5 Best DVD Ripper For Windows And Mac

If you are dealing with DVD data quite a lot (and also regularly), it would be a good idea to know your options of the best DVD ripper program available out there. DVD ripper can be advantageous not only for personal use, but also for professional (and commercial) function. But then again, you need to realize that this program isn’t for everyone. That’s why you need to ask yourself: How important is the software for you? Do you really need it to the point that you don’t mind spending extra for it?


Best Free DVD Ripper For Windows And Mac


The Functions of DVD Ripper

So, what is a DVD ripper, anyway? As the name suggests, the program would ‘rip’ the data from the DVD and convert it into digital files. This is functional if you have DVD video collections that you want to store within your computer. Or you probably have DVD with personal slideshows and videos whose data you want to keep in your personal device.

The main function (and also purpose) of the DVD ripper is to take that data (ripping the DVD) to digital files, so you can access, play, or edit freely without having to depend on the discs. After all, the digital files are more conveniently accessed or used than the discs formats, right?

Best Free DVD Ripper For Windows


Before you know about the lists of best DVD ripper, you should know that they are coming in different forms and formats. Some of them are available in free services, while some are paid ones. In the ideal context, you want something that can take the digital files from any accessible source, including ISO image, DVD files folders, and the DVD itself, and then convert them to various format files, like WMV, MOV, or MP4 – along with other formats suitable for mobile gadgets.


WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

This is one of the best DVD ripper programs. In fact, if you are performing searches, this software would be listed on the top searching option most of the times – it’s that good! The software has been sitting on top of the list for so long that it seems no other software can match it up.

winx dvd ripper platinum


This software was offered and developed by Digiarty Software. It is a free as well as paid service. You are always welcome to try the free trial period – but be advised that there would be limitations and restrictions. The software doesn’t allow you to rip any copy-protected discs or rip a video that is longer than 5 minutes.

If you want to do all those things, you need to be ready to spend $40. But then again, there is a free trial version to try – to help you decide whether it is a worthy spending for you or not. Many users who are willing to spend money claim that they are able to rip digital files from all kinds of discs without any fuss or problem.

Another thing to like about this software is the easiness and the simplicity. The interface system helps you to rip files in 3 basic (and simple) steps.

  • First, you only need to load the DVD. This is a program to handle DVD folders as well as individual video files. Don’t forget to choose the types of output you like – such as MOV, AVI, MP4, WMV, or even smaller formats (for Android or iOS devices)
  • Choose your destination folder (to save your files) and then press ‘Run’
  • Wait for the process to complete. Once it finishes, you only need to double-click the result
  • You are done! You can now try the outcome and have fun!


Freemake Video Converter

The software is somewhat free with many types of older formats. The software works well for Windows. It allows CD ripping too but not for BlueRay ripping. It has some good and bad qualities on its own. Some of the good traits include various devices support and also the fact that it is great for beginners. On the negative sides, though, it doesn’t offer h265 format and it continuously asks you for money.

5 Best DVD Ripper For Windows And Mac 1


As one of the best DVD ripper, it can convert digital files to various formats – and you can save them to whatever formats you like quite easily. Besides ripping DVD, the software can rip DVD too – and also movie images in various formats. You can decide whether you want to save the files on PlayStation, Xbox, or Windows Media Player – but it would be even greater to have working (and functional GPU acceleration) and h265 support.

The software is somewhat free – with extra cases and features. You can download the software, but the file results will have Freemake logo on them. Not to mention that every time you make the file, the software will keep asking you to purchase the extra features.

Making converted files is quite easy – simply choose whatever provided options available and then follow the directions. Just wait for the software to make complete conversion and that’s it. This is a software that would be just perfect if you just start with DVD ripping action. This is also a good option if you have older devices and you want to save several formats of video files.


WonderFox DVD Ripper

WonderFox isn’t only one of the best DVD ripper, but it is also packed with various handy features. You can choose your source conveniently – whether it is the DVD folder, ISO image, or the DVD. If you want to choose the output format too, you can do it easily!

There are various different formats available, including MOV, WMV, MKV, MP4, and AVI. Let it within your default setting – or you can tweak it around for the encoder type, bit rate, frame rate, resolution, and others. And then pick the folder where the output would be kept, and let it run. The result would be available just perfectly inside the folder.

WonderFox DVD Ripper


This DVD Ripper is both a free software as well as a paid version. If you go with the free version, you can enjoy the (unregistered) trial one for your commercial or personal videos. However, the free service has its limitation – it can only serve a video with 15-minutes of length.

If you want to rip longer ones, then you need to pick another software – or you upgrade the service to the registered type. The registered one would cost you $30. Many who have tried the free and trial version claim that they are able to rip copy protected discs as well as personal videos quite well – and the result was quite satisfying.



This is a free best DVD ripper that can serve you well – but when compared to WinX DVD Ripper, Handbrake has more complicated operation. Despite all of the benefits, Handbrake requires time for complete understanding and figuring out to.

When the program wants you to choose the source, you choose a folder or a single (video) file. Then you can choose whatever format from the available lists out there. Handbrake has various formats for mobile devices, PCs, game consoles, the web, and others.

Afterward, choose a destination and pick a name. And you can the Start Encode process. Then, you can direct it through File Explorer and play the video (just double click it). Rest assured to the software can rip your unprotected and personal videos, but it won’t be able to rip commercial videos. There is a way to go through the system if you want to rip commercial videos, though, but you need to figure it out by yourself by visiting the search engine.


Final Words

These are your options when you want to rip DVD and convert digital video files. There are many programs out there – whether you choose to have the paid one or the free type. With these lists of the best DVD ripper available out there, you shouldn’t have any issue ripping the DVDs you want.

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