14 Best Gaming Streaming Sites to Observe The Most Popular Video Games

There seems no interesting to do during the pandemic lockdown but staying on the best gaming streaming sites. Wow, there are exactly popular video games to play even though you may not have a console or gaming PC. Wondering how?

There are a number of gaming streaming services that allow you to access remote hardware to play the top games on almost any device that has already on your hand. Considering that video games requires an expensive processing power while the new consoles themselves are $300 along with the thousand-dollar gaming PCs, getting the games on streaming sites would be the best solution and consideration.

Game streaming sites allow you to play just like you are possessing a gaming PC or console. These sites provide you with the access to the big gaming power you can obtain for a monthly fee. This way, you need only a modest PC or mobile device to play.

Without taking too much time, let’s check out the best gaming streaming sites that we have already tested.


14 Best Gaming Streaming Sites to Observe The Most Popular Video Games


1. Shadow by Blade

shadow by blade game streaming services


Shadow by Blade is rated excellently for its power to let you remotely access almost anything installed on a personal computer. This is one of the game streaming services that provides a total control over Windows 10. Thus, you can install and play your desired games from Battle.net, Origin, Steam, or Xbox Games Pass.

Simply, if you can play the game on your Windows 10, you can play it from anywhere else using Shadow by Blade.


2. Amazon Luna

Luna Best Gaming Streaming Sites


Amazon Luna is just another gaming streaming site that everyone can access quickly. However, due to the test, it is quite impressive. Like Shadow by Blade, Amazon Luna is rated excellently. It has multiple channel-based choices for game streaming that starts with a compelling games selection on $5.99 per-month Amazon Luna+ channel and $14.99 per-month Ubisoft+ channel. This way, $49.99 Amazon Luna controller is strongly recommended due to the fact that it uses its own Wi-Fi connection in improving the performance.


3. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

xbox game pass ultimate live streaming


Do you know that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is not a streaming site on its own? In fact, it covers all of the bases no matter you are Xbox gamer or PC gamer. With $14.99 per month, you will get a selection over 100 games for not only Xbox but also Windows 10. This selection has included regular and appealing choices.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also comes with a feature of cloud gaming as part of the membership which is accessible on Android devices. This way, the game streaming is just a bonus feature that works well though it is still in beta.


4. Nvidia GeForce Now

nvidia geforce now live streaming games


Though Nvidia GeForce No does not offer any games, it allows you to stream tittles from your own Steam, Epic Game Store and UPlay libraries that include Fortnite. There are also more than 80 other free-to-play tittles you can access on this site.

If you have already a gaming PC along with a RTX graphic cards, Nvidia GeForce Now will support your tracing as well. Last year, there is a sudden removal of Blizzard’s games, meaning that the game you want to play might not be in the list.

Fortunately, there is a free service provided by Nvidia GeForce Now to let you play your tittles though you will have limitation of one-hour sessions, no RTX compatibility and less access to the servers. Once you feel satisfied with the free trial, you can continue subscribing by paying $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year for the Priority subscription.


5. Sony PlayStation Now

sony playstation now game streaming


Among the best gaming streaming sites, Sony PlayStation Now offers game streaming only on PC. The monthly membership charges $99.99 per month and $4.99 monthly with an annual subscription. This fee doesn’t include the game purchase but rather provides an access to a library.

In fact, the streaming catalog spreads the whole PlayStation family’s lifetime. Though this site doesn’t offer a complete library, it offers a huge list along with the numerous games.


6. AntStream



Rated as a good streaming site, AntStream is aimed for those who like retro gaming. Yup, this game streaming service exclusively focuses on 1980s-era arcade and computer games such as Commodore 64, Amiga and Spectrum ZX.

AntStream is featuring over 1,000 titles. It is also one of the largest streaming libraries. However, most of the games on this site ate at least 30 years old. So it might not appeal for everyone today.


7. Google Stadia

Google Stadia


Note, Google Stadia is the most limited video game streaming site. The free games are available each month with the $9.99 membership. Otherwise, you should individually purchase your games through Stadia.

The tittles will remain staying on Stadia but they cannot be downloaded into any other digital game library. If you only knew, there are over 100 games that are recently available. However, these are still limited.


