16 Best Memes & GIFs Sites To Express Your True Feeling on the Social Media

Looking for the best memes & GIFs sites? When communicating online, it is difficult to show your communication partners what you are feeling at the moment. You cannot smile, roll your eyes or express your heart and mind feel. So you cannot expect to make them laugh with your hilarious expressions, right? Therefore, we offer you the best memes sites that come with thousands of chuckle, nod of approval and even deep belly laugh.

Memes sites will help show your feelings when communicating with friends so let’s check them out to inspire you to use them for your interesting communication online.


16 Best Memes Sites To Express Your True Feeling on the Social Media



giphy meme gif


Wanna create Memes or GIFs? Ya, you could create your favourite Memes and GIFs using this site. GIPHY was originally created by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke in 2012. Their brilliant idea to create “Google for GIFs” was accepted by most of their friends. The concept itself is a GIF search engine that can be shared with friends. However, GIPHY couldn’t retain a small network of friends.

Today, GIPHY comes with 500 million daily users that share over 7 billion FIFs a day. This is due to the fact that GPIPY is easy and great to use even if you are just a beginner. This site is super simple to grab the GIF links to embed in your blog and share it on social media.

One more! GIPHY will keep you in touch and tune with your new friends. For example, you don’t have to waste your time finishing a popular live event before you can get GIFs built-in around it.


2. Reddit

reddit memes


If you want to search for memes on Reddit, you will find them in specific subreddits. For example, there are some categories to find memes on Reddit. Those are the subreddits for dance GIFs, analogy GIFs, reaction GIFs and mechanical GIFs. Reddit offers full enjoyment to an entirely new level. You will be able to give your comment on or your vote to GIFs you relate.

Amazingly, you can upload the GIFs that you creatively made yourself and spark engagement with the other Reddit users.

There are three Reddits that you will actually love.

Note, before you decide on joining Reddit, make sure you check with the rules to keep memes and GIFs within a subreddit specific and relevant.


3. Know Your Meme

Best Memes Sites


The third best memes sites you may want to consider is Know Your Meme. This site allows you to make your audience laugh to tears through the hilarious comic related to your brand. Noticeably, you can also be able to spice up your blog with some unique emojis.

Know Your Meme is great enough to learn the history of your favourite memes. In detail, you can learn who was originally creating a particular meme and how frequently it was shared among friends or the community.

One great thing about this meme site is the fact that no one else will know. Isn’t it fun?


4. IMgur

16 Best Memes & GIFs Sites To Express Your True Feeling on the Social Media 1


looking for dumb memes or funny memes? Now if you are very eager to get supper-specific memes, IMgur is the site you can visit easily. IMgur comes with a special tool that helps you narrow down your search. IMgur is also called “The magic of the Internet”. This is absolutely true.

IMgur is packed with everything from Mardi Gras to strange satisfying GIFs like the cute animals to cosplay and even to Dungeons and Dragons. You can search for memes in the Posts tagged memes option. Or you can also use the meme generator to create your own memes.


5. GIFbin

gifbin memes


Can you expect to have fun and great memes from GIFbin? Why not? There are dozens of GIFs collections provided by GIFbin to make you laugh to tears. GIFbin is created especially for those who love old-school and retro. Unquestionably, you will fall in love with this site due to the theme and colour combination.

With GIFbin, memes and GIFs can be searched either from general or specific categories. Memes from general categories provide the users with adorable animals and chubby babies while memes from specific categories come with Arnold Schwarzenegger and dad reflexes.


6. Tumblr

tumblr memes


Tumblr has three things that will make you so attracted. First, you can easily follow the personal blogs of people you admire. You can also stay updated on all of the new GIFs provided by Tumblr’s GIFs and memes.

Second, popular topics like movies, sports and other events can be easily searched. And third, some inspirational quotes are available along with videos, news and chats. It seems that this third offering leads people to try Tumblr and keep using it as the best memes site.

So if you are interested to grab many kinds of memes and GIFs, start your own Tumblr blog and get exposure for your own brand.


7. Tenor

tenor meme gif


Are you keen on using GIFs or memes on social media? So Tenor is the name you must be familiar with. There is no doubt about loving the dozens of memes options created for online chat on social media. Further, Tenor is a also a great place to find a super-specific GIF that you can add to your blog. You can easily narrow down your search just by using the search buttons.

