4 Best No Fee Credit Cards for Travel and Vacation

Do you have a plan to go traveling in the near future or at least next year? And need best no fee credit cards for travel? Undeniably, traveling is indeed needed particularly if you have a very tight schedule and want to refresh your mind. Moreover, spending the holiday on traveling is getting easier now due to some supporting platforms; one of them is the credit card.

Unfortunately, many of the credit cards seem not friendly for the travelers. The high cost, particularly for the annual fee is so annoying. In fact, the spending on traveling is not as much as you must pay.

If you also experience such a thing, there is actually a good solution for you. It is regarding some credit cards that are purposed for travelers. Not all banks and companies may offer this service indeed. But some of them have released the cards and even they are the popular and trusted companies.

So, here are the products of traveling credit cards you can apply.


4 Best No Fee Credit Cards for Travel and Vacation


1. Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card

Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card


Bank of America gives the travelers much easiness through this credit card. Even starting from the registration, there is a bonus of up to 15,000 points if you are able to spend around $1,000 in your first 90 days using your account. Besides, there is also the additional 1.5 points for each dollar you have spent.

So, what are the benefits of collecting the points? They can be exchanged into credits for each activity you do during your traveling including the accommodation and transportations.

Interestingly, the points are not only obtained using the first way mentioned above. There are still possibilities for the additional 10% points if you are the account holders of the related bank. When you are a trusted client, the chance to win up to 75% points is for you.

Since you may not travel and do the trips too often, you also don’t need to spend more money using this credit card. With $0 annual fee, you can take it easy now.

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2. HSBC VISA Signature

HSBC VISA Signature


From HSBC, you can also enjoy a sort of credit card specially intended for the travelers. There are numerous features given that may make your trip more interesting without any burden in mind. So, what are they?

First, there are reward points 4 times bigger for certain transactions including hotel reservation, flights, and the others. For the other transactions, it can only be used in the places or stores that have been cooperated with HSBC VISA Signature. There are over 500 merchants that give you this benefit, just make sure to learn about them well.

Second, if you have a plan to go abroad, you should not worry about the matter of money exchanges. Using this credit card, the rates of money exchanges are really competitive. This fact tends to be more beneficial for the cardholders.

Third, if many hotels just give you discounts, you can actually book some hotels for free particularly if your next destinations are in the area of Asia Pacific. Again the hotel names cannot be mentioned one by one here. You can learn about it once you apply for this credit card.

Fourth, this card also features the free travel insurance up to million dollars. There are terms and conditions regarding this facility.

Maybe, the only lack of this credit card is related to the minimum payment as the requirement. You need to earn money at least $1,600 per month. Your paycheck and the details are needed as one of the requirements during the registration.


3. Capital One® Venture One® Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Venture One Rewards Credit Card


Do you need best no fee credit cards for travel rewards? Ya, this is must in your list! The amount of spending and bonus on this credit card is not only calculated from the way you use your money during the vacation. More than that, Capital One®Venture One® Rewards Credit Card through points namely miles. Well, you can just collect the miles and then use it as the credit to find discounts and other interesting offers.

So, how can you gain the miles? First, this credit card offers you the unlimited 1.25 miles even for every dollar you have spent. Not only this, there is also still a sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus is given in the first time you register your account. To get this bonus, you must spend $1,000 or more in 3 months starting from opening the account.

In general, the miles can be used to pay for all the spending during your vacation. It is starting from the tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals and many others. You can also use it for shopping and eating in your favorite restaurants as long as it is in line with the terms and conditions agreed.

Interestingly, there is no foreign transaction and annual cost. So, what you spend is indeed what you must spend. There is no need to be annoyed for spending money on something you don’t enjoy at all.


4. Standard Chartered WorldMiles Travel Card

Best No Fee Credit Cards for Travel and Vacation


The next best credit cards for travel no annual fee is Standard Chartered WorldMiles Travel Card. Despite the credit card released by Capital One, there is one more card with miles as the credit points. The way to use this card is basically the same as some other cards mentioned in the previous points. But of course, there are some features that make this credit card more special despite the free of annual cost. What are they?

First, it is regarding the miles collection system. You can collect the miles 2 times faster particularly for foreign transactions. So, when you think that traveling aboard is more wasteful, you can think about it twice since there is now this kind of card.

Second, the miles can also be exchanged into some other facilities and discounts particularly for the flights and hotel reservations. You can also enjoy shopping in some stores all around the world with less spending using the miles as well.

Third, enjoy the airport lounge and the free priority pass to access the 700 airport lounges all around the world.

More than anything, this card also gives you the enjoyment of World Mastercard Privilege. It is no matter what style of your traveling is since all things are possible using this credit card.

There are some requirements to apply for Standard Chartered WorldMiles Travel Card. One of them is regarding the regular salaries you earn per year. It must be at least $8,000.