10 Best Free MP3 Music Download Sites Absolutely Legal [2024]

Where can I download free mp3 music? well, just turns out there are a large number of legal spots to get them. Yup, we come amazingly to share with you the best sites to download any of your favorite music Mp3 for free.

This is just a page that directly leads you to look for free music download sites. Particularly when music is the soul of your life, never leave your space and time empty without music playing your song. The music you are selecting and listening to is the one that represents the way your mind speak and your heart feel. Thus, live your music by getting the music download sites here.

So let’s check out to read all the review and find some free sites to download mp3 music and enjoy listening to them on your devices.


10 Best Free MP3 Music Download Sites Absolutely Legal


1. Jamendo Music

jamendo copyright free music

jamendo copyright free music


Where can i download free mp3 music without legally? Did you know that Jamendo Music has been offering free music downloads for so many years? Amazingly, all of the music downloads here are completely free and secured by Creative Commons licenses. Basically, this means that the song creators don’t mind whether you pick up their music to enjoy personally.

Jamendo Music provides you with all the independent music. Hence, if you are looking for Drake or DJ Khaled, you need to jump to other sites.

What does Jamendo Music offer?

For some music lovers and explorers, this site is just a big place to find their favorite music. This site has free radio stations and playlist which are always updated.

The greatest part of this site is that you can enjoy the music offline once you have downloaded a good collection of music. Later, you can play the music offline on your iOS, Android and other devices. However, you must have a music downloader app to organize them all.


2. SoundCloud

soundcloud free music download

soundcloud free music download


SoundCloud is a great platform for legally streaming or downloading free music tracks. Many artists enable free MP3 downloads for some songs in order to reach more listeners. You can browse SoundCloud’s vast catalog and often find the ‘Download’ button available below downloadable tracks. This lets you expand your music collection entirely for free and legally.

However, some songs may only be available for streaming. Overall, SoundCloud offers both independent artists and listeners a lot of value without ethical concerns. You can discover great music while respecting copyrights. The focus is always on empowering creativity. So explore SoundCloud to enjoy free music in the right way!


3. SoundClick




If you are looking for a free music download site where the artists allow you to download their music through their websites, SoundClick can be the right option. There are some options you can select including signed, unsigned, independent and everything in-between. In this case, SoundClick is a medium to deliver free music downloads when the artists want you to download their music for free.

It is pretty easy and simple to search for your favorite music on this site. You can definitely search by the chart, genre, or artists. Give out your samples as much as you want and download them all as you want, too. Isn’t this very great? Additionally, there is a radio option allowing you to sample your desired music while you are doing something else. However, there is one thing to remember.

SoundClick offers both the paid version and the free content. Some artists sometimes change their preferences about whether to offer the paid or the free version. Thus, you must check out the version just before downloading the music. There isn’t either full catalogs for artists like Drake. If you want Drake, then you must jump to the other music sites such as iTunes or Spotify.


4. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Amazon Music


Have you already had Amazon Music on your phone or PC? If not, then you must consider downloading this free download mp3 songs site to allow you to get all your favourite music. It is because Amazon Music has lots of free music downloads. Moreover, there is also the availability of a free music download section to get more updated music.

Amazon Music is not only listed as one of the best free music download sites but also an amazing site offering features newly released by some popular artists like Blondie, Foo Fighters, Chance the Rapper, Philharmonic Orchestra Bratislava, and Carole King.

You can still find more by checking in. This music download site also comes with classical music along with focus-oriented music. This is supported by the music streaming service. This makes Amazon popular as one of the streaming services for music downloads.


5. ReverbNation




Another free download mp3 site to consider is ReverbNation. It surely comes with a large number of emerging artists within different genres. Like SoundCloud, you use this site to stream any of the music you want. However, you are required to check out whether or not the free download is enabled. It would not be easy to set up. Thus, find the discover mode to help you solve the problem.

ReverbNation has a simple interface that makes browsing and finding new music easy. They organize artists by genre, location, popularity, and more so you can quickly find music that matches your tastes. Many unsigned artists use ReverbNation to share their music, so it’s a great place to discover rising talent before they get big.

One thing that sets ReverbNation apart is the detailed analytics it provides artists. As an artist uploads their songs, ReverbNation tracks everything from plays to downloads to fan growth over time. This gives artists insight into which songs and activities are resonating most with fans. Many artists use these analytics to determine which songs to promote, where to tour, and how to grow their fanbase.

While ReverbNation focuses on unsigned and independent artists, they do have some music from major label artists as well. For example, they have tracks from well-known bands like Switchfoot, The Offspring, and Rise Against. So in addition to all the fresh new music, you can also download hits from some big names. Just check the licensing options on each track.

Overall, if you’re looking to expand your musical horizons and discover new talent, ReverbNation is an excellent site to browse. With their combination of analytics tools for artists and easy access for fans, they’ve created a unique music discovery platform. Take time to search through their vast catalog of songs and you may just find your next favorite artist.


