18 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online For Android

If you love watching movies, knowing some best free movie apps for Android can help you find the best entertainment at home. Right now, everyone depends on technology, including smartphones and internet collections. There is no need to go outside and visit the movie cinema. All you have to do is sit at home, make use of that internet connection of yours, and explore the web. And then you can find those movie apps, either the free or the paid service.

Be advised that you should never let down your guard. Be sure to choose only reliable and trusted sources – and don’t be easily fooled by seemingly too-good-to-be-true promises and claims.

Be smart and be careful. If something doesn’t feel right, then leave. If you are looking for best free movie apps for Android to watch movies and TV shows online, i would highly recommend the following list!


18 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online For Android


1. Crackle




If you want to enjoy free movies without having to worry about legal matters or copyright issues, then this free movie app would be the best option that you can have. Not only they are offering free service, but you won’t have to worry about the quality of the image either. Crackle is a subsidiary part of Sony, so you won’t have to worry about the legit and legal matters. Don’t expect it to be all new movies because copyright matters. But you can expect some of the movies to be from a few years back even older.

All of the TV shows and movies are divided into neat categories and sections so you should have no problem browsing them or finding them. They are divided into genres too so everything would be sorted out pretty easily. This service has an internal player you only need to run the shows with your device. The features include the ability to change the audio track, use the subtitles (or not), and others. Feel free to use Google Chromecast with your Smart TV or other devices – for the sake of better viewing.


2. MediaBox HD

Movie Apps to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online

Movie Apps to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online


This is a super handy app and real-debris. Expect to find countless collections of TV shows and movies well-managed in various categories and sections. Some features make this app different from the others. For instance, there is ‘Pick a Movie for Me’ option for those clueless souls who don’t even know where to begin with. Or there is a Discovery Page with trending titles that you can easily pick.

Feel free to explore the app and browse everything they have, including the features. You have the freedom to pick any external (video) player as well as subtitles – whatever you like for better viewing. If you want to, download any videos that you like so you can watch it whenever you are on the go. If you are into movies so much, despite the genres, this is one among the many free movie apps that you can use.


3. Tubi TV

Tubi Tv Best Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies

Tubi Tv Best Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies


The next watch free movie app for Android you can try is TubiTV. This is available in Apple Store and Google Play, which means that you can use the app on either your Android device or your Apple gadget. The app itself comes with a huge collection of movies and TV shows although most of them are included in indie movie categories. But the main difference between this app with the others is the contents. You can find contents that aren’t available on other apps and websites. All of the contents are divided and categorized into different genres, like romance, comedy, kids, family, sci-fi and fantasy, horror, drama, documentary, action, and so much more. No need to subscribe or sign up if you don’t want to. What about the qualities of the images? No need to worry, they are all coming in high definition and bright crisp quality that will improve your movie-watching experience.


4. Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ


If you want to watch free content consisting of anime, sports, TV shows, entertainment, or movies without having to pay anything, Freeflix would be the best option that you can have. Most of their collections are coming in 720p resolution so it isn’t all so bad. The app also offers some links that will connect you to many content for your entertainment. If you load the m3u within the Live TV, you should be able to gain access to various channels. Sounds like a promise, huh?

There are also other features to love about this app. The subtitle support is one thing to like about the app. And there is a built-in player and convenient interface system that will make the whole experience even richer and more enjoyable. The subtitle itself has solid support for 50 different languages. Feel free to download your favorite TV shows and movies. For parents, the app comes with its own Parental Control feature preventing and restricting entire R-rated movies so they won’t be able to access those contents.


5. Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV


This is like one one-stop app for your entertainment needs and preferences. This is one of the many free movie apps with impressive quality. They have high-quality streaming content with smooth performance and clear images. Another good thing about this app is its free ads surroundings and settings. You can watch those movies non-stop without being disturbed or interrupted by the ads.

Before you can move forward, you have to choose a default player (external or internal). Feel free to enjoy various TV series from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and others. They are categorized in genres to make searching easier and somewhat simpler. One Android device can give you access to thousands of contents – just like that.


6. BeeTV




This is one of the best apps to watch movies for free. The app has extensive collections and libraries of TV shows and movies. The arrangement and management are pretty good, divided into genres. You should no problem or whatsoever to do your own searching and browsing. And when you combine it with the simple, direct, and clean interface, everything is completely a breeze.

You have the freedom and the flexibility to choose players whether you want the external one or the internal type. You can also make adjustments to the subtitles (whether you want it on or off). With the external player, you simply play them up and download them, if you want to. No need to have doubts about the quality. All of the TV shows and movies are in high quality so you can really enjoy your favorite ones.


7. OneBox HD

OneBox HD

OneBox HD


This app is one among other free movie apps whose popularity is increasing simply because of the newest and the most updated release. You can expect to get the latest release, divided into various genres, like history, family, horror, adventure, comedy, mystery, action, and so much more. The app allows easy search as well as download. Feel free to download whatever content you want so you can watch them later.

But you will need an external video player to watch the content. Another cool thing about this app is its compatibility with (Google) Chromecast so you can watch your favourite shows on your Smart TV. Pretty cool, isn’t it?


8. Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix TV


If you are familiar with Terrarium TV, then this one will have familiar operation and navigation. Yes, this app is Terrarium TV’s clone which was also designed as a free app for all hardcore movie fans out there. Not only do they have impressive collections, but they also have amazing resolution options, such as the 720p, the 1080p, and the 4K. Be sure that these movies will pamper your eyes with high-quality images.

You will love it because of its various collections, from the classic movies to the latest ones, both TV series and updated movies. Some of the movies are also displayed on Hulu and Netflix – so, it’s pretty cool that you can watch shows with the same shared platforms. This app works together with Chromecast so you can make use of your Smart TV.


9. SnagFilms

snagfilms free movies online

snagfilms free movies online


This is one app whose popularity is increasing from day to day. One of the biggest appeals is the free service without having to worry about the legality of the contents. If you are into indie movies and content, then SnagFilms would be the best platform. This app has a huge library containing TV shows and movies. This is an interesting platform because it offers various topics that are not common, such as veterans and the military, refugee and immigrant stories, climate change and the environment, and athletes and their achievements. The site also contains award-winning movies along with other genres, covering African, Latino, and LGBT movies – among others. If you have other interest in movies or other popular flicks, you should pay this site a visit.


10. (US ONLY) Free TV App: TV Series

Free TV App

Free TV App


As the name suggests, this app is one of the other legit and free movie apps with a pretty impressive movie collection. Whether you are looking for high-quality TV series or the big screen flicks, this app has it all. The app itself has a nice layout and user interface, with neat sections. This app is only available for US-based and they provide music and tv shows including CNN, ESPN, NFL, NBC, Fox, and ABC. You also can enjoy the latest news, world news, episodes, sports, movies, entertainment, travel, cartoons for kids.


11. MovieBox Pro

MovieBox Pro

MovieBox Pro


When we are talking about one of the best movie apps that are free and easy to navigate, this name comes to the surface. The interface is user-friendly and smooth, so it is quite fun to maneuver and use. Despite its existence of free service, the operation is flawless and without any complication or drama. In short, this site is fun to explore and operate.

The collections are vast and expansive so you can say that the library is impressive. You can enjoy various TV shows and movies, and even TV Guide all of those contents are divided into a different year of release, content types, ratings, and genres. Unlike other free apps with ads, this one doesn’t have any ads. Pretty neat, huh? For the resolution, you only have access to the SD quality for the free service. If you upgrade and decide to have a membership, then you would be able to get access to the HD quality. Thinking about downloading the movies? You can do it – so you can watch them later, especially on the go.


12. Plex

Stream Free Movies

Stream Free Movies


Plex: Stream Free Movies, Shows, Live TV & more one of the best apps you should try. Stream free shows and movies, and 80+ channels of live TV, instantly, with no subscription. Insert your own media into the mixture including your personal video, music, and picture collections in addition to your favorite podcasts, web shows, and online news to all of your devices.

Stream thousands of FREE movies and TV shows from filmmakers Across the world with Large hits from Crackle, Warner Brothers, MGM, Lionsgate, and Much More!


13. TeaTV




Finding fun entertainment on a budget can be tricky these days. But if you have an Android device, there is an easy and free way to access tons of movies and TV shows – an app called TeaTV.

TeaTV offers unlimited streaming and downloading of all kinds of videos, from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to classic TV series and everything in between. The quality is impressive too, with most content available in crisp 1080p HD. No subscriptions, fees, or annoying ads – just thousands of hours of entertainment at your fingertips.

The TeaTV interface makes browsing and searching simple. You can filter movies and shows by genre, popularity, ratings, release date – whatever suits your mood. One tap to stream a high-quality video right on your phone or tablet. If you want to save something to watch offline later, downloading to your device’s storage is quick and easy too.

Movie nights with friends and family can now feature practically any hit movie or beloved TV series available to start up and enjoy in just moments. Don’t pay fortune for premium channels or hacking sketchy sites. TeaTV lets you relax and immerse into unlimited entertainment utterly free. Give your Android device a break from social media and gaming and get lost in some binge-worthy shows or your favorite flicks instead!


14. Vudu




VUDU is one of the best free movie apps to watch movies online. It is an online platform that supports renting, purchasing, and watching older films for free with excellent 4k resolution in Dolby Vision HDR along with Dolby Atmos sound quality. The program does not allow you to view the latest titles, but it’s a relatively large collection of films you can stream with limited and brief commercials without paying a subscription fee. It is a superb service if you would like to reminisce about the old classic films.


15. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Anime



For anime lovers, the Crunchyroll app is a dream come true. With a massive collection boasting over 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of content, it offers virtually endless streaming access to all the most popular contemporary Japanese animated series and classics of the genre.

Eager fans can binge-watch beloved franchises like Demon Slayer, Black Clover, One Piece, Naruto, and so many more. Beyond just subbed versus dubbed preferences, Crunchyroll provides perhaps the most definitive and authentic anime viewing experience available. Frequent simulcast updates directly from Japan mean the latest seasons arrive on the service as soon as episodes air overseas.

