CartoonCrazy Alternatives: Best 13 Cartoons Sites Like CartoonCrazy

If you are familiar with CartoonCrazy, you’d know that it houses lots of handy content in Japanese anime. Whether you are into different sections and genres (Comedy, Horror, Family, Adventure, etc), you should be able to find them in this spot.

Cartooncrazy was a good website, but it’s been down for a while now. Thankfully, some great cartoon websites have been created since Cartooncrazy shut down. Here are some of the best Cartooncrazy alternatives.


What is Cartoon Crazy?

Cartoon Crazy is a widely-used streaming site that grants users access to an extensive collection of cartoons and animated films. Its convenience as a one-stop source for animation comes with significant caveats, however.

As an unauthorized streaming platform, Cartoon Crazy has faced numerous legal battles and takedown orders over recent years due to copyright violations. As a result, the site goes through unpredictable cycles of uptime and downtime, often suddenly leaving fans without access. Even when operational, some users report frustrating technical issues on both the website and apps that interrupt streaming.

There’s no doubt Cartoon Crazy offers an unparalleled anime and cartoon lineup if you can get it to work properly. But its history of legal issues and technical unreliability suggests animation enthusiasts may prefer more stable streaming alternatives in the long run—especially licensed platforms that properly compensate the studios behind these great shows. By exploring all options, you can find services that align with your viewing priorities: maybe a deeper content library, higher video quality, better consistency, or supporting creators are most vital to you. The ideal pick comes down to each fan’s needs.


What happened to CartoonCrazy?

CartoonCrazy, the popular unofficial streaming site offering a wide range of cartoons and anime, has faced several legal troubles in recent years leading to abrupt shutdowns. Most recently, CartoonCrazy suddenly went offline in 2022 without explanation, leaving fans unable to access its libraries.

Experts speculate this latest vanishing of CartoonCrazy relates to increasing crackdowns on copyright infringement by major animation studios. Unlicensed streaming platforms like CartoonCrazy have frequently drawn the ire of media companies for hosting content without permission or payment. Given CartoonCrazy’s rocky history weathering multiple takedown demands and lawsuits, industry observers assume the site simply finally buckled under the legal pressures.

While disappointing for users in the short term, fans have turned to more legitimate alternatives for their cartoon and anime fixes. Services like Crunchyroll offer similar libraries while properly licensing content and compensating creators. These legal options provide reliable, ethical ways for animation enthusiasts to keep watching their favorite series.

For now, CartoonCrazy remains dormant, leaving devotees to hope it perhaps returns in strictly legal form one day. But more stable streaming options are out there for anyone missing their favorite animated shows.

CartoonCrazy Alternatives: Best 13 Cartoons Sites Like CartoonCrazy To Watch Cartoon Free Online


1. KimCartoon

CartoonCrazy Alternatives: Best 13 Cartoons Sites Like CartoonCrazy 1


Looking for the latest and the newest anime series or movies? This would be the perfect site to do it. Feel free to stream the contents the streaming speed is fast and the movies are high in quality. A lot of people who have used the site claim that they have experienced a fantastic moment with online easiness and convenience.

KimCartoon is basically inspired by, so don’t be surprised if the interface is almost similar to the site. The administrator determines to deliver high-quality anime content and they also make sure that users would enjoy the site. That’s why they have handy categories, like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Land of the Lustrous, Eureka Seven, Dragon Ball Super, and others.


2. Animelab

Animelab CartoonCrazy Alternatives

Animelab CartoonCrazy Alternatives


If you want to enjoy high-quality videos that are original from Japan, this site would give you what you want. Not only you can enjoy the service free of charge, but you can also gain access to thousands of titles and episodes. The site is always updated on a weekly basis, so you can be sure that you will get the latest and the newest updated contents regularly. Finding your favorite flicks would be easy as the library is divided into various categories of Genres, Latest Series, and also Popular Shows. Each category will have different options too.

Another cool thing to like about the site is the absence of registration. Yes, you won’t have to create an account or register to stream the movies. However, if you want to get the updates, you will have to register and provide your email address – that’s how they notify you. Some of the most popular content include Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, Gangsta, Dragon Ball Super, and others. The combination of high-quality videos, huge libraries,  and the convenient user interface is the reason why this site is considered one of the best CartoonCrazy alternatives.


3. Movie4u

CartoonCrazy Alternatives: Best 13 Cartoons Sites Like CartoonCrazy 2


If you’re looking for a smooth, ad-free way to find and watch full anime films and series online, Movie4u is an excellent option worth checking out. As one of the most user-friendly anime streaming sites around, Movie4u offers an easy yet powerful platform for animations.