6. MP3juices.cc




Looking for the best site to download mp3 songs? Although MP3juices has shut down by the London Police in 2014, now it is ready as a streaming-to-download site. Basically, this free music download site allows you to search any of the tracks you want. Later, this site will convert them into a free music download.

There is one thing to remember if you use this site. It is a violation of copyright when you download the music. It is because the industry is clamping down the hardcore on the site. As a result, you must end up as your ISP writes you a nasty letter. In this case, avoid downloading Drake or Rihanna. Alternatively, you could search the copyright-free songs which are commonly for any purpose.

While MP3juices makes downloading music easy, it does come with risks. Using the site to get mainstream copyrighted music leaves you vulnerable to legal action from record labels and internet providers. To avoid this, stick to downloading royalty-free music that artists intentionally made free to use. Sites like Free Music Archive and Opsound offer thousands of creative commons tracks across every genre.

The interface of MP3juices itself is fairly straightforward. You simply search for a song or artist and matching tracks pop up to preview or download. Quality can vary though since the tracks are pulled from various sources. And you’ll need to be careful of deceptive download buttons that lead to additional ads instead of actual music files.

For a safer and more ethical option, use streaming services like Spotify that give artists compensation. Then for truly free downloads, explore the growing creative commons collections available legally. There’s amazing music out there that artists want you to use at no cost! MP3juices may be tempting for its simplicity but falls into an unethical gray area regarding copyrights. Tread carefully if you choose to use it.


7. MP3 Music Download Hunter 

MP3 Music Download Hunter

MP3 Music Download Hunter


Later, you can consider installing MP3 Music Download Hunter to download your favorite music freely without any charge. This app is categorized as a newcomer in the Android app space. However, it proves to be compact as a music download site.

This app basically comes with millions of copyright-free songs you can download anytime. However, if you use this app to download music for commercial purposes, you had better check with the owner of the copyright. On the other hand, if you use this app to download the music for your personal purposes, you just need to go searching and start downloading.

MP3 Music Download Hunter is just one of the best free music download sites which are recently available and accessible in the Google Play Store. Well, this site enables you to search and download free music and organize the songs. There are organizations and storage options available for offline listening on your mobile phones. Using this site won’t actually make you worry of the bandwidth charges.


8. Spinrilla (Site+App)

Best Free Music Download Sites

Best Free Music Download Sites


If you are a music lover, you must have been familiar with Spinrilla. It is not only a site for music download but also an app. Based on Google Play Store list, it offers more than 5 million music downloads freely.

Spinrilla has a pretty strong rating which means it is a good site to allow you freely download the music. It focuses more on providing you hip-hop music. The four-star ratings prove that Spinrilla is pretty good along with the streaming capability.

If you really want to use this app and download the music freely here, make sure you get on Wi-Fi connection to avoid the cellular bandwidth charges.


9. My Mixtapez Music (App)

My Mixtapez Music

My Mixtapez Music


Another free mp3 download site you can try is My Mixtapez Music. It comes with all hip-hop mixtapes. For beginners, this site offers not only the different mixtapes from the rappers but also the option to enjoy free music downloads in offline mode.

Do you know one fact about Mixtapez? There are a big number of differences in organization, selection and listed artists. This site also allows you to download music of indie artists and emerging rappers through the big promotional role.

In short, if you want to download rap music, My Mixtapez Music is just pretty good to consider. Although there might be unstable situation, this site will keep you updated.


10. Wynk Music

Wynk Music

Wynk Music


Believe it or not, Wynk Music is one of the right choices for those who love listening to MP3 and Hindi songs. In this case, Wynk Music offers you not only the easy way of finding the music but also the easy of how to organize them well after downloading. As one of the recommended best free music download sites in the list, Wynk Music comes with a great offers of free MP3s  as well as the music organization and management. There is a stepped-up premium plan including the streaming and a big number of selection enabling the users to qualify for the extended premium trials as well as the bundled premium option. Thus, make sure how well you make your plan.

Now you can feel happy to freely download Bollywood, Bhangra, Tamil, and Punjabi music along with the wide range of dialects. Give out your sample and the dialect selection will come up with the option of Malayalam, Rajasthani, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu and more other dialects available.

Wynk Music also offers a lot of global and mainstream songs such as Coldplay, Jason Derulo, Chainsmokers and Shakira. Although they are not the main focus, you can still get some of these song here.

Totally, this great free music download site offers 2.6 million tracks of Indian music. There are a large number of playlist and a full-brown radio service which are also focusing on Indian music.

Other great parts of Wynk Music you need to check out are the features and the few cool options. Those include the ringtone, backsound, ringback tones, Chromecast support and English language option. In short, there are more to offer in this site. You can just search any of Hindi songs you love and share them with your friends or family.


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In conclusion, a few options of the best free music download sites we have just shared above will be very helpful to lead you to pick up the choice. Find the most suitable site and get all of your favorite music freely without any charge. Make sure you read this review carefully and check whether the site is totally free or party-paid still.