The Crunchyroll experience extends beyond Android phones and tablets too. Xbox and PlayStation consoles also support the app for big-screen anime immersion. Chromecast functionality even allows viewers to wirelessly stream and get comfortable on the living room couch. Surround yourself in the vibrant worlds, lovable characters, and epic storylines that anime delivers better than any other medium.

Casual watchers and obsessive otaku alike have a home with Crunchyroll. Available completely free of ads and subscription costs, it removes any friction to explore both classic and current Japanese animated series. Anime fandom now has an accessible portal to the ever-expanding creative multiverse. Your watchlist backlog grows by the day thanks to this incredible app!


16. Filmzie – Movie Streaming App

18 Best Free Movie Apps to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online For Android 1

In the era of expensive streaming subscriptions, Filmzie offers a refreshing alternative for movie lovers. As a 100% free streaming platform, Filmzie opens the world of cinema without charging a cent. Browse and watch everything from major studio films featuring your favorite stars to indie darlings and unique hidden gems you won’t find anywhere else.

The Filmzie library ranges from comedy, drama, action, horror and more – no genre is left uncovered. And you won’t just find old classics either, with fresh contemporary movies added all the time as well. Experience it all with HD-quality streaming to your device.

You may be wondering, how does Filmzie offer such an extensive catalog for free? The answer is reasonable ad placement. Short ads support the platform’s operations and compensate the filmmakers themselves when you stream movies. A fair tradeoff for unlimited access to thousands of titles.

Tired of cycling through expensive Netflix, Hulu, and Prime subscriptions but still want to watch great films? Then open up Filmzie and immerse yourself in an ever-growing cinematic wonderland. The latest festival favorites, iconic throwbacks, niche curiosities, and anything your movie-loving heart desires. Quality entertainment with no fees – now that’s worth cheering for!

Those are some of the best options for high-quality entertainment at home. With these free movie apps, you will have tons of continuous enjoyment you will never run out of excitement!


17. Popcornflix

Popcorn Flix


Popcornflix sure is a great app for watching movies without spending any money. As a movie lover, sometimes cash is tight on the reservation so I like that I can fire up Popcornflix on my Android phone and find all kinds of films to stream. They’ve got westerns, action flicks, comedies – pretty much any genre you can think of. And the quality ain’t too bad neither! Of course the picture and sound ain’t as crystal clear as what you’d get with a paid service, but for free I ain’t complaining.

It’s nice to just chill out after a long day and put my feet up while finding something fun to watch. Don’t gotta fight with no buffers or lag either like with some other free streaming sites I’ve tried. Just click play and kick back. Makes those lonely nights on the rez a little less lonely, you know? And it beats wasting money at the movies when there’s a perfectly good option right here in my pocket.

Anytime I’m feelin bored, I know ol’ Popcornflix has got my back. With how much I use it, they oughta be paying me for marketing at this point! But shh, don’t tell nobody – let me keep my little secret streaming app all to myself. It might not be fancy Hollywood quality, but it sure hits the spot for reservation life. I say give it a try if you want an easy night in without bustin your wallet.”


18. Pluto TV

Pluto TV App


Pluto TV stands out from the crowd of popular movie streaming services by providing users with a fully immersive entertainment experience. While applications like Netflix focus primarily on on-demand content, Pluto TV differentiates itself as a comprehensive media platform that thoughtfully blends both recorded and live programming options.

Through its intuitive interface, Pluto TV allows viewers to curate a personalized viewing flow by seamlessly integrating access to blockbuster movies, classic TV shows, and live television channels all in one place. Subscribers can freely swap between the latest box office smash hit and up-to-the-minute news coverage with just a few clicks. Whether one’s mood calls for indulging in cinematic escapism or staying informed on current events, Pluto TV’s malleable programming guarantees optimum choice.

What truly sets Pluto TV apart from rivals however, is its adept mimicry of traditional cable television through abundant live broadcasting. Here, users will find dozens of streaming channels spanning an immense range of specialized interests, from music videos to talk shows to extreme sports. With content updating in real time, Pluto TV nourishes the irresistible pull of serendipitous surfing between live programs that many cord-cutters still crave from their former cable packages. Whether one fancies herself a film buff, news junkie or pop culture aficionado, Pluto TV has a uniquely tailored channel awaiting exploration.

By wedging the immersive linear experience of cable inside the boundless world of on-demand streaming, Pluto TV has redefined what a video platform can offer. Far beyond a simple movie app, Pluto TV has established itself as a holistic virtual living room, keeping audiences entertained for hours with its rich library of recorded shows and lively digital channels that let viewers discover new interests with every browse.


FAQ: Free Movie Apps

What is the best free streaming app for Android?

There are several recommendations for the best free streaming app for Android such as MediaBox HD, Freeflix HQ, TeaTV, Vudu, Plex.

What app is like Netflix but free?

There are several recommendation apps like Netflix that allow you to watch free movies on smartphones for free: MediaBox HD, Freeflix HQ, TeaTV, Vudu, Plex.

What is free online movie streaming app for android?

You can enjoy the free online movie streaming app for android and among them free are: Tubi TV, Cyberflix TV, MegaBox HD.