download it, you will get thorough information about it: the synopsis, the cast, what it is all about, etc. By doing this, the site makes sure that you really know what the anime is about and you won’t regret downloading it.

Anime Kaizoku


Through downloading the videos, not only you can save them, but you can also ensure that you will have offline practice later on. Exploring the site and navigating your way around won’t be difficult at all. Simply come to the site and take a look – you may love it! And you won’t have to install anything to get access to the site.


4. CartoonCrazy

Just like the previous sites that can be easily accessed through a regular browser, this one has a similar implementation. The site operates with a web-based mechanism to give you access to various anime movies and series. And because it runs on online mode where easy access is possible, you are free to access it anywhere and anytime.



As one of Animeultima alternatives, it has extensive and expansive libraries. And their collections are adding up because they always update the videos regularly. In case you want to get cartoon content and not only anime, this is your go-to place.

All of the collections are arranged and managed through different classifications to make the search easy. If you want to, you can even access the Anime Dubbed categories where the contents are available in various different languages, not just English. It’s such a great bargain, huh?


5. NarutoGet

Don’t let the name fools you, thinking that it is only dedicated to Naruto. Despite the name, it houses a pretty large collection of anime from various genres and titles. Besides anime series, you can also enjoy anime movies and manga without any limitation.



And the site doesn’t have any geographical boundaries or whatsoever, which means that you should be able to access it easily no matter where you are. The idea of the site’s creation is to provide impressive collections of anime and manga to hardcore fans without having them pay anything. Of course, you can also find quite extensive collections of Naruto, including Naruto manga, Naruto movies, and also Naruto Shippuden series. For the series, you are free to access the original contents or the English dubbed versions. Quite an interesting offer, eh?


6. 9Anime

9Anime is one of the most trusted and also best places to get anime series, anime dramas, and also anime flicks. You can expect regular updates and also daily supplies of different kinds of episodes of anime videos and programs. Besides the high-quality content, expect to find a fast streaming service and easy search.



As one of Animeultima alternatives, everything is managed in different categories and sections neatly. It should be easy to find your favourite titles or genres from the various classifications of Dub Anime, Naruto Manga, and so much more. The search box is also handy and convenient. With impressive collections and libraries, it’s nice to explore around. You won’t have to worry about running out of contents – at least not with 10.000 titles. Expect to have more because the site always gets regular updates. And if you aren’t familiar with the operation, you can always access the search box as it is easy to manage and convenient to do.


7. WatchAnimeMovie

The site may be new but it has gained positive popularity over the last years, mostly because of the convenient features. Aside from offering free streaming services, the website itself has nice design (and layout) with a user-friendly interface system. When you want to access the streaming service, it isn’t complicated at all.

anime narruto


The streaming service is quite smooth and direct – and the high-quality contents are definitely one of the best features to expect from the site. Every collection would be neatly arranged and categorized into its own sections. So, when you come to the site, expect to find categories like Comedy, Horror, Romance, Experience, Action, and so much more. As one of Animeultima alternatives, you will get tons of experiences and enjoyments. And the site gets regular updates that will improve your enjoyment and performance.


8. Netflix

This may not be a free service, but you will enjoy limitless access to the contents. The monthly subscription fee may not be high, but it is worth it – considering that not only you will get access to the collections, but you will get the newest updates and release regularly.

Get Free Netflix Accounts


The platform offers first-class experience that will pamper you to the highest level. The best thing about Netflix is the fact that it has tons of entertainment options, not just limited to the anime. You can get access to TV series, movies, docudramas, and so much more! And if you access the paid service, there won’t be any ads or such thing alike. If you want to access the free service, it is only available in the trial period – and it is only for a month (30 days).


9. AnimeLab

If you want to access limitless anime options through different kinds of devices or consoles, this would be the perfect spot to explore. Not only you can get the latest options, but you won’t have to worry about the quality either. Rest assured that you will gain access to the most popular contents – and you will be rewarded with regular updates too.



You should be able to stream your favorite anime through PS, Apple TV, (Google) CHromecast, BluRay, Android phones, iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Telstra TV, Samsung TV, and Xbox One. No wonder if this site is considered one of the best Animeultima alternatives especially because of the easy features and convenient add-ons.


FAQ: Animeultima Alternatives

Are these sites free?

Most of them are, but Netflix isn’t. But you can always get the trial period to try it on, though.

Are these sites acting as directories?

No, they are all operating on their own websites which means that you can stream the contents directly on the websites.

Can I access the websites through regular browser?

In general, yes. All of these websites can be accessed through regular browser without you having to install anything.

Will I get the best quality contents?

All of these websites have been proven to deliver only the best performance and quality. Most of the videos are bright, crisp, and detailed.



With all of these options of the best Animeultima alternatives, you won’t have to worry about running out of options of watching your favorite anime.

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