7 Best Home Design Software To Design Your Dream House

Whether you want to add new rooms or have a home renovation, having one of the best home design software can help you with your planning? Such software is able to help you with the plan and the management, and you get to see what the outcome would look like. Even if you hire a professional contractor or builder, having the home design can help with clearer messages and delivery.

You can tell them what you want easier and faster with the images – and they understand what to do and what the expected results should be.

Some of the software is completely free, while others are offering paid services. It’s a good thing that there are several candidates that you can choose for your needs. So, what are they?


7 Best Home Design Software To Design Your Dream House


1. Sketch Up Make

Sketch Up Make

Sketch Up Make


If you are looking for house design software to create house planning, maybe this is what should you try.  The coolest thing about this software is it’s free and paid, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on software. Of course, it also comes with a paid service more suitable for professional engineers, commercial interior design, construction professionals, and architects.

You can move through the home as if you are doing in a real-life after all, the 3D technology is pretty impressive. And using the software is quite nice and flexible, you will feel like working with a regular paper and pen. You can design the interior of the house, plan an extension to the main home, or even a treehouse. Basically, you can use this software easily and freely without any drama or whatsoever.


2. Virtual Architect Ultimate

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design with Landscaping and Decks

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design


This is one of the best home design software that you can use to plan your space and the new addition. Whether you want to add new space or room, plan the landscape, remodel an area, build a new home, or design the interior, you can do it easily with this software. Not only you can gain access to 3D graphics (thousands of them), but you can also include digital photos for room designing. With these graphics, you can easily plan the design and sketch the layout.

Another thing to like about this software is the high-quality design. Thanks to 3D technology, everything looks real. Connecting or drawing windows and doors would be easy.

You can play with the paint colors, fabric pattern or texture, choose different flooring designs, and so much more. You only need to upload the digital photos (your own photos) and then you can start from there. Operating the software is super convenient and fun.

One of the good things about this software is the digital photos upload option. 3D technology also makes the results look real and artistic. Operating the software is also easy and straightforward – a lot of people claim that they have a fun experience using the software.

Unfortunately, it isn’t free software. And some programs are coming with sample plans – for some people, it can be inconvenient. But for the overall quality, it is pretty good software with amazing results.


3. Planner 5D

Planner 5D

Planner 5D


This is the next free home design software you can try is Planner 5D. This software offers great features, similar to Sketch Up Make. If you are using this software, you can make use of the already available template or start everything from the beginning. The template can be handy if you want to plan something quickly.

You can also use this software on your iOS so using the iPad would be possible, including when you are on the ego. You can begin by adjusting the colors, materials, size, and shape of the floor. Then you can add accessories, furniture, and then turn to 3D. Afterward, feel free to add doors and windows.

Want to add a second floor? You can do it easily! Once everything is ready, you can add the roof. You can tweak the texture and colors. In the event that you want to share your plans, you can print them. It is offered in a photorealistic format so you can enjoy the real-life-look. It is super fun software to use.


4. Home Designer Suite

Home Designer Suite

Home Designer Suite


Back then, this software was only used by professional designers. But now, it has been developed so individuals and homeowners can access it and plan their own home like a pro. The software has different kinds of automated tools that will simplify your designing work. Creating a custom home is easy. Want to change the look of the exterior? No need to worry about it.  Just have a go and have fun! This is definitely one of the best home design software that you can enjoy.

Some of the greatest features include automatic foundations, floors, and also ceilings. Customizing the ceilings types and their heights can be done directly and easily. Imagine how fun it is to plan home with a vaulted or cathedral design.

If you are thinking about lowering or raising the floors, doing it with this software is also easy. The software offers 3D formats so you can view the outcome in a real format. With smart objects that can be used to fill in (empty) space or connect items, having this software isn’t only handy but also fun. In the event that you need to gain assistance or support, there are plenty of supports to do so, such as user forum, customer service (by chat, email, or phone), webinar classes, and also videos.


5. Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner


If you want simple and easy design software, this one would be the best pick. The software has its own tutorial video but you may not need it because of the too-easy user interface system. But in the event that you do need the video, there are so many different videos ready for every question about the building tool.

Creating a custom room or kitchen design planning is quite easy – you can achieve it within minutes only. And you can also furnish the created space with products from actually real brands. It means that you should be able to plan everything with the purchased items – and you get the idea of how much to spend for the work.


6. DreamPlan

DreamPlan software

DreamPlan software


This software can be used for either landscaping design or home design, this is an app that you can use. Feel free to sketch a design, customize the layouts and furniture, and create floor plans. This software also has different modes, including 3D view, 2D, and also blueprints. Whatever mode you choose, you can switch them easily.

As a result, you can consider all space and design aspects. In the event that you already have an existing plan and you want to use it, you can import it easily. The software also has its own 3D images which you can use for your building plan.


7. HomeByMe

 HomeByMe Free and online 3D home design planner



If you want free home design software, this is included in the list of the best home design software that can be super handy for your needs. And you can actually use the real products to decorate and furnish the home, giving you ideas of how much to spend on the project.

This software also comes with 2D as well as 3D technology, which you can switch to easily after the floor plan is finished. If you are done, just press ‘Summary’ and your final outcome will be displayed on the screen. You know what the project would look like!

Those are some of the best candidates for designing work. Of course, there are many others out there so feel free to choose the best home design software that suits your needs.