6 Best Free iOS Emulator for PC

Not many people know that there are some best iOS emulators for PCs that can be quite handy for your tech needs. You have to admit that iOS software is the best when it comes to tight and secured protection with the minimal possibility of malware. Not to mention that the OS security and the user privacy are super tight and secured. But such a protective measurement also makes the operating system exclusive – meaning that it can’t be operated or run by different devices with different operating systems.

It’s a good thing that we know have some of the best and also most convenient iOS emulators that can be used by your PC. What’s the purpose? Well, when you have the emulator on your PC, it can act and run like an iOS device. It means that you can open and run apps on your iOS device as well as on your PC.


6 Best Free iOS Emulator for PC To Run iOS Apps On Windows


1. Smartface

Smartface ios Emulator

Smartface ios Emulator


Smartface ios emulator is basically an exclusive app that is designed and aimed for developers. If you have it, you can test the app through the handy features and uses. Using the emulator is easy, especially if you are thinking about developing Android or iOS on your (Windows) computer. The software uses Cross-Platform technologies to develop apps – allowing you to test app within different screen resolutions.

The cool thing about the software is that it works as a debugger (for iOS and Android) on Windows operating system. The app itself is clean and simple. It is more recommended for app testing and development. But feel free if you find out other uses and functions of the app. Read Also: 6 Best GBA Emulator for Android & PC Windows


2. iPadian

iPadian Best iOS Emulator for PC

iPadian Best iOS Emulator for PC


Not only this is one of the most popular emulators ever created, but it is often claimed as one of the best iOS emulators for PC. The reason why it is called iPadian is because of the simple, clean, and easy user interface that looks like the iPad. And how do you operate it? You only need to install and voila! You can manage and run it like a breeze. Be advised, though, that it isn’t an actual complete emulator – it only stimulates iOS function and interface on your PC. And you can’t run and operate all apps on the emulator. However, it has its own native store that you can use to choose several apps for your needs. And don’t forget that it needs Adobe Air (yes, on your PC) to run smoothly and well because iPadian is developed within the platform.

You will love the clear and clean interface, making you feel as if you were operating an iPad. It somehow gives a sense of clarity, easiness, and also confidence. Moreover, you don’t need to have a lot of power to make it run. And it can be used to run apps and even play games without a fuss. And thanks to its native app store, you can download other handy apps to use for your professional, personal, and also entertainment needs.


3. Xamarin TestFlight

Xamarin TestFlight Emulator

Xamarin TestFlight Emulator


If you are an advanced IT user or enthusiast, then you may like this emulator. This is the official software used to test Windows Apps so you can be sure about the quality and the solid construction. Mind you, though, that operating this app may be confusing (even overwhelming) for newbie users. That’s why I said that this app is best suited by advanced users.

You may require some time to get the hang of it, but once you have figured everything out, you’ll madly deeply in love with this app. This is the reason why the app is perfect for professional (app) developers but anyone is welcomed to try it out. If you want to, just give it a little nudge to try. The app only runs on the higher system, compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher, so make sure that your system meets all the requirements.


4. Air iPhone Emulator

air iphone emulator download for pc

air iphone emulator download for pc


Use this emulator if you know what Adobe Air Framework is and you are familiar with it. If you are, then you know that Adobe Air has a pretty impressive look and performance. Basically, the emulator works by creating a virtual screen (on the PC, naturally) that looks like the screen of the iPhone. By doing so, it would be downright straight and easy to operate and manage the software.

What about the installation? It’s a complete no brainer. Feel free to download the emulator and then install it – by using Adobe Air. There, you are good to go! The combination of easy installation, Adobe Air operation, and impressive performance makes this software one of the best iOS emulator for PC to have in your computer. If you follow the directions to the letter, you should be able to run and operate the software without any complication or issue. Trust me, you’ll love the easy and efficient feel of having an iPhone on your PC. It’s completely unique!


5. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator


Don’t want to deal with confusing user interface or system? You can simply use this software to make iPhone apps and games run on your PC. Since the software is focused on running and playing games, you can have a higher hope that it would have impressive graphics. Be aware of some downsides, though. It doesn’t have some useful features that make your professional time worth it. But if you expect to have an improved gaming enjoyment, then this software would be the perfect pick. Read Also: 7 Best Free Android Emulator For PC and Laptop

Some of the best features include high quality graphics and impressive user interface that looks just the same as the iPhone. If you want to enjoy great performance for gaming then this software would be the best pick.


6. iMame

iMame ios

iMame ios


Just like the previous emulator, this one is focused on gaming and professional running operation. But it is a specific emulator without any app development or testing features. The operation is simple and direct, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty running it. Its main purpose is to enable users to run (iPhone) apps within the PC. Because of the efficient size and operation, it works just fine – not resulting in any clutter or whatsoever. Any average computer can use and load the games easily without you having to break a sweat.

Some things to love about the emulator is the focused operation for gaming. The user interface is sleek and simple – enabling you to get the hang of it for the first time. And the fact that it doesn’t consume a lot of power or resource is truly impressive. No wonder if users really love this software for its efficiency without compromising performance and outcome.


iOS Emulator for PC FAQS

What is an iOS emulator??

What’s an emulator, anyway? Basically, it is software allowing one computer system to run, behave, and operate like another computer system. In the previous section, your PC is running on Windows. But when you install the iOS emulator, it can behave like an iOS device so you can run all the iOS apps on your PC. Such activity is considered efficient and helpful because now you can have both systems and different operating systems to sync and work together. It’s neat, huh? Now, we have some lists of the best iOS emulator for PC that is worth looking and checking.

© Are iOS emulators legal?

iOS emulators allow you to run iOS applications on Windows PC or Linux and that is legal. You do not need to worry because this is legal and allowed for the purposes of testing application development.

Those are some candidates for the best iOS emulator for PC – now it is your time to decide which emulator you like the most.