5 Best Managed Server Providers to Develop Your Business

Most serious and professional businesses in the world are looking for the best managed server providers 100% Uptime, Fast, Reliable, 24/7 Monitoring. Managed server providers could be vital for many businesses as they could provide a lot of work for their clients. For those who don’t know what managed server provider is, it’s a kind of service that not only provides VPS and dedicated servers but also manage and maintain the servers for the clients.

From updating software, optimizing the performance, and fixing any problems, they do it all so their clients don’t have to. Businesses who are looking for web hosting plans that offer 100% uptime, 24/7 monitoring and advanced security without hiring IT themselves, managed hosting is the ideal service to have.

Managed server is perfect for you who only focus on content and website development without having to think about the codes. It’s also suitable for those who have zero knowledge of server installation, however, they want to develop websites quickly and practically for their business. Lets take a look at some of the best managed server providers.


5 Best Managed Server Providers to Develop Your Business  100% Uptime Guarantee


1. A2 Hosting

Best Managed Server Providers

Best Managed Server Providers


They have three plans to choose and are relatively affordable. Potential clients can choose and customize the plans as they see fit. For example: customizing the amount of RAM, disk space and data transfer. This way clients can pay for only what they want, not bound by the pre-set plans.

A2 Hosting promises up to 20X faster servers compared to other competitors for clients who opt for Turbo Server option. 99.9% uptime, so their servers should be reliable enough. Experts who are available 24/7 and money back guarantee.

The features they offer are all flexible. Custom resources, operating systems, software, VPS management and data center location. Pay for what you want and customize the features to suit your needs. Can’t really go wrong with A2 Hosting, any businesses should try their services as they’re one of the best managed server providers.


A2Hosting Managed Server Complete Features


2. SiteGround

Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting


Considered to be premium quality managed cloud hosting. Starting from $80.00/month. They will provide 24/7 support for your websites. Their plans are designed to be flexible, so you can easily migrate to bigger plans when needed. For example: adding more RAM and CPU power sometimes in the future only require 1-click. Looking at the specifications of their servers, even the cheapest plan should be enough for most start-ups.

Their cloud servers are very reliable and optimized. Any websites hosted on their cloud servers will run at top performance. The experience IT team will always be ready to manage and keep your websites secured.

If you want a more affordable plan, they also have WordPress plans starting from $3.95/month. If you’re a start-up and starting to build your website, these plans should be enough. Building a website with SiteGround is so simple, anyone can do it.

Migrating your website to their server also very convenient. A lot of reputable websites listed SiteGround as the best managed server provider, simply because of the number of features they have. For experts this means they have more features to take advantage of, for novices, more features equal less hassle in the future.


SiteGround Managed Cloud Hosting Complete Features



3. Inmotionhosting

InMotion hosting

InMotion hosting



InMotionhosting has all kind of plans for all kind of users or businesses. Let’s start with their dedicated servers. Starting from $105.69/month, you can enjoy high performance server for your websites with a team of IT experts taking care of everything in the background. With 99.99% uptime, your sites will always be running at all time.

If you’re willing to pay more, they can create your websites for you. They can make any kind of websites that you want in just 2 days for $99. For big businesses, this is a great value. Your websites will work on both desktop and mobile. Increasing the market value of your businesses without hiring IT yourself.

Security also taken care of with auto-update, free SSL, hack protection, custom firewall and DDoS protection. You don’t need to worry about all these features of course. Their IT team will take care of it. For more recognition, InMotion has been rated as the best managed server provider for 16 years by CNET.

Other services they offer are: WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Website Creator and Business Hosting. If you’re happy with one of their plans and want to try other kind of services, there is no reason to switch provider. You can stick with InMotion for other services. Read: Hosting, Domain and Server Differences Between Them


Select the hosting package that fits your needs.



4. WP Engine

5 Best Managed Server Providers to Develop Your Business 1

WP Engine


Another premium quality managed server provider. They have hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world. With their 150+ people in their support team, they guarantee support 24/7/365. They also emphasize that the number of experts they have in their team is a lot more than most providers out there. This will guarantee that the supports they offer will always be available at all time and always offer the best solutions.

They provide assistance at every phase of your websites’ life. From the beginning to its peak. Their plan for start-ups is priced at $35/month and can go up to $290/month for big businesses. There is also a custom plan for customers who want to customize their plan of choice. They will assist you in creating your WordPress site, all the way to security and advanced features. For novices and experts who want to build their websites and are looking for many kind of services, WP Engine could be your one-for-all solution. Read: 5 Cheap Shared Hosting for Professional Websites


Pick a plan that fits your needs


5. Hawkhost




Hawkhost is a top hosting provider for a low price. If you are looking for a solid, powerful, and reliable managed service provider I would strongly recommend Hawkhost.

24 hours support team helps you to solve any problem with hosting, migration, domain transfer, etc. Comes with several packages such as shared, reseller hosting, semi-dedicated, cloud computing, and VPS hosting.

How about the price? Very cheap from most competitors. If you are curious you can see the price and get a discount here.



Here services including managed VPS, shared hosting, WordPress hosting and dedicated server. Basically, Managed server providers often offer many kinds of services that suit every aspect of business. Novices and experts alike will be helped tremendously by these providers. Notice that every single provider listed here tries to be many things instead of focusing of one thing only. This is a great approach to keep customers stick with their services for everything they need.

For customers this is great, so you don’t have to keep doing research looking for the best service providers. If you’ve found one provider, you’ve found them all. Managed servers are good for businesses who want to save money and time. Managing a server isn’t an easy thing, it requires considerable manpower and expertise. Especially for start-ups, hiring IT team could be very expensive and takes too much time to establish. It’s always convenient to able to find the best-managed server provider for your business.