17 Best Free Avatar Creator Sites Online To Create Your Own Avatars

In an age where digital personas and virtual interactions are integral to everything from social media to the metaverse, the ability to easily craft customized avatars represents a critical starting point for establishing one’s online identity. However, creating stylized cartoon avatars has traditionally required artistic prowess and mastery of design software like Photoshop or Illustrator for manipulating shapes, textures, accessories and other detailing.

Thankfully, a range of free avatar creator sites now exist so that everyday users can sidestep these creative barriers to entry. These services allow anyone to harness online tools for building cartoonized icons that capture elements of their self-image and preferences with no technical know-how required. Users can leverage these DIY avatar makers to manifest virtual representations of themselves for profiles, gaming, community forums, graphic posts and beyond.

In this post, we will cover the top options in 2024 for creating your avatars online for free even without editing skills. Comparing features like customization depth, available art styles, export abilities and privacy policies, we will showcase dedicated avatar creators that help you actualize the virtual you that you envision at no cost.

Whether looking to flex your self-expression, establish visual consistency across platforms or simply have some imaginative fun, read on to unlock user-friendly avatar creators tailored to crafting free avatars for whatever digital spaces you inhabit. The only limit is your imagination when these visualization tools enable anyone to develop personalized avatars.


17 Best Free Avatar Creator Sites Online To Create Your Own Avatars Just a few seconds

Here are the best free Avatar creator sites online for free to turn your Photo into Sketches, Manga, Anime, Cartoons, or Create a new one from scratch with tons of customizations. The following avatar generator can help you to create a profile picture on any account and you can customize the size.


1. Avatarmaker




When it comes to creating your own character for your favorite game, the options are endless and time-consuming. Avatarmaker.com has taken the time out of creating and offers a completely free option for creating your own character. With features such as facial features, hair color, clothes, and more, you can create a complete character.

Avatarmaker.com is the first site to create avatars online for free. This tool is super easy to use, you don’t need special skills for design. You need just imagination to custom hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, or others. How do I make an online avatar? First, go to the Avatarmaker.com website then select the male or female gender and start for a customized avatar. Once completed, please download and save it on your device.


2. Anichara

Anichara best sites to create Avatars online

Anichara best sites to create Avatars online


Anichara is probably one of the best sites to create avatars online for yourself. There are also tons of amazing features available that help you to make profile pictures more interesting and unique.

Some of the amazing free services are Anime Avatar Maker Tools, Portrait Maker Tools, Anime Pretty Girl Maker, Dress up games for girls, Manga Caricature Creator, Cartoon Character Creator, Baby & Child Cartoon Character Maker, Anime Handsome Boy Maker, and many more.

You can customize the avatar as you wish without the need to have editing skills. You can customize avatars for social media profiles or also for WhatsApp.


3. Framiq

17 Best Free Avatar Creator Sites Online To Create Your Own Avatars 1


Framiq is another best cartoon avatar-maker sites for creating easy avatars according to the character you like. Making an avatar is as easy as writing A, B, and C here you don’t need graphic design skills because you only need to have the imagination to customize the character. Here are available features such as cool cartoons, manga style, Cute anime, Kawai, emo, realistic illustrations, and full-body avatars. The good news is you can also customize for T-shirts, design a stylish hoodie


4. Avataaars Generator

avataaars generator

avataaars generator


Avataaars Generator stands out as one of the most user-friendly and feature-packed online avatar creators out there for crafting free cartoon avatars tailored to your preferences. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to customize facial expressions, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories without needing any design or technical skills.

This innovative avatar tool allows you to simply click and tweak individual components on the cartoon avatar template to match your desired look and style. Whether choosing skintones, adjusting beards, adding eyewear, selecting headwear, or testing outfit combinations, you can mix-and-match to create a unique avatar within minutes.

Once satisfied with your creation, Avataaars Generator offers one-click downloads to save your personalized avatar locally as a PNG or vector-based SVG suitable for using across platforms like social media profiles, community forums, gaming networks and more. No registration is required and creations are private.

The site also features convenient options to automatically generate randomized avatars if you want fresh inspiration or would rather discover an avatar than actively construct your own. And should any randomized avatar catch your interest, downloading that result is just as swift. With an immense range of styling possibilities and tremendous ease-of-use, Avataaars Generator makes envisioning and producing your ideal avatar free, fast and fun!


5. Mango Animate Character Maker

Mango Animate Character Maker


Mango Animate Character Maker is the best software that enables everyone to create animated characters in a snap. It’s easy to use, you don’t need any design skills or programming knowledge. All you need to do is import your PNG or PSD file into Mango Animate Character Maker, add bones, edit poses, and apply dynamic animations.

