4 Best Free Stair Design Software – Professional 3D Staircase Design Software

You are probably going to need the best stair design software if you plan to add up stairways at home. Planning a stairway can be complex and complicated. Don’t underestimate the process because we are talking about adding access to the second story of the house. Your stairs would be the only access connecting the first and second story, so if you mess things up, you won’t have the access to the second story. It is also possible that you end up with costly but dangerous and useless stairway. You really don’t want such a thing to happen.

Having such a software is crucial if you are a contractor or a developer. When you are working on a home remodel or home renovation project, such a project is super handy. You don’t only picture things in your head – you are able to lay them all in the form of design, sketches, and plans. And the stair design software should be able to help you get the right measurement, plan and layout, and others. So, consider having such a software as an investment if you have the business.


The Importance of Stair Design Software

Before we talk and discuss about the best stair design software, let’s talk about functionality first, shall we? The stair design program helps you design and plan the types of stairs that would fit just perfectly for the project. With this software, not only you can add staircases, but you can also modify them or even create individual staircase design.

Such a software usually comes with tons of different stairway types – and you should be able to import them to your project. The software usually comes with tons of different stairs designs, such as fold back stairs, U-stairs, porch stairs, spiral stairs, curve stairs, L-stairs, straight stairs, and so much more. The software allows you to modify the parameters, such as step parameters (including stair rule, floor height, risers, tread width, etc), reference side, material, angle, end and start angle, and others. Editing the different stair components (such as handrail, cut string, banister, stringboard, etc) can also be done quite effortlessly.

Many of the software are available in 2D as well as 3D viewing modes. The 3D mode would be helpful to give you insight what your stairs would look like in real-time angle and point of view. They may also include helpful tools to plan and design stairs easily (and conveniently), such as zoom out or in, mirror, rotate, move, lock, and others. Although different software would lead to different forms and shape of the stairs, you should know that each software is special. Each of them is one of a kind. So, in order to find the best stair design software, you will have to go through each one of them carefully.


1. Sweet Home 3D

What makes this software included in the best list of program is because of its simplicity and easiness. You are able to export different staircases formats without fuss or drama. It is an open-source (and also free) home design software that is just perfect for Windows. Feel free to add stairways in your (home design) projects, as well as customizing and modifying them.

 Best Free Stair Design Software


The software has provided several pre-loaded staircases modules that you can change easily. There is a panel packed with various modules to make your dream home, including the stairways. The software provides 3 different models of straight, spiral, and curve. Once you have imported the stairway to the editing section, you can simply change the angle, elevation, mirror shaped, location, depth, width, height, and others related to the parameter. Can you import several (staircase) designs into ONE home project? Absolutely! Besides modifying shininess, texture, and color, you can also enjoy 2D and also 3D modes for the design. There are other features to find in this software, including modify compass, modify background image, modify text style, and others.

In short, this is a handy software that you can use to make cabinet design, floor plan, kitchen, bedroom, and others – and it won’t cost you a thing! You can also choose what kind of measurement you want – whether it is in inch, foot, meter, centimeter, or millimeter. Feel free to save or export it as a PDF or SVG file – or you can even create a photo in PNG format for the 3D view. Want to make your own stairs movie? Access the MOV format and you are good to go! This is quite a handy software, right?


2. Blophome



This is another program that is included within the best stair design software list. Just like Sweet Home 3D, this software is great in providing several options of stairways. You should also be able to render your created stair layout and design in photorealistic format.

How do you operate the software, anyway?

  • Access the Floor Plan so you can create a project. And use the tab Furniture to access the stair designs (you can find it under the module Construction Objects). There are different stairs, such as double step, spiral staircase, ladder, left staircase (with) landing, staircase without riser, straight staircase, and others
  • Import what you like to your project. After adding the type of stair you want, change the properties. Get to the tab Texture and you can have various options to modify your stairs’ outlook.
  • If you want to export the design, move to the tab 3D. There should be options for Stereo and Realistic render. Feel free to specify your ideal parameters, such as ambient light, background, solar bent, part of the day, and such things alike so your stair design would look realistic. Then, save that rendered image in JPG format.
  • You should be able to save the project on the hard drive or share the design via email

The availability of 2D and also 3D modes is truly convenient. With these modes, you should have no problems designing, navigating, viewing, and also making adjustments to your stairway project.


3. StairDesigner

As the name suggests, this is dedicated software to create stairs. This is both a free service as well as the paid one. If you want to use the free service, it is basically the demo version – which is quite understandable if the features are limited and restricted. For instance, you won’t be able to access the export feature in the free version.

Professional 3D Staircase Design Software


This is one of the best stair design software because you are able to create various kinds of stairs models, such as helicoidal polygonal stairwell, helicoidal circular stairwell, or multi-flight winding stairs. Feel free to specify the parameters too, including end or start angle, stair rule, etc. Not only you can change the stringboard parameters, but you can also tweak the handrail parameters, the curve parameters, the step shapings, and cut string parameters. You can even change the materials!

The biggest forte of this software is the 2D and also 3D modes. This enables you to navigate and view the stairs easily – from different angles and points of view. You should have no problem enabling the line perspective, bottom, left, top, right, hidden side perspective, and others as you see it fit. If you want to, you can access the Automatic Rotation feature. However, you can only save the project within its own (project) format so other formats won’t be allowed.


4. SituHome

best stair design software


This is another list of the best stair design software – which is available for free. Not only you can access the stairway designs and tools, but the software allows you to create your ideal and dream home design in such a fun and engaging manner.

This software allows you to load already existing floor plan format, especially in TGA, BMP, and JPEG. With it, you can have different home design samples for your base project. To access the stairways module, go to Home, choose Structural and Fixtures, and then go with Stairs and Lifts. To check your stair design, there are 3 available viewing modes: Walkthrough, 3D, and Plan. Feel free to access the useful tools too.



There are still so many other options for staircase design and layout. Some may be free, while some are paid programs. Whichever you choose, make sure that you pick the best stair design software that meets your requirements and preference.

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