4 Best Automatic Text Message Marketing Services for Your Business Growth

Text message marketing is sending promotional campaigns or traditional messages for the purpose of marketing using text message. The messages are usually created and sent as a means of communicating time-sensitive offers and updates as well as alerts to people who concurred to accept the messages from your business.

Text message marketing is used to directly communicate with the customers by sending out newsletter, coupons, special deals or announcement by a few clicks only. As the rise of the phone usage nowadays, using text message marketing is the best option as well as the easiest way to connect to the customers.

In this regards, there are dozens of quality text message marketing services, however, there are only a few that stands out for small business. What if you try to have a look at our best-selected choices below? Also, give them values of the best picks based on the features, pricing, easy of use, and customer service offered by each of the services.


4 Best Automatic Text Message Marketing Services for Your Business Growth



There are two main and basic features offered by Textedly as one of the best text message marketing services in our list. First, it offers built-in CTA and mobile carrier compliance, and second, each of the plans includes custom keywords and free incoming messages.

Best Automatic Text Message Marketing Services


Textedly is designed with a range of tools of text message marketing service which is helpful for all size of businesses. The tools include the user-friendly dashboard along with the valuable features such as custom keywords, contact management tools and a robust reporting suite.

Textedly also includes auto-responders to serve automated replies to contacts when they are subscribing to the text messages and multimedia media messages especially for images and videos.

Well, Textedly is a service that enables you to make schedule for making campaigns in advance using an intuitive calendar feature. This calendar can make a schedule of a single text message or a group of messages to send out any time.

As one of the recommended text message marketing services, Textedly has eight different pricing tiers for companies with the various size and service level requirements. It runs on a month-to-month subscription basis though you may pay annually for 20% or text messages accessed per month. This way, Textedy offers a 14-day free trial when you can setup one custom keyword.

On the other hand, paid plans are offered starting from $96 per month for 1,000 text messages with one custom keyword. The highest tier plan usually costs $2,800 per month and includes 200,000 text messages.

Among the subscribers, Textedly is an effective tool offering flexible options for any type and size of business.


EZ Texting

EZ texting is the second text message marketing service in our list. Among its peer, it stands out for various reasons. The most common reasons includes the fair pricing and a number of tools.

4 Best Automatic Text Message Marketing Services for Your Business Growth 1


Similar to Textedly, EZ Texting comes with the eight different pricing plans to provide affordable services to all sizes of businesses. In this case, the pricing variability and flexibility is one of the best perks offered by the service. The cheapest plan could start at 5 cents per messages and $25 per keyword while the other plans offer monthly rates in which the most expensive plan starts at $2000 per month.

EZ Texting has a user-friendly interface and an assortment of features, making the service the best solution for businesses. Since this user interface is so easy to learn, you won’t take a long time to understand how to use this text message marketing service.

EZ Texting also offers customization aspects to let the recipients feel so special due to the fact that they can personalized the messages. In addition, there are two new features added to this service. Those are the ability of an iOS apps to allow the users to communicate with the customers in a real-time and the direct two-way business text messaging that allows the users to convert their existing phone numbers to send and receive text messages.

In March 2021, EZ Texting builds a partnership with Shutterstock to provide businesses with an easy way of sending MMS picture messages. Along with this new partner, EZ Texting create visualization that makes messages powerful and eye-catching in all of its materials. This partnership also lead EZ Texting to access over 20 million high-resolution and royalty-free Shutterstock images. These images are fully customizable and added to a predesigned MMS marketing campaign template to engage better in the text message recipients.

One more feature offered by EZ Texting is the new integration that allows the businesses to upload their own images and use the robust image editor to create custom campaigns.



The next text message marketing service that is a must-to-know is SimpleTexting. Like the formers text message marketing services, this one also offers an easy-to-use interface along with the eight different pricing plans.



There are various quality product features offered by this service. However, the pricing plan is the thing that makes the company an enticing choice, especially for small businesses. This way, the pricing is very much flexible and advantageous for all sizes of businesses. It will not charge you an unreasonable amount of money since the pricing is determined using the credit system.

If you are using SimpleTexting, you must pay with one credit for a standard SMS text message and three credits for an MMS message. The least expensive plan costs $25 per month and gives 500 credits for the businesses. On the other hand, the most expensive plan costs 50,000 credits for $625 per month. This way, additional charges are required if you are going over your monthly credit limit. Yet, it varies by plan.

Simply put, the wide selection of pricing options makes SimpleTexting a good choice for all sizes of businesses.



The last but not least text message marketing service we would like to recommend is SlickText. Greatly, this kind of service offers a free mobile app and multiple SMS automation. You can also get one-to-one help to set up your account.

4 Best Automatic Text Message Marketing Services for Your Business Growth 2


For small businesses, time is very valuable even for learning how to operate the text message service. This is when SlickText comes into play. Truly, you won’t take too much time just to learn how to run the service. It is due to the fact that SlickText enables individuals to learn the service fast about the text message marketing service. The user interface is intuitive, however, it is almost impressive due to the detailed explanations on the platform.

The SlickText company includes videos that explain how to create an account, how to reserve a keyword, and how to set up autoreply. In the other words, the company provides the video tutorials along with detailed explanations. Believe it or not, even a new starter can understand it easily and quickly. Moreover, these videos are also readily available so that you can view them every time you forget the functions.

What’s more?

Well, SlickText is also ready to answer your questions. This way, if you have any questions about the service, how to use it and etc., you can just make a call to the company representative using toll-free phone number, make a live chat and send an email.


Final Words

Overall, a text message marketing service is the use of Short Message Service (SMS) to deliver promotional messages to both the customers and the subscribers. This is the service that is used by the business to increase brand awareness, get sales, provide the subscribers with the news and promote something about the business.

So we have listed the best 4 text message marketing services you may consider using to help build and run your business. Each of the services comes with features. And most of the text message marketing services we have listed have the easy-to-use interface feature. This makes them flexible enough to use even by novices.

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