For example, you can just type “Cat” in the search box so you will soon get a bunch of results along with the suggestions like “Cat Love”, “Sad Cat”, “Cute Cat Sleep” and “Cute Cat” and so on. The options will continue going on until you find the perfect memes you are desiring.


8. Free GIF Maker

free gif maker meme


Free GIF Maker is an interesting memes site that offers lots of amazing choices. With Free GIF Maker, transforming your favourite YouTube video into a meme or GIF is always possible. You can also upload your own pictures as well as add unique effects.

If you want to try the “Reverse GIF” feature, you can definitely do it with Free GIF Maker. This feature enables you to take your favourite GIF and make it play backwards.

Well, there is nothing to worry about creating your fun memes on this site. With Free GIF Maker, you can almost turn anything into a GIF.


9. Gfycat

Gfycat memes


Keeping in touch with either old friends or new friends through online chat requires something funny to express your feeling. That is when Gfycat comes into play.

Gfycat offers that GIF or memes along with short videos can be created on the spectrum. There are dozens of categories presented by this memes site, ranging from gaming to celebrities. Gfycat also enables you to create and upload GIFs and videos that you make yourself.


10. IMGflip

16 Best Memes & GIFs Sites To Express Your True Feeling on the Social Media 2


Another site for creating memes is IMGflip. You can try to make your own GIFs and memes with this site if you are just tired of using other people’s GIFs and memes. Further, if you cannot find the exact meme or GIF expressing your point of feeling, IMGflip may probably provide the availability.

Along with simplicity, even juts you are a beginner, you will be able to love creating your own GIF and memes at IMGflip. It is super simple so that you can not only upload your photo but also type in your text.

IMGfli also allows you to use one of the pictures provided by IMGflip and personalized it by adding your own text.


11. 9GAG

9GAG memes


9GAG is one of the best meme sites which is also the most popular meme page on Facebook. Noted, there have been 39 million users using this site to create memes and have a funny chat online. 9GAG comes with a dedicated website, mobile application and page on every major social media channel.

Further, there is an ever-expanding user base contributing content to this site. In this case, the best and most trending posts are brought by Facebook to its subscribers.


12. NBA Memes

16 Best Memes & GIFs Sites To Express Your True Feeling on the Social Media 3


Never ever be related with NBA, this site is the go-to page for anyone who are looking for humor related to the basketball. Specifically, NBA memes on Facebook is the home to jokes concern and they contact the ultimate basketball league in the USA.

The content offered by NBA memes is featuring memes around the league’s teams, fans and events. This way, you can share laughs with the other basketball lovers about the NBA’s most great highlights, bloopers and the latest trades.


13. Memes (Instagram)

memes IG


This Instagram page has more than 7.2m followers.  If you are an enthusiast with memes, I strongly recommend you to follow this page. You can download it by using Instagram downloader or re-share to your social media pages.


14. Viral Thread

16 Best Memes & GIFs Sites To Express Your True Feeling on the Social Media 4


Vital Thread provides a chance to create meme as well as a website and Facebook site. Viral Thread offers not only memes and funny videos but also shocking stories and inspirational content.

Vira Thread has 22  millons of on Facebook representing the Facebook quality and page popularity. The “Viral” part of this sire is explanatory enough while the “Thread” is obtained when people use it to forward the well-known stories to each other through email.


15. College Humor

16 Best Memes & GIFs Sites To Express Your True Feeling on the Social Media 5


College Humor is the page of official Facebook created by CollegeHumor media. The company is founded by the two high school friends who were intending to deliver all sorts of comedic content to its audience.

Today, College Humor has around 8.5 million of enthusiasts on Facebook alone. The content ranges from the curious facts, roasts, uncomfortable situations and even the tips. This site is well-known for its hilarious sketches that are frequently created and shared.


16. Sarcasm

16 Best Memes & GIFs Sites To Express Your True Feeling on the Social Media 6


Other best memes site to consider using is Sarcasm. Believe it or not, this site boosts a very strong fanbase with more than 40 million fans on Facebook. The original purpose of this site is mainly to entertain and share some laughs with the other users.

However, along with the popularity of skyrocketing, the site continues crating an accompanying website that allows the users to share not only memes but also viral contents and clickbait pieces to link back to the site.



All in all, some best memes sites we have already shared above are the best source to allow you to create your own Gifs or memes. For your best fun, you can just try to use one or some of them to express your exact feeling to the people you are chatting with on an online platform.

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