12 Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for Windows

Hard Drive Data Recovery Software is the best way to recover lost or deleted data from your hard drive. With this powerful software, you can easily and quickly recover lost or deleted files, folders, documents, photos, videos, and more. Hard Drive Data Recovery Software is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. It supports all types of hard drives and file formats, so you can be sure that you can recover your data no matter what. 

It’s a good thing that there are several software that you can use to recover the damaged or lost data. All electronic devices are sensitive to damage because of the tear and wear of the mechanical sections. Not to mention that there is also the problem of mishandling the devices or device’s loss. Recovering the data means that you try to recover the formatted, corrupted, lost, and inaccessible data from mobile phones, external HD (Hard Drives), USB drives, SSD, HDD, Laptop, PC. So, what are they?


12Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for Windows


1. iBeesoft Data Recovery

12 Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for Windows 1


iBeesoft Data Recovery is an effective hard drive recovery software for Windows and macOS. Its advanced algorithms can perform a deep scan to recover almost all file types in any case. It also has a free version that allows you to recover up to 2GB files for free. It has solved the problem that most data recovery software faces, namely recovered MP4 and MOV videos can’t be opened. The new version has greatly improved the file recovery success rate and damaged file repair as well.

It’s all very easy to use for beginners. iBeesoft Data Recovery can get files from back SSD/HDD, external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, etc. Whether you want to restore files from an emptied Recycle Bin, a formatted drive.


2. WinHex

WinHex Computer Forensics & Data Recovery Software

WinHex Computer Forensics & Data Recovery Software


This hard drive recovery is considered a professional one because it has many supporting features that can help you get your lost, damaged, or deleted files. Not only it can recover most of the files, but it is also compatible with all kinds of file systems. Plus, it comes with an auto-recovery system for FAT 16, FAT 12, and other drives.

Other features that you may like are the fact that it also has supports for pdf, zip, BMP, jpg, XML, and png file formats. It also allows you to recover files by name. And let’s not forget about the automated function to help you use the existent file headers. As you can see, this data recovery app is pretty handy. You should be able to manage it without any issue or problem.


3. ManageEngine OS Deployer

12 Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for Windows 2


ManageEngine OS Deployer is a comprehensive disk imaing solution that enables you to instantly image and deploy operating systems anywhere across the globe. Using advanced online and offline imaging techniques, you can image a machine even when it’s live and functioning on the network.

So, you can now image your target computers without affecting the productivity of the end user by calibrating the memory usage. The next step is to customize your images according to your organizational needs. This customization involves the deployment and post-deployment settings to be configured in the target computers.

Finally, deploy the image across multiple computers using unique authentication passcodes or MAC addresses of the target computers. You can deploy images to users connected to your corporate network, users working from home outside the network, and users working from remote offices. We also allow deploying images to any computer independent of its vendor make or model.

While imaging computers, you can also create a user profile backup of those computers which can be deployed along with OS images. Also, you can automatically collect the drivers present in the computer while imaging and distribute those drivers to the target machines while deployment. In addition to these drivers, you can also manually download, extract and deploy vendor drivers if necessary.


4. CD Recovery Toolbox

CD Recovery Toolbox

CD Recovery Toolbox


This is an app that can scan any CD or DVD to find folders and files. If you want to recover only a specific folder, not all of them, then this app would be the most perfect fit. Even if you have damaged files, you can use this app to recover the info quickly – and effectively.

There are tons of features to love about this app. Not only it helps you recover your precious data, but it can also help you detect lack of free room or space within the system. And let’s not forget that it can recover info from DVD or CD – which is a special ability, anyway. It is able to track and locate folders and files kept in a CD. Not all data recovery apps can do this. The app is also handy to retrieve and recover big files – bigger than 4 GB. And another cool thing about it is that you can access and use this app for as long as you want. Yes, it supports unlimited time so it is really nice to use. No wonder if this app is considered one of the best hard drive data recovery services to use.


5. Data Recovery Wizard

Data Recovery Wizard

Data Recovery Wizard


This tool is effective and efficient in recovering lost, deleted, and formatted data. No need to worry about corrupted files anymore. If you have crucial data that is damaged, use this tool to retrieve and recover it again. Not only it is super functional and helpful, but it has a user-friendly system that will make it easy for you to operate it. The lost data can come in various types and formats, meaning that you can recover the lost documents, files, pictures, videos, and so much more.

What if you lose the data because of the virus? No need to worry. This tool is strong and powerful enough to get the lost data. You can also recover the lost partition if it happens. Another helpful feature is that you are able to filter the scanning results based on the file type. It may seem simple, but it is super handy because it saves you a lot of trouble – and the extra work. This tool also enables you to recover up to 1000 (or more) types of files, so it is a good thing. And the fact that it is compatible with different kinds of electronic devices (removable devices, laptops, or computers) is another likable thing to like about this app.


6. PCInspector

PCInspector Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

PCInspector Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Services


If you want a tool that can help you recover files with the original date and time, then this one would be the perfect pick. It also allows you to save the recovered data within a network drive. It also supports different kinds of formats, including mp3, jpg, HTML, png, pdf, rtf, and so much more. The ability to deal with various formats is helpful because you want to make sure that all of your data will be saved and recovered in the safest manner.

The tool also supports different kinds of languages, including German, French, and English. And it is able to find the partitions automatically although the boot sector has been damaged. It won’t be a big issue for this tool. Just give it a try if you are still doubtful and you will see that it is highly functional and useful for recovering your important data.


