The 5 Best Apparel Manufacturing Software for Designers  

In a world where everything is getting automated, a lot of software solutions have been developed to address the needs of different types of businesses. In this article, we will list some of the best apparel manufacturing software for designers. 

To create an effective and efficient system that really meets your business goals, you need to find out what type of apparel management solution would work best for your business. 

Among the many software solutions available on the market today, five stand out from the rest, especially because they are geared towards helping retail brands and product manufacturers run their day-to-day operations or help them address more complicated requirements related to their business. These software’s come with some basic yet powerful features which allow users to do the following: 

  • Analyze their business more effectively  
  • Strengthen or enhance their existing systems and processes 
  • Streamline their workflows  
  • Empower employees with the information they need to make effective decisions  

Without further ado, let’s jump straight in.  


1) Katana ERP Manufacturing Software

Katana is a purpose-built apparel manufacturing software that supports fashion designers who handle a high volume of orders. It supports multiple workflows, including make-to-order, make-to-stock, bespoke manufacturing, contract manufacturing, and D2C or B2B selling strategies. Katana gives users real-time tools to manage their sales, inventory, manufacturing, and supply chain all from one platform.    


2) M2E

M2E is a web-based Retail ERP system that allows businesses in any line of the industry to launch, manage, and scale their business from anywhere in the world. Developed with designers, manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors and drop shippers as well as online retailers in mind, this solution provides users with a comprehensive suite that helps them simplify workflows across different departments such as marketing tools for creating catalogs and advertisements; sales management features to help you sell your products more effectively; inventory management software for sourcing product information from suppliers straight to your office desk; payment processing integration through PayPal or; plus a lot more useful features ideal for improving your business. 


3) Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a powerful e-commerce solution that helps businesses create their very own online shop, allowing them to sell on multiple channels, including Amazon, Facebook, and Pinterest, without having to use several systems for different marketplaces. This tool offers users the ability to manage their inventory, orders, and customers in just one place while also providing an array of other helpful features such as abandoned cart recovery and design customization that includes creating custom themes using HTML/CSS for unlimited possibilities much more. 


4) Multiorders

One of the top solutions out there today for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Multiorders software allows users to process any number of orders at the same time while offering real-time order tracking, inventory management, and purchase order management among other powerful features. Multiorders also offer users the ability to choose between different shipping carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DPD, and many more to improve your overall shipping rate without having to pay for expensive third-party providers. 


5) Zoho One          

Zoho One is a complete suite of intelligent business applications designed from the ground up to streamline processes for all types of organizations regardless of size or industry. This apparel management solution provides users with a single source for all of their business needs which includes CRM software for boosting customer engagement; project management solutions that helps boost team collaboration; custom-built online apps built on the company’s cloud platform that gives users access to leading business apps in just one click, plus much more.   

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