You can browse Movie4u’s extensive anime offerings conveniently sorted by genre, year, IMDb rating, and more. Helpful plot summaries and reviews are also provided to assist viewers in selecting titles that match their interests. Once you pick a show or movie to watch, you’ll enjoy clean, crisp HD quality streams free of disruptive ads or pop-ups – a rarity among free streaming sites today.

That said, as with many free platforms, occasional malware ads could slip past Movie4u’s diligent adblocking efforts. So it’s wise to run an extra adblocker as a safety net when streaming from any site, Movie4u included. But combined with in-browser security, Movie4u grants a smooth viewing experience on par with premium services.

For anime fans yearning to easily find and delve into new imaginative worlds, Movie4u supplies everything needed in a modern streaming source. You get extensive libraries with insightful details, striking HD animation, and relative peace from annoying ads. Compared to the hassles animate fans often endure, Movie4u is that rare gem balancing content variety and technical quality for a satisfying anime streaming solution.

4. KissAnime




For those seeking a quality anime streaming site as an alternative to CartoonCrazy, KissAnime is a top-tier destination worth checking out. With a massive library comparable to CartoonCrazy’s defunct animé roster, KissAnime hosts virtually all the most in-demand Japanese animations around today.

The site offers fans an easy way to dive into both the newest weekly episodes straight from Japan as well as popular classics. And there’s no downloading required – you can instantly stream anime in high definition directly through your browser. This super-responsive streaming ability paired with crisp HD video makes it perfect for bingeing shows.

Beyond just its vast catalog and streaming speeds, KissAnime really shines in int user experience department too. The site delivers handy categorization and advanced search to easily find shows by season, genre, year, quality, and more. They also boast a clean, polished interface for smooth browsing and streaming. Bringing it all together, KissAnime has rightfully earned its stellar reputation.

So if the loss CartoonCrazy left you aimlessly drifting for a new anime homestead, set your coordinates for KissAnime. With better performance, a collection mirroring CartoonCrazy’s anime/animation staples, and a passion for the medium, KissAnime likely won’t disappoint – especially as more subbed series come overseas from Japanese networks every season.


5. GogoAnime

CartoonCrazy Alternatives

CartoonCrazy Alternatives


GogoAnime is one site that is claimed to be one of the trusted CartoonCrazy alternatives, mostly because of its direct operation and convenient use. You can use the site without being bothered by annoying ads or such things alike. The operation is straightforward and the loading time is pretty fast making it fun to navigate your way around. And you can be sure to get the latest episodes or series because they like to add new content regularly.

Everything on this site is neatly arranged in sections. Feel free to browse the selections of Popular, Movies, New Season, or Anime List. From each section, you will find sub-sections and different options. It’s seriously fun and free to explore the site and the design makes it visually pleasant too.


6. WatchAnimeMovie




Not many websites would provide the classic (and rather old) anime series, so this WatchAnimeMovie is definitely one of a kind. Whether you want to enjoy the latest anime series or the classic one, feel free to check their libraries. Since they have a lot of titles and episodes, their collections are pretty massive. This is also one of the main reasons why this website is popular.

Just like other sites, this one has neatly arranged content with different kinds of categories, including Comedy, Horror, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Romance, and so much more. Each category has its own sub-section and they are regularly updated. And you won’t have to spend a dime to enjoy the service. Quite cool, isn’t it?


7. ToonJet




For those feeling nostalgic for the classic animated series of years past, ToonJet provides a wonderful free resource to revisit childhood favorites without any hassle. As a site preserving iconic cartoons in a streaming format, ToonJet grants easy access to the foundational shows many services leave behind.

Alongside hosting more current Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon mainstays, you can teleport further back to legends like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse shorts, Betty Boop, Popeye, Woody Woodpecker, and other pillars of animation. Shows often impossible to find on mainstream platforms.

And ToonJet makes it simple to enjoy these classics you may have thought lost to time. No registration is required to watch anything on the site, just instant streaming. While keeping up with flavor-of-the-month anime is great, animation buffs know honoring the history of the medium matters too.

With the recent disappearance of sites like CartoonCrazy that featured a well-rounded toon selection, ToonJet fills the void not only hosting newer content but beloved childhood classics as well. Take a trip down memory lane revisiting how this creative artform we now take for granted first captured our imaginations. ToonJet lets you easily do so for free.


8. Animixplay

CartoonCrazy Alternatives: Best 13 Cartoons Sites Like CartoonCrazy 3


For anime fans seeking a convenient platform offering both classic titles and the newest Japan simulcasts in smooth HD streaming, Animixplay is a great all-around option worth your attention.

Dubbed “Watch HD Anime for Free,” Animixplay lives up to that promise by hosting a massive library spanning decades featuring pretty much every iconic series – from Dragonball Z to Attack on Titan and much more. Even obscure and lesser-known shows have a home there.

