Ask a Recruiter: Tips to Apply for the Same Job Twice

Getting your job application declined isn’t always a dead end. Many job seekers apply for the same job twice and get hired. A candidate often applies for different positions, but only a specific one resonates with him the most. Especially when you enjoyed making a test task, found common ground with the recruiter and hiring manager, and felt comfortable in the office.

We spend most of the day at our full-time job, and enjoying it to be fulfilled with your life is essential. But it would help if you made some improvements to succeed in applying for the second time – and this is what our article will teach you to do. So please don’t give up your dream job, there are still chances to get it.

Ask a Recruiter: Tips to Apply for the Same Job Twice 1


Leave a good impression on a hiring manager

The job of hiring managers and recruiters may seem easy at first sight, but they face hard challenges every day. They are always deciding who to give a job offer to. Yes, they often meet two or even three candidates who meet the job description criteria, and they’d gladly hire everyone if they had enough job openings.

Keeping promising talents within the company is key to business growth. And you can use it as a weapon in your job application process. But first, ensure you left a good impression of yourself during your first contact with the employer. It’s not only about how you behaved during the interview but also about you reacted while getting refused.

If a recruiter is a professional, he will give substantial feedback to you and explain why they didn’t hire you and preferred another candidate. Unfortunately, some desperate job seekers get angry when they get another rejection email. They can make an arrogant and impolite response to the hiring manager. If you do so, there won’t be a second chance for you to apply for this job.

But, if you answer politely, express sincere gratitude for the feedback and offer to stay in touch with the recruiter, so they will let you know about new job openings. Also, add the contact of the people who interviewed you on LinkedIn and continue interacting with them online. For this, you should also improve your linkedIn resume with the help of LinkedIn resume writers to make them see what an excellent specialist they have lost.


2. Define your reasons for applying for the same job twice

Applying for the same job twice should be your conscious decision. And this is something a recruiter will ask you at the new job interview. So it’s essential to show how sure you are about your decision and that your motivation to work in their company only grew since the last time you had contact.

The recruiters will be glad to hear you’re applying for the same position again because you leveled up your skills and feel more confident to take the job. Also, if you had some comments while being rejected, it would be great to fix them until you apply for the job again.

Not acquiring new skills but gaining recent achievements is a meaningful reason to apply for the same job twice. Of course, if these accomplishments are relevant to the job you are applying. The hiring manager will notice that the candidate in front of him has improved his profile and will be more likely willing to offer him a job.

Ask a Recruiter: Tips to Apply for the Same Job Twice 2


3. Study the job description carefully

Sometimes an applicant may fail because he didn’t get the requirements for the position he’s applying for. During your second attempt, you must define what experiences and qualifications you lacked previously. Also, if they posted the job listing for the second time, they may have made some changes to target it to the right audience. Not all applicants are so lucky to have a second chance to apply, so if you’ve got it, you should make the most of it.


4. Ask a recruiter: How to review your application materials

Remember that recruiters skip dozens of applications because they are not created in the correct format. What’s also essential is to fill your resume and cover letter with the keywords that match the job description. Most recruiters use applicant tracking systems to sort relevant applications out of odd ones. The automation bots scan the keywords of your application materials. If yours don’t match, you will not likely get a call for the second interview.


Final Thoughts

If you are determined to try your best luck and apply for the same job twice, you have all chances to succeed! Just stay on good terms with your hiring manager, review the job description carefully and improve your application materials with the help of pro writers to make the most of it. Your future is in your hands!


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