5 Best Grammar Checker To Correct Grammatical Errors

When it comes to the world of writing, you will need not only the best ability to write your ideas but also the best grammar checker to help you work fast, efficiently, and accurately right. This means that having the straight A score in writing will make you skilled more without any error.

Some developing software regarding to writing skill is now increasing in usage. It is because working with the technology-based is saving time and energy.

In this regard, there are some grammar checker software that have been available to help you write well and fast with the most accuracy in the final results. Now you can check them out in the review we are going to share in these following sections.


5 Best Grammar Checker Review

1. Grammarly

Grammarly Best Grammar Checker

Grammarly Best Grammar Checker


Grammarly is one of the most familiar grammar checkers widely used by the writers. Typically, most people use this software to proofread and check the grammatical errors as well as spelling mistakes in the articles posted in social media updates, emails, blog posts, or early draft of book chapters.

Designed as an online grammar checker, this software provides a smart grammar checking including the punctuation and spelling that work through a Chrome Plugin, a Chrome web app, a desktop app for Windows or Mac and other mobile apps used widely.

There is a free grammar checker you can choose as an ideal software particularly if you are a writer with a minimum budget. All you need to do is just to install the plugin for your browser and use Grammarly to check your writing online. It can also be installed within your WordPress editor, too. This is how you can optimize the flexibility of the software to carry out an online grammar check and spell on the blog post as you are writing.

However, if you want the best grammar checker from Grammarly, you can also buy the premium version. In this case, you can have the Grammarly Premium monthly subscription which costs $29.95, a quarterly subscription which is $59.95, and the annual subscription which costs $11.66 per month.

Never worry about how it works. This tool is easy to use, powerful, and has a great writing insight. Most people used this grammar check for those reasons. Read: 8 Free Keyword Position Tools


2. Ginger Software

ginger software grammar checker

ginger software grammar checker


The next grammar checker you can check out the review is Ginger Software which has now become one of the more established grammar checkers on the market. Like Grammarly, Ginger Grammar checker  also provides the free version as well as the premium one.

It is very easy and quick to start this software. You need only to install the Chrome plugin and use it to check as you write the text in Gmail or other social media updates. This way, you can use any browser you like for the installation, thus, you don’t have to worry about it. Ginger Software is surely compatible with Windows and iOS. Additionally, you can also use an Android keyboard.

The main functions of Ginger Grammar checker include the grammatical error identification, spelling error identification, as well as synonyms find-and-fix. All of the errors that are successfully identified are highlighted in blue.

To identify more grammatical mistakes and errors, there are some premium options to choose. Those versions are completed with more features to check the more complicated grammar rules such as subject-verb agreement. Well, the Ginger monthly subscription costs $29.96 per month and the Ginger quarterly subscription costs $19.98 per month. Meanwhile, if you want to pay annually, you can take the Ginger annual subscription at $12.48 per month.

Many people start using this tool due to its powerful free version, availability of virtual writing tutor and translation features as well as the addition of a personal dictionary. Read: 7 Best SEO Keyword Research Tools


3. Whitesmoke

whitesmoke grammar checker

whitesmoke grammar checker


Other best grammar checker you can consider to install is Whitesmoke. Set up in 2002, this tool comes in an affordable price as an online proofreading software. Whitesmoke has more to offer dealing with the functions. Well, it works for spelling and grammar mistakes and punctuation mistakes. It also performs for other works related to writing.

Whitesmoke is one of the best grammar checkers online free.  Whitesmoke was available for all browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Firefox depending on the version subscription you take. It is compatible with apps for iOS and Android that most people are mostly using.

There are two types of Whitesmoke you can choose for options. The first is the Whitesmoke Essential. It is a type of online grammar checker online working out to correct the grammar and compatible only with your web browser. the second is the Whitesmoke premium version which offers additional support for Mac, Windows, MS Office, and Gmail.

You must be lucky to know Whitesmoke since it is the cheapest online proofreading software available on the market. Read: 5 Best Free Serp Checker


4. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid - the best grammar checker, style editor

ProWritingAid – the best grammar checker, style editor


If you are looking for the cheapest and best grammar checker along with the trial, ProWritingAid is the right option to start with. It surely offers a two-week free trial with the price starting at $50 per year. Look, fantastic!

ProWritingAid is the next online grammar checker and correction works for a web editor and paste text ability and check it for grammar and spelling mistakes along with the suggestion. It can actually keep the source formatting such as my choice of colors and fonts, too.

As a grammar checker, it is featuring Echoes which has the main function to identify places where a phrase or other words are overused. This feature will enable you to improve your writing skill more than you can think of.

Other great capability offered by this tool is the fact that it can help you think of the readability of your articles based on Flesch Reading Score. This feature helps a lot to support you with the ability of improving the web writing skills.

As one of the best grammar checker, ProWritingAid is also widely used due to the following facts:

  • The most affordable online grammar checker.
  • The higher accuracy.
  • Lots of nice features for self-editing.
  • Suitable to use for fiction writers and scrivener fans.

Although it is only available for desktop and not for mobile, people start liking ProWritingAid.


5. Smallseotools Grammar Checker

Smallseotools Grammar Checker

Smallseotools Grammar Checker


Smallseotools Grammar Checker is a free grammar checking tool. You can check documents, line by line of words. Grammar in writing is a must, especially if you are a student who wants to do a presentation on campus or school. Grammar management is indeed not easy, for that you need this tool to correct mistakes in typing and English grammar.

Some of the Best Grammar Checker recommendations above are free and paid, please choose according to your budget. If you like this article, please share thanks for visiting.