Mango Animate Character Maker also provides a wide range of pre-designed animated characters, enabling you to select one to get you started. You’re allowed to customize the facial expressions and body movements and swap outfits and accessories for your animated character with a simple click. Your characters can be exported in MP4, MOV, PNG, or GIF formats and shared on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, and so on.


6. Cartoonize

Best Free Avatar Creator Sites

Best Free Avatar Creator Sites


Cartoonize is the best place to create your own Avatar. What we love about this feature is smooth and snappily it converts your real photos into cartoon forms. A few reasons why this is a unique feature are that it’s free, you can use your own photos, you can make them look like your favorite cartoon characters, and you can save them in the app that you can use on other social media platforms.

Easy to use, just upload a photo and then convert it and download. You are also allowed to use the paid version for Windows and you can convert images in bulk. Interested in this tool? Please try now!


7. Superherotar

marvel superhero avatar maker

marvel superhero avatar maker


Superherotar harnesses the vast character roster and rich mythos of the Marvel universe into an remarkably intuitive and customizable online avatar creator. Dedicated Marvel fans can capitalize on Superherotar’s tools for crafting free Marvel superhero or villain avatars that capture elements of their own identity infused with the costumes, movements and accessories of iconic fictional figures.

The site sports an intuitive drag-and-drop interface granting users fine-grained control for mixing and matching character components inspired by popular heroes like Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man or infamous baddies like Thanos, Loki and Ultron. Options include manipulating facial features, physiques, skin tones, poses, backgrounds and other granular styling facets – no artistic talent required!

Whether imagining yourself with the jackhammer hands of Iron Man, the shield abilities of Captain Marvel or the telekinetic powers of Scarlet Witch, Superherotar makes manifesting your Marvel avatar fantasies simple, fast and shareable. Outputs can be downloaded as images or GIFs to import across online gaming profiles, community platforms, graphic design projects and other creative digital spaces seeking to showcase your Marvel fandom.

For devotees of the Marvel universe eager to blend fantasy elements into representing their virtual identity, Superherotar delivers likely the most immersive and detailed Marvel-centric avatar customization toolkit available free online today. Turn yourself into a Marvel icon with just a few tweaks and clicks!


8. Doll Divine

Doll Divine

Doll Divine


Creating an online avatar is as easy as going to a website, typing in a description of yourself, and hitting the button to create your digital self. This website has a variety of features that make it easy to create the perfect image. There are many images one can use, but there are also many customizations that one can make.

This one is a great fantasy character creator. Doll Divine is one of the best tools available to create Anime avatars. If you are a Manga lover, this website has everything you need. Choose a boy or girl and start annotating them with a lot of manga-based hairstyles, scars, skin tones, and more than 20 backgrounds. If you are looking for the best anime character creator online I would strongly recommend Doll Divine.


9. Freepik

create Avatars using the Freepik

create Avatars using the Freepik


For those seeking a library of pre-made avatar assets to customize versus designing avatars from scratch, Freepik serves up an expansive universe of illustrated and vector-based characters available for free downloads and editing. Users can browse thousands of imaginative avatar templates spanning various artistic styles from retro pixel art to vibrant cartoons to CGI-reminiscent renders.

While sites like Avataaars Generator allow crafting avatars component by component, Freepik provides complete readymade avatar characters, creatures and personas. This allows selectively downloading templates that already align to your vision. However, editing software like GIMP or Gravit Designer would still be required to personalize colors, outfits, backgrounds and other details.

The strength of Freepik lies in sheer volume – whether your avatar vision involves wizards, aliens, ninjas, robots or any conceivable archetype, their archives likely contain a fitting base option to claim as your starting point. Just be sure to check the licensing terms on chosen assets, as some restrict commercial use.

For those lacking artistic confidence to digitally illustrate avatars themselves, tapping into Freepik’s vault of free character art in customizable vector or raster formats offers a more accessible route. Mixing your own tweaks with their fantasy-rich template library helps bring unique yet expressive avatar designs to life.


10. Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga


Emerging as a go-to resource for crafting free cartoon-style avatar portraits, FaceYourManga employs an intuitive editor for helping novices and experts alike actualize custom avatars. The site’s expansive array of adjustable face, hair, facial hair, accessory, prop, outfit, and background options empowers users to assemble avatars personalized to their preferences.

Through adjustable sections for customizing fuller faces, bob cuts, bun hairstyles, shades, hats, tops, dresses, sunglasses, scars, smiles, skin tones, wrinkles, and more, nearly any desired style and persona can be brought to life. Simple sliders and color pickers make manipulating these attributes to achieve a look matching your self-perception exceptionally smooth.

