10 Best Free Android Emulator For PC and Laptop [Windows] In 2024

Looking for Best Free Android Emulator For PC?  You probably are wondering why you should have the best free and lightweight Android emulator. Well, if you want to enjoy better convenience and access in managing your system, knowing which emulator to choose can help. A lot. After all, Android is a powerful operating system that offers better flexibility and uses when compared to iOS. With the emulator, you can gain wider and more expansive usability without a fuss.

An emulator is basically software that can enable one (computer) system to behave like another system. For instance, you can make your PC acts like a smartphone after you install the emulator on the PC. In this way, your PC can access smartphone apps easily. It’s a good thing that there are several free and good emulators out there so you can have different options.


10 Best Free Android Emulators for Windows PC and Laptop, Suitable For Low Specifications!


1. MEmu Emulator

MEmu Emulator

MEmu Emulator


MEmu Emulator is a popular and quite likeable Android emulator for Windows, available for free. If your PC has the minimum requirements, it can play high-end and advanced games with smooth results. You can expect easy and smooth game playing on PC. There are tons of features to like, such as PC virtualization, dedicated (and also integrated) graphics performance, and keyboard mapping custom so you will enjoy easier mobile gaming control. Another cool thing about the emulator is its compatibility with AMD, Nvidia, and Intel. No wonder it is included in the best free Android emulator list.

You can find the app at Google PlayStore so installation (on the PC) shouldn’t be an issue. MEmu developers often release updates regularly to fix issues and have extra features. Moreover, it also helps with keyboard and mouse integration so smooth gaming is possible.


2. Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator

Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator


This software is different because it is dedicated and focused on smooth mobile gaming (on the PC). Whereas most Android emulators are pretty general to create an Android experience on the PC, this one is specifically designed to deliver impressive gaming enjoyment. After all, the developers are also responsible for PUBG creation so this thing is natural.

When compared to other emulators, this one can tackle high-end games perfectly and well. After all, the interface system is simple to complete with the installed apps, specific settings (designed for gaming efficiency), and its settings. Another great thing about the emulator is its small size – compared to others. Don’t you love it when you can download and then play the Android games and apps on the PC without having to break a sweat? The emulator can run high-processor games and graphics smoothly. Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator can also support cursor controls, keyboard mapping, and mouse configuration which makes it one of the best free Android emulators.


3. Nox Player

Nox Player Best Free Android Emulator For PC

Nox Player Best Free Android Emulator For PC


Nox Player is the best free Android emulator for Windows and Mac, it is designed (and created) for playing games only. The emulator can accommodate gamepad, script record, keypad, and FPS games. Script record means that it can record screen sequences for playing games later. Be advised, though, that this emulator may take some time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, everything will be far easier and simpler.

There are many features to enjoy from this emulator. First of all, you can customize the settings and controls. Optimizing the quality is also possible if you ever need it. Second, it comes with the rooted version. It means that you can enjoy the unlocked player able to get full access. Third, the emulator can be upgraded to Nougat. Basically, if you want to enjoy a smooth operation with rich features, this is the emulator to choose.


4. PrimeOS




Looking for a lightweight Android emulator for PC Windows 10? This isn’t exactly an emulator but more like an Operating System that will boot itself after it creates a partition within the storage system of the computer. When you have installed the software and booted the PC, you will see two booting options: for Windows and PrimeOS.  No need to worry, PrimeOS’s interface is clutter-free and absolutely clean – delivering a nice desktop feel with Android ability. The developer is smart enough to bring the Android ecosystem’s fundamental elements to the OS, such as the taskbar, start menu, and such things as to create a fresh user feel and experience.

If you want to enjoy your game more, you can make use of the dedicated features such as custom control settings and the Decapro (key) mapping tool. You can also enjoy the (dedicated) gaming centre to manage the GPU and CPU support along with better game management. You can even run hardcore games and expect them to run smoothly, thanks to the OS deep bond to the computer’s hardware. If you have an old computer and you want some refreshment feel, then this software is the best pick.


5. Bluestacks

Bluestacks Best Emulator Android For Pc

Bluestacks Best Emulator Android For Pc


If you have been into IT and computers, you know that Bluestack is not a new name in the industry. It is one of the oldest and also the most popular names that ever existed. You can even be sure that it is one of the best free Android emulators to find. The emulator has the right combination with a balanced proportion of processing, graphics, and power. No wonder if it becomes one of the most favorable Android emulators for PC. If your PC has good specs, the emulator should be able to play and run high graphics games without any difficulty.

This software is running on the newest and most current Nougat version, which is said to be six times more responsive and faster than the smartphone’s version. The control system and keymapping abilities are advanced along with manual control settings for improved better outcomes. Is it handy and useful? You can bet on it!


6. Genymotion Cloud

Genymotion Cloud Android Emulator

Genymotion Cloud Android Emulator


This emulator for PC is simple and easy to use. It is designed and created to help to test the apps. You can even use it to run Android apps on the cloud – making it a virtual machine. Operating it is easy. First, sign in first and choose to Add to pick the machine to emulate. You can then download it. Choose the device that you want and when you choose ‘Start’, you are good to go. As long as you have good (and reliable) internet speeds and also updated browser, you can run the emulator on the cloud. You are also able to operate the emulator as the virtual (Android) device and perform all operations as if you were using a regular mobile device.


7. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player


This is another best free Android emulator for PC aimed to improve the gaming experience. The emulator specifically helps you to control the game and map the keyboard buttons, depending on your comfort and needs. But keep in mind that it needs the Virtualisation Technology feature enabled (you can find it in your BIOS) and it doesn’t support the AMD chipset either. But it comes with fresh and clean interface features – certainly appealing to users. Not to mention that it offers many custom options – designed for improved gaming experience and preference.

One of the best features is the fresh interface along with robust construction. So far, it is the only emulator allowing you the ability to play several games at once. It also runs on Marshmallow while the others are still running on Lollipop or even below.


8. Android Studio

10 Best Free Android Emulator For PC and Laptop [Windows] In 2024 1


Android Studio stands as the premier Android emulator solution for app developers. More specifically, it is an integrated development environment (IDE) that includes emulation capabilities through its Android Virtual Device feature. This tool allows developers to configure virtual devices that mimic nearly any real Android phone or tablet on the market in order to test apps across a wide range of hardware and software environments. Although intended for development workflows, Android Studio can also serve as a capable emulator for regular users who want to run Android on their computers. Once you make it through the initial setup, performance is quite reasonable for casual apps and games.

That said, Android Studio lacks some of the specialty features tailored towards gaming emulation that you’d find in more gaming-centric Android emulators. For example, it does not offer enhanced support for mapping keyboard controls which can benefit those playing games designed for touch input. But for the average user looking to access apps and perhaps play some casual games, Android Studio provides a free emulator option with enough power and customizability to handle most needs as long as you are willing to work through some initial configuration steps. So while not as specialized for gaming purposes, Android Studio is likely the most versatile and fully-featured Android emulation environment available.


9. LDPlayer

10 Best Free Android Emulator For PC and Laptop [Windows] In 2024 2


LDPlayer is a free, fast, and lightweight Android emulator for Windows PCs that allows users to run mobile games and apps directly on their computers. It comes equipped with an integrated app store called LDStore that grants access to a wide selection of popular Android apps and games to download.

One of LDPlayer’s standout features is its flexibility and performance even on lower-end machines. It has a small memory footprint and resource requirement, so it won’t bog down your system or take up much storage space. Even intensive 3D games can run smoothly on LDPlayer thanks to its adjustable settings for customizing performance based on your computer’s hardware. Whether using an older device or a powerful new gaming rig, you can tune the emulation to achieve peak speeds.

The emulator also ships with advanced functionality tailored for mobile gaming. Options like keyboard mapping, macro recording, and multi-instance sync vastly improve the control experience. Keyboard macros allow you to mimic touch gestures using keybinds. Multi-instance sync enables mirroring a game across multiple emulator windows for creative multi-boxing setups. These features simplify gameplay for apps designed solely with touchscreens in mind.

LDPlayer supports multiple languages as well, providing accessible use and intuitive documentation for international users. Setup guides are available in many languages to help get started quickly no matter where you are. And best of all, the emulator and all its features are entirely free for personal use.


10. KoPlayer

10 Best Free Android Emulator For PC and Laptop [Windows] In 2024 3


Much like other options in the Android emulator space, KoPlayer is focused on enabling smooth, lag-free gaming performance across PCs and Macs with its lightweight software solution. As a freeware tool, KoPlayer achieves this goal while remaining accessible and free for personal use, albeit with occasional ads present in the interface.

Installation and initial setup prove straightforward with KoPlayer’s simple user interface. It allows configuring virtual Android devices representing nearly any phone or tablet on the market to suit your application and gameplay needs. Once up and running, KoPlayer provides practical features tailored for gaming including keyboard mapping and gamepad emulation for simpler control schemes.

However, as a relatively newer offering compared to some competitors, KoPlayer is not without faults. Some users report sporadic freezing issues disrupting sessions randomly. And its uninstallation process can be problematic depending on your configuration, sometimes requiring manual file deletion instead of a clean app uninstall.

In summary, key reasons to consider KoPlayer include:

  • Lightweight Android emulation compatible with Windows and macOS systems
  • Intuitive initial setup with support for creating diverse virtual device profiles
  • Gaming-focused features like keyboard mapping and gamepad emulation
  • Completely freeware tool despite occasional advertisement displays

Potential drawbacks to weigh:

  • Stability issues may randomly freeze sessions
  • Buggy uninstallation process requires manual file cleanup

So for those seeking a simple free solution for mobile gaming emulation, KoPlayer delivers on core performance fronts. But some rough edges present in the experience could stand refinement looking ahead.

System Requirements for KoPlayer

If you want to run KoPlayer on your system, your PC specifications must meet these minimum requirements:

  • RAM – 2GB
  • CPU – Dual core AMD or Intel CPU
  • HDD – 10 GB of free disk space
  • OS – Windows 7 or higher
  • Resolution – Minimum 1024X768
  • Graphics Card – GPU with OpenGL 2.1

Those are some of the great candidates of emulators. But rest assured that there are still other best free Android emulators that you can choose, as long as you do thorough research.