6 The Best Email Marketing Automation Tools

searching for best email marketing automation tools for your business? Email marketing automation is a cool concept and it can give you a lot of benefits getting rid of needlessly tedious work every single day. Today, businesses that are using automation software generate twice the number of leads compared to those using just broadcast emails. From consumers’ perspective, these emails can be very important to remind or notify them of something important. So, to answer which are the best automated email campaign services, we have provided you with our own list below!


Cut Your Workload with These 6 The Best Email Marketing Automation Tools


1. MailChimp

mailchimp email marketing

mailchimp email marketing


Do you need free email marketing automation tools? Mailchimp allows you to send drip as a follow up from website activity, abandoned carts, activity or inactivity and much more. If you want, you can Mailchimp Group + OptinMonster to send drip emails based on what the subscriber opted-in for or from what user selects in the opt-in form. Mailchimp also offers a lot of integrations and an all-in-one solution for inbound campaigns.

Mailchimp gives you unlimited emails, but with limited number of contacts you can send to. You can get up to 2000 contacts for free. If you want more you need to pay at the lowest $30/month and you can get up to 50.000 contacts with their most expensive plan.

Their pricings admittedly can get crazier and crazier, be sure to use their price calculator to see how much you’re going to spend each month with the plan or features that you want Mailchimp can get really expensive the more features or contacts you want.

Mailchimp is a bit simple to some automation tools out there. It can send emails to a lot of contacts but it’s definitely shallow. It’s still great at what it does but you wont get a lot of depth from the tool. On surface level, Mailchimp will let you do a lot of things:

  • send a welcome sequence to new subscribers
  • birthday emails with whatever content (like a coupon)
  • onboarding series or educational courses
  • recover abandoned carts
  • follow up on purchases
  • customize order notifications from your store
  • contact first-time customers
  • reward frequent buyers
  • re-engage with inactive customers

Mailchimp works best when you want to use its pre-made automations where it suggests some specific triggers based on what you want to do: like sending a welcome series or abandoned cart series. It does speed up operations by a lot. But if you want to be more specific, Mailchimps might not be advanced enough for that.

Overall, Mailchimp is good if you want to get started as soon as possible with a pre-made set up decent enough to get your automation going. For advanced usage, you better look elsewhere.

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2. SendinBlue

sendinblue best email marketing

sendinblue best email marketing


SendinBlue is a very popular and one of the best email marketing automation tools. In fact, their popularity is built mainly by an email marketing automation product. They have an exceptional API that made integrating their email sending functionality into your own application very easy. It may not be perfect but it’s great and reliable enough for most businesses. Their deliverability rate is at around 93% to 96%.

Their pricing is very interesting, they offer you unlimited contacts on all plans, but only for sending regular email campaigns, like a newsletter for example. The marketing automation features have different rules. They cap the number of contacts at 2000, unless you’re willing to pay $66/month fee. If you do, you will get unlimited contacts for marketing automation as well. Their pricing is very reasonable compared to some other competitors and doesn’t just shoot up and become very expensive later on.

SendinBlue is not just a random company. They’re very serious about their marketing automation features. There are tons of features the deeper you go. You can create multiple workflows and have them all running in parallel to each other. They can even work on the same contacts, and you can even connect them into a chain. This kind of feature is almost unique to SendinBlue only and probably the best feature in email marketing automation tool.

The features SendinBlue has is very advanced, compared to Mailchimp, the difference is like day and night. SendinBlue is an excellent choice if you want to go deep into email automation and other things you can do with it. Their advanced workflow tools will make advanced users very happy.


3. ConvertKit Email Marketing for Online Creators

ConvertKit Email Marketing for Online Creators

ConvertKit Email Marketing for Online Creators


If you need marketing automation for your company, maybe this is one in your list. marketing automation softwareConvertKit allows you to send targeted autoresponders to subscribers based on their last interaction with your email with Automation Rules. They offer advanced featured of a CRM without price tag. You should try their blueprints that you can use to quickly and easily create autoresponder sequences for almost any situation. We think that ConvertKit might be the best marketing automation software for bloggers who want to run targeted campaigns.

Like we said before ConvertKit is created specifically for bloggers. But it’s not limited to bloggers, e-commerce stores and other businesses can benefit from this tool. Similar to Mailchimp the module simple. You can create your own automations based on plenty of triggers and then also set separate rules that put simpler automations in motions.

There are four main types of triggers available: the subscriber joining form, getting a tag added, custom field value changing, and purchase happening. Next, you can connect a trigger to any number of Events, Actions and Conditions. Actions are things like sending an email sequence or single email, add or remove a tag, move the subscriber to another list, and set some custom field value. Conditions are “if” clauses determined by tag or custom field values. Events are additional triggers that speed up the automation workflow.

You combine those elements to create automation sequences that you desire. ConvertKit can also be integrated with a bunch of other platforms, including e-commerce. You can use it to handle communications via, WooCommerce, Shopify, and many others.

On surface level, ConvertKit is simple but as you go deeper into it, you will see other features that will help you set up all kind of automation sequences. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any pre-made templates for automations, everything has to be created from the ground up, this may cause some problems for beginners.


4. Drip Email Marketing

6 The Best Email Marketing Automation Tools 1

Drip Email Marketing


As the name suggests, it’s an app designed for streamlining the drip email process. It’s a very simple tool that can do the heavy work for you. It has email gathering technology, pre-made template, and drag and drop elements for simple creations.

We just had to include Drip on the list. The reason for this is simplicity. We value tools that make things easier even for beginners. We believe that Drip is a very enjoyable tool for everyone. Beginners will be grateful for this tool and advanced users will enjoy using it even more.

There two main sections of Drip, Rules and Workflows. Rules are Drip’s version of “if”. You can use it to set a trigger and then a corresponding action. This is where the magic happens.

Drip is very impressive at how it approaches the topic of marketing automations and how to make itself useful and easy for everything. This is definitely one of the best email marketing automation tools for people who love easy interface that makes the setup process simple.


5. Intercom Email Marketing

intercom email marketing

intercom email marketing


Intercom is an automatic messaging service for users via email, messaging applications and push notifications. You can target the right people for important messages or promotional messages. In this case you can target those who do on your website or product.

A better way of communicating helps you to increase the productivity of your products. By using the services of an intercom, you can send an e-mail marketing is automatically connected with the people when they are most ready to engage. It also allows you to post in an application and automatic website that is connected to the user.

Not only that, the intercom also allows you to send messages automatically in the form of images, videos, applications and emojis that tell the most powerful emotions about your product.

The good news is, you can do the trial period given to you. The trick is simple, enter email and confirm then login to access the dashboard.


6. Clevertap 

clevertap best email marketing

clevertap best email marketing


Clevertap is the best marketing strategy tool to increase sales and promotion of your products. They offer a lot of marketing products that are tailored to your needs. It also supports Email Marketing Automation, Real-Time, Automated Effective user segmentation for marketing in the digital age



Email marketing automation tools help you facilitate online marketing and promotion and send mass messages to consumers at one time. This is certainly effective and minimizes your work time.