FaceYourManga also offers social features like public avatar galleries, user voting competitions, groups centered on different aesthetics like anime and 8-bit art, and community support forums for obtaining direct feedback or troubleshooting from other avatar enthusiasts.

With an ad-free interface providing seemingly endless feature blending and styling versatility, FaceYourManga delivers likely the deepest DIY customization toolbox available for crafting and sharing free avatar self-portraits exhibiting your distinctive flare across the virtual spaces you inhabit.


11. Marvelhq

create your own superhero avatar

create your own superhero avatar


For fans eager to blend their identity with beloved Marvel superheroes, MarvelHQ provides a remarkably detailed avatar creator for crafting your fantasy Marvel alter-ego for free. This intuitive editor allows you to customize a Marvel avatar spanning facial features, masks, intricate outfits inclusive of iconic styles from Spiderman, Iron Man, Groot and other fan favorites.

Through easy-to-use sections for fine tuning eyes, skin tone, physique, accessories, poses, colors, weapons, power effects and backgrounds inspired by the Marvel cinematic universe, users can reimagine themselves endowed with the costumes and abilities of their cherished fictional protectors. Simple dropdowns and sliders make matching every attribute to your envisioned Marvel avatar seamless without needing graphic design expertise.

Whether desiring Spiderman’s web-slinging prowess, Black Panther’s vibranium suit, Groot’s tree-like mutations or amalgamating your ultimate fantasy hero, MarvelHQ offers the building blocks. The site also features community avatar galleries, voting contests and support forums to engage the vibrant Marvel fandom around your creations.

For devotees who grew up immersed in Marvel’s comics and films, few free online tools likely capture the imagination as comprehensively as MarvelHQ for manifesting deeply personalized and shareable Marvel avatars. Bring your fan alter-ego to life with just a few tweaks!


12. Character Creator

Character Creator

Character Creator


For those seeking a full-body avatar creator alternative to popular avatar customization tools like Picrew, CharacterCreator.org offers incredible depth in intuitively designing free cartoon avatars encompassing attributes from clothing to hairstyles to accessories and more. The site functions as a one-stop avatar workshop, empowering complete customization ranging from adjusting eye shapes, skin tones and eyebrows to selecting ideal outfits, eyewear and background scenes.

CharacterCreator harnesses easy-to-use sliders, color palettes and dropdown menus to make crafting a unique avatar representation simple and enjoyable even for total beginners lacking artistic expertise. Users can intimately fine-tune curves, height, wrinkles, poses, props and other granular stylistic elements to match their envisioned avatar. Additionally, brush tools allow directly painting upon avatars for unlocking maximum creative freedom.

Once satisfied, personalized avatars can be exported as images or GIFs to import across gaming platforms, community sites and social media profiles. CharacterCreator removes barriers that may otherwise preclude novices from conceiving fully-featured avatars tailored to their identity and interests. For those desiring more customizable control than niche avatar builders, this is likely the most versatile and accessible free option.


13. Kusocartoon





For those seeking to transform personal photos into customized cartoon avatars, KusoCartoon provides an impressively simple yet feature-rich editing workflow. Users need only upload a selfie or other image and then adjust just a few intuitive sliders to morph faces or objects into an aesthetically pleasing, free-to-download avatar.

KusoCartoon’s intelligent algorithms abstract key facial structures, textures and colors into a charming hand-drawn avatar art style. Options exist for changing aspects like skin tone, face shape, hair style, accessory add-ons and outfit colors using straightforward click-based controls even total novices can master in minutes with no artistic expertise needed.

Unlike overly simplified filters on other apps that retain source image similarity, KusoCartoon outputs display delightful handcrafted flair thanks to machine learning techniques powering the creative avatar transformations under the hood. Avatars exhibit a unique yet still recognizable association to the inputs provided.

With support for both cartoonized avatars and black-and-white line art formats across unlimited free conversions per day, KusoCartoon brings customizable avatar creation capabilities to the masses – delivering outputs suitable for any platform where projecting your identity with a touch of whimsy makes sense.


14. Befunky




Want to make an avatar look more professional without having graphic design expertise? Befunky is a solution for creating your own avatar with many offers of filters to enrich the quality of photos or avatars. ” Go From Photos to Cartoon in One Click ” their tagline and this is serious! Super easy to implement by anyone, including beginners like me.

These were some of the best free Avatar creator sites online that you can use. So, Which is your favorite? Let us know!


15. Customanime.com

17 Best Free Avatar Creator Sites Online To Create Your Own Avatars 2


Every anime fan dreams of entering their favorite animated world and becoming one of the lovable characters that inhabit it. Well now you can come closer to that goal with Custom Anime’s one-of-a-kind avatar creator!

