7 Best Content Writing Tools For SEO

Worthy content is the backbone for SEO writers. They need to perform a constant search for content optimization, including solid knowledge of diverse SEO content tools

Sometimes it happens that content makers do their best, but the rankings positions can’t move from a standstill. So if you doubt what tools for SEO content writing are best to choose, we have something to offer. 

The following content writing tools for SEO come out on top in terms of website promotion.


Google Keyword Planner

Creating high-quality content involves suitable keyword usage. Performing keyword research before filling a website with the necessary data is preferable. Find out what searching terms are the most used in your niche. It will help to adapt your writing to the appropriate audience, thus defining the target ones. Keep in mind keywords have to be trending to catch people’s eyes.

So what SEO content tool is the most effective for doing keyword research? Google Keyword Planner surpasses all the rest of the content generation apps. You may easily look for the most trendy words within an exact topic with its aid. Just type a keyword or a key phrase, and the chart showing their popularity for a certain time period will appear. Whatever Google Keyword Planner implements you select, it will truly help to create different content for the requisite customers’ engagement.



AI technology has become more and more essential in SEO. Within the framework of leading content tools for marketing, Frase breaks all records. It incorporates both artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) in its work. Such a potent mixture generates a content brief for given keywords simply in several clicks. It acts as a way of analyzing and referring to the pages with information ranked on the chosen keyword. Then it builds a special layout consisting of advantageous statistics, keywords, paragraphs and topics.

Still, why is Frase so crucial in content generating?

  • Saves your time while researching.
  • Owning an AI chatbot ensures immense engaging customer potential.
  • Provides a diversity of SEO optimization patterns that has no market analogs.
  • Developers update features on a daily basis.
  • Outstanding user interface and customer service availability.

Plenty of services have started creating compelling content due to AI. To be aware of what a great impact AI has on SEO content making, check  rootsaid.com.



Everything passes, but something stays eternal. That is certainly about Grammarly. It firmly holds the position in the industry regardless of numerous arising content writing novelties.

It is a perfect content writing tool for SEO to make easy-read and error-free articles. Even if your writing covers needed keywords and anchors, it won’t take high-ranking Google positions without polished text. 

The free version presents such functions as spelling, grammar, punctuation checking. Grammarly Premium is an ideal option for advanced writers who want to incredibly boost their writing, but it’s already chargeable. This SEO content tool makes an article highly readable and plagiarism-free. It examines formality and recommends word choice suggestions. No matter what content you are creating, Grammarly will polish it out for publication. The next list will convince you to use this app as your everyday assistant.

  • It is a versatile tool accessible on both a desktop and a mobile.
  • It performs qualitative grammar, punctuation and spelling checking for accuracy.
  • It is extremely user-friendly and fast in processing.
  • It suggests additional tools that may considerably raise your writing level.


Hemingway Editor

Some may wonder what the difference between Grammarly and Hemingway Editor is. The key is that the first one concentrates more on writing correctness than the second one on conciseness.

If you are a beginner content writer or your company has just started to conquer the marketing industry, such a free SEO tool will hit the bull’s eye. It also will be useful for businesses with a small content team or on a shoestring budget.

It may help transform your writing into clear, well perceived and ready to consume with native readers. The main Hemingway Editor objective is to do the below mentioned.

  • Check articles on writing mistakes, passive voice and run-on sentences.
  • Prevent the text from overcomplicating. 
  • Improve writing so it can take top Google rankings.

Moreover, only qualitative content isn’t enough to reach good website traffic. The SEO effect of article syndication has determinative significance, without a doubt. That is why if you want to get relevant content for promotion, backlinks usage is obligatory there. 



While most SEO content tools are responsible for content research and writing enhancement, this one takes part in the process of website rankings optimization. It represents the required metrics for first-class content creation. Surfer features like revealing the perfect text length, discovering vital keyword density and comparing your articles to competitors are in the Content Editor section.

What’s more, it does a complex SEO audit that points out the weak sides of SEO strategy. It helps define what alterations you need to perform for a higher ranking. Many SEO strategists prefer Surfer because it can also build a detailed and well-thought content plan with a row of promotional activities. You may get an impressive list of articles ideas for the forthcoming few months by typing the main keyword or the key phrase.



The best-of-its-kind SEO content writing tools are here at your disposal. Determine your main website goal and choose the right content-making application to achieve it. We offer to try out all the tools mentioned above. Thus, you will find one perfectly matching your niche. Don’t be afraid to experiment and your business will be the talk of the town!

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