Autocad Alternative that You Can Try for Your (Design) Needs

If you have to deal with lots of images or designs, then knowing Autocad alternative can be handy – and extremely useful. Autocad is a software for designing. In the past, architects and engineers used manual and traditional way to illustrate ideas – drawing everything by the hand. But papers and pens are replaced by design software and computers these days – and Autocad is one of the software to help with the process. With digital software, ideas can be brought to life easier, faster, and definitely more effectively.


Understanding Autocad

Autocad is a design software with computer aid mechanism that is developed by Autodesk. The software helps you draw 2D and also 3D designs. The program is designed so that users like you can manage them easily and quickly – than what you can do by hand. With digital formats, you can save and store the files in easier manner, especially in the cloud system. If you store the files on the cloud, they would be easily accessed – anytime and anywhere.

Autocad Alternativ


Autocad benefits are plentiful, including:

  • It helps you perform easy to edit. In the old days, designers had to revise designs manually – which means that they needed to do it over from the beginning. It was difficult, time-consuming, and messy – not to mention tiring too! With Autocad, you only have to change the draft and tweak it. Manipulating designs are definitely easier – and also faster.
  • It helps with faster production. The digital files enable it for you to save the original design and then have another copy with the already tweaked version. What if you need to use a manufacturing component again and again? Just save it to the (block) library so you can improve the efficiencies. All saved files should be able to be used (and also re-used) again. The design process will go faster when compared to having to do it all manually by hand.
  • It helps you with better accuracy. With manual by hand mechanism, you have limitations. Drawing small parts would be limited. But with Autocad, you can design to fractions. As a result, you have a more accurate output within all dimensions.

Another benefit of Autocad is the production. Once a design has been created, it would be easy to feed it into a machine or 3D printer. In this way, you can create a prototype. You can even make use of the drawing’s measurement to make parts of the overall design so you can make an entire construction or structure.


Problems with Autocad

As you have read the previous sections, you’d know that Autocad has tons of potential and perks. But the biggest problem with Autocad is the price. Yes, it is a paid service. Despite its reliable reputation as the most reliable and oldest (and also easy to use) drawing software, you will have to pay to use the service. This is one of the reasons why people want to know about Autocad alternative.

Yes, the software is handy and useful but not everyone would be able to afford it. Startups, small companies, or beginner professionals who have just started their business may not have extra budgets to pay for the service. If you can afford it, you can basically make a good investment for 2D and also 3D design and modeling. Not to mention that the application can be done in various projects and industries. But then again, not everyone has the budgets. And if you can have the alternative, then why would you stick to the paid Autocad service, anyway?



This is considered and believed as one of the best (and also most reliable) Autocad alternative – just similar to Solidface. The software is offering basic 2D design as well as 3D visualization that was developed and launched in 2015 in India. It offers API Common Programming Interface with similar commands and functions – perfect for those who are already familiar with Autocad operation.

software like Autocad


Truecad is designed especially for GIS, mechanical engineers, architects, and builders. The software has all the design and modeling features that will make operation easy and straightforward for users. That’s why it is considered one Autocad alternative that is super easy to learn and use, compatible with DWG – with affordable maintenance costs. With similar features to Autocad, Truecad is evolving and growing. Not to mention that it has accessible and excellent support.


Free Autocad for Student

If you are familiar with Autocad and you want to enjoy the free version, then you can use the student-version for Autocad. If you are a mechanical engineering, graphic design, civil engineering, or architectural engineering student, you should be able to download and access this version. You will have to prove yourself as a student during registration time. And this version can’t be used for professional or commercial use – it is only designed and meant for practicing, academic models, and developing designs. When you want to export documents, print, or trace them, there would be watermark on the documents – preventing the files from being marketed or commercialized.

This is Autocad alternative offering free and complete features. It is supposed to help you develop your drawing and designing abilities and skills. It basically prepares you before going further to the next level. This version helps you hone your skills in designing and drawing.



This is one Autocad alternative that is available for free. It is available as a constructive CAD parametric 2D or 3D historical modeling software. You should be able to make 2D projects (such as graphic design, multiple engineering designs, civil plants, mechanical parts, and others) as well as 3D models. The software has existed in the industry for around 15 years – and you can enjoy better 3D parameterization, detailing, and visualization. It also allows you to read other software through standard BMP files, DXF, or DWG.



The software is able to create parametric references, which are handy for modeling functions. Can you edit them? Sure you can! The software is also compatible with cloud storage and 3D printer. It is considered a powerful tool that is easy to operate and function. Besides 2D model and 3D models, you should be able to enjoy the user-friendly interface system.  It works well with Linux, Windows, and MacOS – along with other (third-party) applications with DWG format.



This is another Autocad alternative that is super easy to understand and use. When compared to Autocad, this program is a bit different – and the features may not be as comprehensive as the Autocad. The software is designed for learning – and it is perfect for those who want to start doing their first design.

SketchUp Free


You can use the software for design, drawing, construction, architecture, and also movies and video games designs. If you want to develop 3D models, this would be your go-to software. After all, it can work well with professionals as well as amateurs. Moreover, the free version can perform well with XSI, DXF, OBJ, DWG, and others. You can integrate it easily with (third-party) add-ons and it can also be used to export HD and PDF animations.


This is another Autocad alternative for 2D drawing that can be used for individual and also personal use. The tools are fully functional – able to meet your drawing needs. This would be an ideal software especially for beginners.

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The user interface is intuitive. You can easily manage it through the language. Design elements would be stored in layers which can be beneficial for precise and accurate revisions. The software can be used for Windows. For Ubuntu or Mac, it is available in beta version. You should have no problems reading, writing, and sharing DWG files – including directly creating G code within the program.



With so many options, you shouldn’t have any issue drawing or creating designs – whether it is in 2D or 3D. And with so many options of free Autocad alternative, you should have enjoyable times drawing images or creating designs.

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