8. Mixer

mixer game streaming


If you want a game streaming site with the innovative features, choose no other but Mixer. In the world of game streaming services, Mixer introduces innovative streaming features for not only viewers but also broadcasters.

There are some reasons why people like using Mixer for streaming games. Mixer comes with Xbox streaming app. It allows you to co-streaming with your friends, too. It comes with clever interactive features and top tier streaming talent. It is available for free as long as you take the premium option.

The downsides that make people think twice are the fact that it has no mobile broadcasting. It has lacks of built-in streaming software either. It is even unavailable on another console. And unfortunately, there is no free games offered.


9. Twitch

Best Gaming Streaming Sites to Observe The Most Popular Video Games


Another best gaming streaming site you can consider is Twitch. This streaming site helps you live stream your videos easily on all of the popular social media platforms. There are also information about the total followers, live viewership, and total views for your updated videos. This information is displayed on the screen so you can check it out anytime while you are also playing games.

There are some key features offered. First, Twitch offers an easy setup along with a flexible user interface. Second, it is compatible with most of the popular video streaming utilities. Later, the content is also distributed from professionals to hobbyists.

What’s more?

It is very easy to access the video playlist. It can even be accessed for free. Further, the Turbo account on twitch comes also with access to extra chat rooms along with exclusive emoticons and full functionality.

The biggest downside is considerably the ads that may be annoying.


10. HitBox

hitbox stream


HitBox has nearly the same user interface with most of the streaming platforms for competing video games. However, it works with a good color scheme. With HitBox, the users can easily look for their favorite videos and stream based on the categories like private, public, and adults only.

The key features offered by this gaming streaming service are the appreciable streaming choices along with the easy videos categorization and the simple, attractive user interface. Note, to live stream videos with this site, you need extremely a high-performance computer along with the built-in capture cards and external devices for the need of recording.

What great luck! This game streaming site can be accessed for free.


11. Azubu



Azubu is considered as a well-organized site at which the viewers can identify the notable streamers easily and quickly for their favorite games. Azobu platform offers high-quality content to the viewers. Further, many of the various streaming experts state that they can work well with Azubu in order to boost the audience count.

There are three key features offered by Azubu First, it is the well-organized streams that enable the users to search for the games. Second, the site primarily focuses on eSports activity and third, it has a good quality of content.


12. BooyahTV

14 Best Gaming Streaming Sites to Observe The Most Popular Video Games 1


Among the best gaming streaming sites, BooyahTV comes with the slickest designs for video streaming necessities. It is best described to work as smooth as the butter when processing your browsing. In the world of live gaming streaming services, BooyahTV has around 100,000 new and unique viewers each day. This way, its community also grows quickly.

One of the great things about Beam is the fact that it can work properly on Apple TV, Chromecast, Android platform and iOS. During the streaming process, the site also observes the heavy video games to face a little delay.

Further, Beam provides supports for the video recording along with the 4K abilities at 60fps frame rate. In short, everything stays well-organized on this gaming streaming site.


13. Bigo TV Games Live

Bigo TV Games Live


Another live game streaming service that you frequently see online is Bigo TV Games Live. Popularly, Bigo TV Games Live is considered as the fastest growing video streaming platform across social media. There are rich features of extended support for the recent update so that you can easily fulfill the game broadcasting needs. Therefore, you will be able to directly connect to Bigo Live community. Later, this platform also enables video streaming to get people connected.

Thanks to the compatibility of the site with the Mac, Android APK, and Google Play. Bigo Live proves to be very helpful for users in easily and quickly streaming to popular social media networks. Or you also can enjoy it on your browser www.bigo.tv/games. You can watch YouTubers or gamers LIVE playing popular games right now.


14. Afreeca



If you want a well-managed platform that works for all your live streaming needs, Afreeca also serves the best. It is well-known enough to use among professional streamers. It comes with an easy way of streaming live video content easily.

Are you wondering how Afreeca contributes to the best gaming streaming sites? Remember, this site enables the users to find everything much easily including online games and videos. Even the most favorite videos can be securely saved in the archive list.

In short, it is just easy and quick to find the popular broadcasters here on this site.



All in all, you don’t have to worry about wanting to play the game online through the streaming sites like some of us have shared. Some sites are available for free and some other comes with the paid version. Before finally choosing a site, make sure you recognize every feature offered by each of the sites and find out whether they are available for free or paid.

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