6 Best Invoicing Software for Small Business

We understand that it can’t be difficult to find the best invoicing software for small business. There are so many choices and some aren’t even worth a try. And just like any other businesses, yours need to run as soon as possible and the best it can. This is where invoice can be very important, especially if you’re just starting out, maintain a positive cash flow can make or break your business. A great invoice can make everything run smoothly, and a great invoicing and billing software can make that happen.


6 Best Free and Paid Invoicing Software for Small Business


1. Square Invoices

Square Invoices

Square Invoices


Square Invoices is regarded as the best invoice if you send invoices infrequently. Sending occasional invoices is so easy and very cheap as there is no monthly subscription fee. For small businesses, a software like this is a godsend. It is perfect for handling low-mid workload and totally free.

If your customers pay online via a card, you’ll only have to pay 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. That fee can go up to 3.5% + $0.15 if you choose to keep the customer payment information on file and charge your clients instantly.

Square Invoices is very basic at its core, it lacks more advanced features of other more expensive online invoicing software. Some of its basic features are customizable invoices, invoice tracking, payment reminders for unpaid invoices, and credit card payments. But, if you’re ready to be committed into using Square Invoices for your business, you can access more powerful features available in your square online account. Additionally, Square Invoices has one of the best mobile credit card readers available. There is a reason why Square Invoice is on the first of our list of the best invoicing software for small business.


2. Intuit Quickbooks

Best Invoicing Software for Small Business

Best Invoicing Software for Small Business


Intuit Quickbooks is the perfect software solution for people who are self-employed and This is suitable for small business invoicing. Intuit Quickbooks is created by the same company that created TurboTax, Americans must know that product.

With only $10 per month, you can enjoy all the basic accounting feature of Intuit Quickbooks, such as: invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and a handy app that can automatically track your miles for self-employed job that involves a lot of driving.

The tracking app alone might be the biggest reason to use Intuit Quickbooks. It also has a lot of integrations available, making Intuit Quickbooks a seamless experience for your business. Using Intuit Quickbooks really make filling taxes and independent contractors much easier and painless. Intuit Quickbooks Self-Employed plan offers reports and functions to track and calculate quarterly taxes that many freelancers and independent contractors often submit. Now you can easily see the breakdown of your personal expenses and business costs.

The downside of Self-Employed plan is scalability, adding new employees to your plan or business can be very difficult.  The plan doesn’t have an option to let you scale or upgrade to another plan. If you hire a new employee, you’ll be forced to start again from scratch using other Intuit Quickbooks plans. This software deserves to be on our list of best invoicing software for small business.


3. Tipalti

Tipalti Invoicing Software for Small Business

Tipalti Invoicing Software for Small Business


Need billing software? Tipalti is designed for medium-scale businesses but it can also be used for small businesses. Tipalti works best for international and B2B operations for small businesses. Tipalti is the most technical software in this list that offers the most extensive accounting solution. It’s a very powerful software with the downside being you need an expert to use it efficiently. The most knows feature of Tipalti is its accounts payable capabilities but it can do a lot more, including handling your invoicing and online billing. If you have the skill or have a skilled employee, Tipalti could be the best invoicing software for small business that you own.


4. Wave

Wave app

Wave app


Wave is a completely free invoicing software, that should be enough to attract your attention. And not only that, for a free version, wave has a lot of powerful features, such as: unlimited invoicing and estimates, contact management, expense tracking, and reports.

That being said, if you want to send money using Wave, you need to get Wave’s payroll software. That fee is worth it, considering you’ll get a seamless connection between your invoicing and payroll software.


5. FreshBooks




You can’t go wrong with FreshBooks, it can be used by almost everyone without any problems. FreshBooks is a good solution for freelancers and even for a business with dozens of employees. The secret to this success is the perfect combination of a more comprehensive accounting solution with a simple and clean user experience or UX.

Thanks to this, FreshBooks is able to provide more powerful and specialized features than a basic invoicing management software. FreshBooks can also deliver the financing basic needs and intuitive customer experience any accounting newbie can and will appreciate.

FreshBooks can accommodate any and more complicated projects, you can create invoices, estimates, and proposals to send to your clients. There are also estimates and proposals which can be very useful for contractors, interior designers, and other businesses that need to plan materials and include any and all contracted workers. With the collaboration supports, users can easily add team members and other contractors to access accounts and projects. All these features make FreshBooks one of the best invoicing software for small business.

The biggest downside of FreshBooks is the price. FreshBooks bills your active client list, so if you’re using the $15 Lite plan, you can only bill up to five clients. If you add a new active client that exceeds that five clients limit, you will be charged for the $25 Plus plan. On the bright side, the increase in active client limit is very big, Plus plan has a limit of 50 active clients. If your business has a high active client base, the Plus plan is a great value to have, while the Lite plan might be not worth it at all.


6. Billy Free Invoicing Software

billy free invoice software

billy free invoice software


Billy is one of the cheapest software solutions on the market. The cheapest plan is $15 per month and the most popular Gold plan is $19 per month. Billy accepts credit card and payments directly and it doesn’t need your credit card information to start a free trial, so if you’re not sure, you can just get the free trial version immediately.

Billy’s interface is very user-friendly, it allows users to create invoices easily and without hassles. If you hate complicated software that needs technical skills and a lot of practice, you will love Billy. Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface and lack of distracting extra features, Billy has managed to attract many non-accountants and non-specialized accounting users.

But don’t get fooled by its simplicity, Billy is still a powerful software that offers important and comprehensive features like accounts payable, accounts receivable, and an insightful financial dashboard.

Billy has some downsides though. The company behind Billy is still young in the business, so don’t expect a lot of integrations like other online bill pay software and there is no PayPal payment option. The mobile app also still has a lot of things need to be improved, for example, there are no pop-up timers to keep track of ongoing project and billing hours. But don’t worry, Billy is still being actively updated and it will only get better from here. We hope that you can find the best invoicing software for small business that is perfect for you.

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