We’ve designed an easy-to-use flash program that lets you build a custom avatar in classic anime style. Mix and match hairstyles, outfits, accessories and more to capture your personality or transform yourself into a whole new persona. Whether you want to cosplay a beloved character or imagine your perfect self from the ground up, the possibilities are endless.

Customize big expressive eyes, fun clothing in splashy colors, and quirky accessories no live action show could pull off. Add some cat ears, stylized school uniforms, ninja gear, magical girl wands – if you can dream it, you can create it!

Once your custom anime avatar is ready to go, you can instantly save the character to your device and share with friends across social media. Form your own crew with fellow anime lovers! See who can cook up the cutest, coolest or most badass avatar. No artistic skills required when our program handles it all with just a few clicks.

Dive deeper into the worlds that inspire you by immortalizing your own anime spirit. Become the protagonist of your own unfolding adventure, powered by imagination. Custom Anime offers that delightful chance to all fans – completely free!


16. Avatoon.me

17 Best Free Avatar Creator Sites Online To Create Your Own Avatars 3


Tired of boring social media profiles lacking personality? Avatoon offers a fun and easy way to create a unique cartoon avatar version of yourself for your online presence. With state-of-the-art technologies powered by artificial intelligence, the Avatoon experience delivers stunning animated identities in just seconds.

Unlike some overly complex avatar builders, Avatoon cuts right to the good stuff with a super simple and intuitive interface. No lengthy account registration process to deal with either – you can jump right into customizing. Just upload a selfie or photo from your camera roll, Facebook, Instagram etc., and let Avatoon work its magic.

Watch in awe as the AI scans facial features, skin tone, hair style and other elements to generate a customizable cartoon persona that really captures your look. Fine tune the eyes, nose, smile and more if you wish before saving your masterpiece.

Now you have a one-of-a-kind character to represent your personal brand across social media platforms, gaming profiles or wherever you interact online. Avatoon creations showcase vibrancy and life to make your presence truly stand out while still recognizably you!


17. Placeit

17 Best Free Avatar Creator Sites Online To Create Your Own Avatars 4


For content creators seeking to establish consistent branding presence across social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Twitch, adopting a unified and easily recognizable avatar as the face of your channel provides immense value. However, generating polished illustrator-quality avatar art can pose barriers with the need for technical prowess.

This is where online avatar makers like Placeit shine – enabling anyone to craft beautiful, customized avatar portraits ready for seamless usage as channel art, without requiring design skills. Placeit’s powerful avatar editor makes creating unique gaming or streaming avatars effortless through diverse hair, outfit, facial and accessory options combinable into original artworks.

Whether desiring an avatar radiating a fun-loving persona with smiles and bright colors, or serious gamer intensity sporting dark tones and sharp gaze, Placeit delivers through adjustable avatar components and features requiring only a few tweaks rather than mastery of manipulation tools.

Finished avatar creations not only exhibit engaging and individualistic traits, but also download compatibility with any social media platform to synchronize your image. The recognizability and consistency unlocks immense branding and audience growth opportunities.

For streaming talents and gaming guilds seeking professional avatar art instantly usable everywhere to firmly establish their vision and voice online with fans, Placeit offers perhaps today’s smoothest browser-based avatar utility. Own your niche by letting Placeit optimally visualize your inner gaming persona or channel theme with just clicks!


FAQ: Avatar creator online

What is an avatar in social media?

An avatar is usually used for social media profiles that represent real people. Avatars are used to characterize a person's picture without showing their real image.

What are avatars used for?

Avatars are generally used to represent a person's profile photo on social media, forums, websites. Avatars are also often used as alter egos or image characters in cyberspace, usually in the form of personal icons in two-dimensional or three-dimensional images.

How do I create an avatar of myself?

How do I create an avatar of myself? To create your own avatar, you need an app or a tool. Some of the tools above are the best recommendations for creating an avatar without the need for graphic design skills. We usually refer to it as an avatar generator.

Why are avatars popular?

The term avatar was first coined by Richard Garriot. Which is by creating UltimaIV: Quest of the Avatar in 1985, game designers have come up with a game concept that imagines the avatar as a representation of the player. Today, Avatar has become a popular way among gamers, social media users. Avatars are friends to communicate on online forums, games, social media.

What is the best avatar creator?

There are several best avatar creators that we recommend for you such as Avatarmaker, Anichara, Marvelhq, and Doll Divine. You can create your own avatar without the need for any gratuitous design skills.

How can I create my own character online?

To create my own character online you can use our app we recommend Avatarmaker, Anichara, Marvelhq, and Divine Doll as tools to create online avatars.