7. TestDisk

TestDisk open-source data recovery

TestDisk open-source data recovery


TestDisk is the best free and hard drive recovery service. This software, created to recover lost partition as well as unerase deleted files. If the files are deleted because of human errors or virus, this would be the perfect app to restore those files. Just like other apps, this one has its own handy features. First, it works effectively to recover files from NTFS file system, FAT, or exFAT system. Second, you can use it to recover the deleted partition and the partition table. It is able to repair Master File Table (MFT) by using the backup from the (first) 4 NTFS files. And it is flexible – able to accommodate different kinds of platforms and operating systems. It supports Windows, macOS, Linux, and DOS.

It may take a while to get a hold on the app. Getting used to operating it requires time too. But rest assured that the app can do the work just perfectly and effectively. There is a reason why it is considered one of the best hard drive data recovery services ever designed.


8. Recuva

Recuva recovers

Recuva recovers


If you have been dealing with corrupted, damaged, or deleted data, then you know that Recuva can seriously help you with data recovery. The tool is designed to recover files and data from mp3 player, iPod, floppy disk, memory cards, or hard drive. You can also use it to retrieve data from the damaged drives or newly formatted drives. When it comes to restoring unsaved word documents, the app works like a charm. And since it supports all kinds of Windows (including 40 languages), you can expect it to run just well and smoothly.

If you want to enjoy an easy wizard in order to get all of your deleted files, this one will give you everything you want. There is no complication or fussy operation. You can even access the Deep Scan mode easily – it helps you abundantly in finding traces of the accidentally deleted files. It is even effective to recover emails from Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, or Outlook Express.  In short, if you want to enjoy the combination of functional app with easy operation, look no elsewhere. This app exists for a reason.


9. Active Undelete

Active Undelete

Active Undelete


Looking for the best tool to recover deleted files and restore lost or damaged partitions? As the name suggests, this app would help you restore any deleted folder or file from the logical drives. The app also supports different kinds of operating systems, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8, and also Windows 10. Can you recover and retrieve data from USB drives, digital camera, SSD, HDD, and even more. And the coolest thing about this tool is that the latest version would provide wizards for easily restoring files.

Moreover, the app allows you not only to scan for the deleted partitions, but also store images, email, documents, ebooks, audio, videos, and so much more. You can even scan for the files through their signatures. This would make the operation simpler and easier as everything is made straightforward and direct.


10. Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery


This is a tool to help you restore and retrieve any deleted files or photos, whether from the local computer or the removable drive. The app also supports data recovery from NTFS and FAT disk and other sources. You can choose the file types before performing the scan action so you know which one to restore.

The tool is also helpful in showing the details as well as the files recoverability before you start the recovery process. The fact that it is compatible with every Windows version is another positive side to like about this tool – and think of the possibility that you can get all the deleted emails, documents, and videos without breaking a sweat. And the app has its own portable version – which is handy to retrieve data without you having to install it.


11. Active Uneraser

Active Uneraser

Active Uneraser


Uneraser is a undelete software that can recover deleted files. This is freeware, so you won’t have to spend anything to have it. Not only it works like a charm for Windows, but it is also great for other operating systems. It also displays both the logical and also physical drive information which helps you to perform the task easily and smoothly.

This tool is also great to recover damaged partitions and volumes, as well as data from the disk images. The app can be used to help data from SD card, USB drive, SSD, and HDD. It helps you scan the disk partitions that have been damaged (by a virus) and then recover them. With two devices and drive scan types – Thorough and Basic – you can expect flawless and smooth operation. In no time! It is pretty logical if it is included within the list of the most effective hard drive data recovery services that ever existed.


12. Disk Drill




If you have deleted files permanently, you probably think that everything is lost, right? Well, not necessarily if you have this app. You can browse, find, and then preview (or red) the deleted files from FAT and NTFS volumes. It also supports hard drives, memory cards, and flash drives to make the operation easier and more efficient.

The app has nice features that include the ability to scan all kinds of file formats and recover them. It also comes with a modern and easy user interface system to help with fast data recovery. It can also recover the entire hard disk partition. And to improve efficiency, the app has its own filtering options so you can find the media as well as other files without breaking a sweat.



These are the apps that can help you with your data recovery attempts. If you have these hard drive data recovery services, you can save the data and files effectively.


FAQ: Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

What is the best free hard drive recovery software?

If you are looking for the best free hard drive recovery software we strongly recommend you: WinHex, Data Recovery Wizard, Recuva, Disk Drill.

How can I recover files from my hard drive for free?

The data recovery software won't be able to retrieve the deleted file if it is partially overwritten by another file. The Best Data Recovery Software should support all file formats and storage media. It should also be capable of recovering files from any type of storage media. Data recovery software generally has access to the hard drive's core architecture. This software accesses and refers to the file structure entries in order to extract data from corrupt storage devices.

How much does it cost to recover data from a hard drive?

Based on these factors, basic hard drive data recovery costs can range from $100 to $1000. The cost of data recovery depends on how severe the damage is and what it takes to extract the data. If the hard drive fails mechanically, then the cost of recovering data from it might rise to an advanced level.

How do I recover photos from my hard drive?

If you delete photos from your Recycle Bin and don't have backups, you may need data recovery software. Data recovery software scans your hard drive to recover files that seem lost forever. Disk Drill for Windows 10 is a great choice for data recovery software. Disk Drill for Windows 10 is an excellent data recovery software that can recover up to 500MB data.

Are data recovery services safe

Yes, if you use data recovery services it is the best choice. Because your data is handled by professionals and they can help you to recover files, videos, photos on your hard drive

Can i ssd data recovery?

Can I SSD data recovery? Yes. We know that SSD TRIM technology makes it virtually impossible for data recovery software not to recover data from SSD drives. An SSD data recovery program can be used to recover files from deleted or formatted partitions