On top of their exhaustive catalog, Animixplay sets itself apart with quick turnarounds translating and uploading the very latest anime episodes the same day they air half a world away in Japan. This super quick subbing means you can stay caught up on currently running sensations like My Hero Academia just an hour or two after Japanese fans, but with English subtitles added!

The name of the game with Animixplay is convenience coupled with quality HD video streams even with those overnight simulcasts. Anime obsessives hungry to watch it all will find AniMixPlay’s stability and quick publishing times a dream compared to slower fan subbing sites. Especially as more great anime keeps coming out season after season, this platform will satisfy your craving.

9. Crunchyroll




This is another CartoonCrazy Alternative with a snappy route of new releases, English subtitles, HD, famous, development appearance frame to search movies by kind, star and that is only the start.

You’ll find pretty much every most recent anime here, just do an affirmation that they’re available in high definition to watch on the internet. This really is an American popular site also licensing company for online Anime streaming, You may enjoy anime or cartoons anytime for free, if you’re thinking that watch animations online illegally then only try this, Because of Crunchyroll shares entirely legally.


10. Disney Now

Disney Now

Disney Now


DisneyNOW is the best site which not only encourages you to stream free cartoon online also you may look into the entire website in order to watch cartoons, Disney movies, videos, and also plays with a considerable measure of fascinating games.

The website provides some animations to watch online free of charge. All movies are listed via a landing page, and that will be making it easy for you to watch free Cartoons online with the expectation of free using DisneyNOW. Here is actually the best CartoonCrazy Alternative may you should try right now!


11. 9Anime




CartoonCrazy is down? You can’t find CartoonCrazy anymore on the internet? Please don’t worry 9Anime may best Alternative you should try!

9Anime is one of the best websites to watch anime online. Here you can find tons of collections of anime series with English subtitles. You may also be able to search anime orders by alphabet name A to Z. If you’re looking for a site like CartoonCrazy to watch cartoons and anime online, I strongly recommend 9Anime.


12. MasterAnime




For those seeking a top-notch anime streaming site like CartoonCrazy, MasterAnime delivers a mighty impressive experience that should meet most animation fans’ needs. As a portal offering unlimited free cartoon and anime streaming, MasterAnime builds on the CartoonCrazy framework while kicking things up a notch in key areas.

A standout element is MasterAnime’s intuitive, advertising-free interface allowing seamless browsing and streaming without annoying distractions. Everything is cleanly sorted into sections highlighting the very latest simulcast episodes fresh from Japan as well as all-time popular series – from battle shonen smash hits to slice of life and supernatural genres.

Smooth navigation coupled with MasterAnime’s vast content vault make it easy to find your next obsession. And they facilitate binge-watching with perfectly-running HD streams even on demanding new releases. Maintaining quality and speed allows viewers to fully lose themselves in these vibrant worlds.

For animation buffs feeling adrift since saying goodbye to CartoonCrazy, MasterAnime charts a course to fill that void as a utopian haven tailor-made for anime without compromising streaming competence or library breadth. If CartoonCrazy set the gold standard before bowing out, MasterAnime may be its true crowning successor based on glowing reception so far.


13. AnimePahe




AnimePahe is the best alternative to CartoonCrazy, why? Because this site is updated regularly. If you’re a fan of anime, and Japanese animations, you may wish to think about downloading AnimePahe lets you watch movies and series stored on their servers.

Want to watch anime with English subtitles for free? This is the best place that not many people know. With a fairly straightforward user interface.

All you have to do is go around the main screen to find a variety of titles out there. There’s also the choice to utilize its built-in finder that you may find by unfolding the menu you will see on the right side of the screen.

There you have it, some of the best alternatives to CartoonCrazy. Now you at least understand that there are many CartoonCrazy alternatives that you can visit to add up your anime collections.


FAQ: CartoonCrazy alternatives

Is CartoonCrazy a safe website?

CartoonCrazy is a safe website providing anime and cartoon content for free, but watch out for the ads! Because it could be malware or a virus, don't download software from unknown sources.

Did CartoonCrazy shut down?

CartoonCrazy is shut down due to illegal content issues, therefore the site is officially closed by a third party, but the site is still operating under a different domain name.

What is better than CartoonCrazy?

There are several better then CartoonCrazy sites for watching anime and cartoons, such as Animelab, KissAnime, GogoAnime, Crunchyroll and 9Anime.

What happened to CartoonCrazy net?

If you are familiar with CartoonCrazy net, but suddenly you cannot access the site, it is closed. However, on the internet you can find CartoonCrazy sites with different domain names.