8 Best Free Public DNS Servers For browsing and gaming

Looking for Public DNS Servers For browsing and gaming? For some people, using public DNS servers is considered better in terms of reliability and stability. You may be using the internet quite often, but do you understand the detailed terms and details? I bet not many of you even know what a DNS is and how it can affect your browsing moment.


Understanding What is DNS Server?

DNS is short for Domain Name Server, referring to the system matching the domain names to the (right) IP addresses. You see, domain names are the addresses that human can understand and read and they are used on a daily basis. When you type in ‘yahoo.com’, the computer doesn’t actually understand it. It contacts the DNS servers, asking what (IP) address that is associated with yahoo.com. then, the servers would display the address on the web browser.

Basically, we (as the computer users) understand yahoo.com or google.com more than  Not only ‘yahoo.com’ is easier to remember, but we don’t usually remember the code numbers. On the contrary, for the computer system, it understands more than yahoo.com or google.com. So, basically, computer system and humans understand these things differently. Get the point?

In short, DNS servers refer to IP addresses and domain names database. The server is created so it can translate or connect the domain names to the proper (and correct) IP addresses. You won’t be able to access the internet without DNS the net won’t exist!


The importance of DNS Server

ISP or Internet Service Providers have different DNS servers. When you don’t set up any specific (DNS) servers on the computer, it will automatically use the default DNS servers derived from the ISP. The problem with DNS servers is the stability. If it isn’t stable, you will definitely encounter problems when trying to access the internet. Unable to access the net or inability to load websites is some of the most common issues with the unstable DNS server.

That’s why most people would use the public DNS servers to avoid such unwanted (DNS) errors. Using public servers like OpenDNS or Google DNS will improve the chances of success while reducing the errors at the same time.

After all, there are some benefits of using the public server, such as:

You can enjoy stable internet connection. You see, some of the default servers are slow and they are often timed out. If you use the public DNS servers, you can actually improve your internet’s speed.

Since the servers have better filter and protection features, you can expect better and safer browsing experience

Those free public DNS servers can help you go through (and pass) the geography-based web inspection and content restriction. For instance, if you often encounter the message, ‘The video isn’t available for your country’ on Youtube, then you can watch it easily with the public DNS server.

With these benefits in mind, what are the candidates for the best and also reliable free public DNS servers?


8 Best Free Public DNS Servers For browsing and gaming


1. Google (Public) DNS Server

Free Valid Public DNS Servers

Free Valid Public DNS Servers


This is one of the best free and fastest dns servers that you can depend on. A lot of users like to access the server on their computer because it improves stability. Plus, they can also enjoy higher security feature. As a result, they can gain better enjoyment in their browsing experience without compromising performance.


If you want to access Google DNS servers, set your IP address with the following network setting:

  • 8.8.8 for the preferred DNS server
  • 8.4.4 for the alternate DNS server

Feel free to use the address for the primary or secondary server. Don’t forget to specify the address for either one or for both.

Google (Public) DNS Server

Google (Public) DNS Server


2. DNS Advantage

If you are looking for the fastest (and also most reliable) DNS server to provide you with stable connection and top-notch performance, this one would suit your needs. Expect to load sites safer, quicker, and more efficient. Set your setting with:

  • 154.70.1 for the preferred server
  • 154.71.1 for the alternate server


3. OpenDNS

Besides Google, OpenDNS is also considered as one of the best free public DNS servers to depend on. It is one of the most reliable and trustworthy cloud-based servers with impressive security protection. If you access it, it can protect the computer from suspicious activities and malicious attacks.


If you want to manage your network setting, here is how to do it:

  • 67.222.222 for the preferred server
  • 67.222.220 for the alternate server


Another thing to like about OpenDNS is their free offer for (their) personal customers covering OpenDNS Home and OpenDNS Family Shield. If you want to choose the OpenDNS Family Shield, the setting configuration is:

  • 67.222.123 for the preferred server
  • 67.220.123 for the alternate server


And what about the OpenDNS Home? Well, it comes with custom theft, filter, and also phishing protection. You can be sure that it will deliver satisfying result without compromising your safety or the connection’s performance.


4. DNS.Watch

Just because this service is free, it doesn’t mean that it is lousy or lame. You can rely on it as one of the most stable (and also reliable) DNS server that won’t disappoint you. A lot of users claim that they experience reliable, fast, and uncensored web browsing time without having to pay anything. This is one of the best free dns services that you should try. If you want to configure the setting, these are the numbers to try:

  • 200.69.80 for the preferred server
  • 200.70.40 for the alternate server

You should try it and see how you like it!


5. Norton ConnectSafe

Some people are surprised to find out that Norton isn’t only providing solid (internet) security and antivirus programs, but they are also offering best DNS service. Norton ConnectSafe is claimed to be the best cloud-based DNS service that can provide solid protection. One of the offered protection is against phishing activities creating a safe environment and condition for convenient browsing.

When compared to other services, Norton ConnectSafe has a detailed program. It is divided into 3 major plans with pre-defined (content) filtering policies of Security, Security + Pornography, and also Security + Pornography + Others. If you want to see the detailed services, go to dns.norton.com for detailed info.


6. SafeDNS

This is another best DNS server that can affect your browsing experience and internet connection. The server can deliver solid protection while enhancing the browsing experience to a higher level. If you want to change the setting, here’s what to do:

  • 46.39.39 for the preferred server
  • 46.39.40 for the alternate server


7. Comodo Secure DNS

The server can provide DNS solutions through many of the global (DNS) servers. As a result, it will deliver better, faster, and more efficient browsing results. Another cool thing about this server is that you don’t need to install any software or hardware or whatsoever. You only need to change the configuration to for the preferred server and for the alternate one.


8. OpenNIC

This is one of the best free public DNS servers that can be used as the default DNS servers replacement. The server can maintain and keep your privacy while protecting your system from the prying eyes. The setting should be:

  • 151.208.154 for the preferred server
  • 199.248.105 for the alternate one


Those are some of the most popular DNS servers that are claimed to deliver the best result. Of course, there are more free public DNS servers that you can find for a better and more stable internet experience.