5 Best Apps to Track Phone Without Them Knowing

When it comes to care for children, spouse and other family members as well as professional duties at work, it would be very convenience to have the best apps to track phone without them knowing. Make sure your children stay safe when they are online, your spouse stay true to you without cheating you on the phone and your employees focus on working out their duties without spending their working hours on having chats.

This way, you need a tool to enable you to remotely monitor your loved ones without them knowing. Does this means you are hacking their phones? Is this something bad? May be yes, may be no!

Either for monitoring or for making your duties easily done, it is necessary to have phone trackers to  ensure that everything is going right. Now let’s start considering the best apps to track phone without them knowing. Believe it or not, you need such apps for your convenience.


5 Best Free Apps to Track Phone Without Them Knowing


1. FamiSafe

In the world of spy apps, FamiSafe is best described as number 1 app used widely to track the target phones without the target knows. This is because FamiSafe is very much flexible to be compatible with various smartphones. Further, it is easy-to-use and offering all-powerful feature.

Best Apps to Track Phone Without Them Knowing


Believe it or not, FamiSafe is able to track phone only in a few minutes. Every time you are tracking someone’s phone, it will send you messages as notifications. It also comes with geofencing feature which is one of the most important features of the app. It just lets you to set a limitation on your kid’s device. Thus, the device will send you information when your kid’s move or leave or change position.

In the same time, FamiSafe enables you to block any websites and apps as well as the use of the internet, allowing your kids to have a good sleep on time. This way, the kids will impossibly check why their phone is not accessible instead of leaving it for a while.

The key feature of FamiSafe is the ability of the app to set the device’s location and control it, save your kids’ location history, geofencing and view the kids’ browsing history. Further, the app also lets you to detect the improper keywords from YouTube and social media. Whenever your kids are accessing any suspicious photos or videos, the app will send you notification.


2. mySpy

mySpy is just one of the spy app that is popularly used by most people around the world to track someone’s phone without being known by the target. mySpy is designed with the stealth mode to easily track any types of phone including iOS and Android devices.

mySpy app for ios


There are many kinds of activities on the phone that this app can track. Those are the chats, browsing history, logs, messages and whatnot. You can access to check them all without the target knows.

In relation to compatibility, mySpy enables you to monitor iOS and Android devices using the same ways. It is also your choice if you want to jailbreak the devices.

As we mentioned, mySpy comes with the stealth mode feature to track the device remotely. Some platforms or phone activities that this app can track include Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media, call logs, Viber and other similar apps. In addition to the app features, user-friendly is added to the app as a feature to provide the ease to navigate the menu.


3. FlexiSpy

The next best app to track phone without them knowing is probably FlexiSpy. Like many other spy apps, this one is also designed with lots of solid features. On the market of spy apps, FlexiSpy is listed as one of the best apps to naturally work in tracking the target well.


Best spay app FlexiSpy

Though the target may finally know that his/her phone is being tracked, he/she will never know that you are the tracker. This is due to the ability of the app that doesn’t show up the tracker’s name on the device. In the other words, you might be tracking him/her live yet the target will never know you were doing it.

The solid features offered by FlexiSpy include the ability to use the camera to take a picture but the target will not know the image and to perform all of the basic stuffs like spying on calls, secretly listening to the device, opening up the messages, and tracking the target’s movements as well as checking the device’s location. This is due to the GPS technology feature added to the device.

What’s more?

FlexySpy lets you take the whole control of the target’s device completely. You can access all of what’s happening on the phone, check the battery status and even restart the device remotely without the target realization. Even when the device is shut down, the target will never know how and why.

Unfortunately, FlexiSpy charges you little bit higher for the premium package. You must pay US$68 for one-month access and US$149 for one year access. However, the great features make it worthy enough. The premium plan can be more expensive. It is US$199 for three months access only. The premium plus offers the greater features including controlling the camera and mic and monitoring live calls.

If you don’t need to monitor any live calls, premium package is more recommended. In this case, the package is good and sufficient to monitor the kids’ activities on the phone without they know it. Therefore, FlexiSpy is more recommended for parents.


4. KidsGuard Pro

If you have been familiar with spy apps, you may have known KidsGuard Pro. It is also the best apps to track phone without them knowing. It is designed with the strong security to protect the kids in these digital eras.

KidsGuard Pro


KidsGuard Pro enables you to track the kids’ phone in a real-time location on your dashboard, making you know whether they are safe online or not. As the recommended app, KidsGuard Pro lets you check out the history of what your kids are browsing about including photos, videos and other contents. WeChat, Whatsapp, Line and other chat platforms can be tracked well by this app without being known by the target.

Similar to FlexiSpy, KidsGuard Pro comes with the great key features to lead the parents to take the control over the kids’ activities on the phone. Luckily, no matter what types of smartphones you are using, this app will be compatible.

KidsGuard Pro is an easy-to-use app that every parents must have on their device.


5. GPS Tracker App

One more phone tracker you may try is GPS Tracker. Though this is a non-professional tool, however, it can be the right choice if you are not really interested in the spy apps we have listed above. If you are running Android, you must have Google Maps. This way, Google Map is designed as a default application in all Android OS platforms. So you can use it to track someone’s phone.

gps tracker app iphone


However, this app has some downsides. It is noticeably too limited to ask the target for sharing the location in a chat platforms like Whatsapp. Google Map also make you unable to see the target’s live location. Thus, you cannot view the messages, monitor his/her social account and etc. It does very little. However, this app can be helpful enough when you don’t have any spy app.


Final Words

So we have finally shared the best apps to track phone without them knowing. Well, the first four apps we have listed are considered the best options to consider. The last one can be utilized well when you cannot afford to have spy apps. Though it comes with the limitation, Google Map is very useful to track where your target’s location is.

Which one to consider is much depending on your personal choice. You may download and install the spy apps and join subscription or you can just use Google Maps that has already there on your smartphone.

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