10 Best PDF Converter Merger And Reduce PDF file Size

Sometimes it is necessary to use a PDF Converter to convert a text document into a PDF file. This can be done for a variety of reasons. PDF Converters are useful for many different purposes, particularly for business, work, or education. There are many different companies that offer PDF Converters that are free to use.

When it is time to receive PDF files, you must have already PDF reader to view them. Sometimes, you may also want to change the files, for instance, extracting a data graph, adding a few words, and inserting image to the files. When you get these things difficult, thus, you need a PDF converter.

Luckily, you find the right sources presenting the best free PDF converter right in the following sections. Check them all out to let you select the suitable one to meet all your needs.


10 Best Free PDF Converter Merger And Reduce PDF file Size


1. Adobe Acrobat PDF Converter

adobe acrobat pdf converter

adobe acrobat pdf converter


Adobe Acrobat is one of the best PDF converter options you can consider if you would like to convert your PDF files quickly into Word documents or start a new project. Using this converter will allow you to spend only a few times to accomplish your big duties and complete more projects on time. It is because Adobe Acrobat helps you work with converting files through its powerful features you can optimize.

You can definitely use this converter from your mobile phone when you are not in the office. This way, you just need to export a small selection of the text, not the whole document. The big benefit you can derive from using this PDF converter is that the original format will also be converted when you convert scans in Adobe Acrobat. This makes you save your time in making adjustments.

Although this PDF converter is very versatile, it comes with the reasonable price along with a large number of options that are good for beginners.


2. ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader

ABBYY FineReader


The second best PDF converter you can consider using is ABBYY FineReader. Listed as one of the top PDF converters, it is functioning to convert scanned paper documents, Excel, and PDF into Word and images as well as another file format without retyping any single word. This great ease is due to the features of OCR, Optical Character Recognition that can be utilized to convert all of the scanned documents into editable file formats.

This PDF converter is boasting a 99.8% accuracy rate, making it able to preserve document layout and structure with the best conversion results. If you work for the big firm or company, installing ABBYY FineReader is an ideal option to produce many documents and convert them regularly.


3. Soda PDF

Soda PDF

Soda PDF


What about trying this flexible one? Yeah, Soda PDF is the one that you can use everywhere around on any device on your hands. Coming with a low-cost alternative to Adobe Acrobat, Soda PDF offers free functionality to read PDF files along with stimulated page-flipping, making you able to create PDF from any files you have. Later, you can convert the files back to other file formats including Word, JPG , PPT, and Excel.

As one of the best PDF converters, Soda PDF still has more to offer. This software will be able to help you grow your business by sending and collecting legally binding e-signatures. Thus, your business will go paperless. There is also a security feature to protect sensitive materials using a 256-bit AES password. Additionally, you can also be able to back up your content easily and quickly to cloud services which include OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


4. Wondershare PDF Converter

Wondershare PDF Converter

Wondershare PDF Converter


Designed as a powerful program, the Wondershare PDF converter program comes with a user-friendly interface to let you convert your PDF files into multiple formats. This converter is a great choice offering you some flexible output options and the ability to convert separate files using different formats into a single document. Thus, you can create your own converted files along with the original formatting. This way, you don’t have to alter the way the images or fonts appear.


5. PDF Architect

Best PDF Converter Merger And Reduce PDF file Size

Like the other converter, this tool offers you more including the helpful user interface and application navigation to enable you to easily determine where you have to go. This way, you can start with 12 tabs on the front page. You are also provided with the availability of printable file format, batch creation, and scanner integration for editable documents.

PDF Architect is best described as the proper PDF converter for a small business where sensitive data must be covered. Thus, you can enable password encryption, redactions, digital signatures, and permissions. This tool also allows you to send and track e-signatures that you can achieve inside the application.


6. SmallPDF Converter

SmallPDF Converter

SmallPDF Converter


Another online PDF converter that we recommend is SmallPDF converter. It is an online PDF converter service offering you a quick and easy way of getting the documents converted into your desired format. To use this application, you can drag and drop the files into the tool’s box and get started. An advanced level of SSL encryption will secure all the data, therefore, you don’t have to worry about data protection.

The big benefit of using SmallPDF converter is the fact that you are not required to install or register the tool. You can just open the browser, search the app and use it on your device. Make sure your internet connection is available to run this tool well.


7. Power PDF

Power PDF

Power PDF


So you have a small business to operate and grow that needs a PDF converter, well, Power PDF is quite considerable. This converter really meets both your individual needs and small business operations. Its standard is the most basic version for its suite of products. There is also an advanced version available, allowing you to convert PDF to Word or Excel. Editing, combining, and assembling files easily are all the benefits you derive.


8. Nitro PDF Converter

Nitro PDF Converter

Nitro PDF Converter


Nitro PDF converter is one of the leading alternatives to Adobe Acrobat providing you with productive tools and electronic signatures using a browser-based service. Using this converter will let you retain the layouts when you convert them into the other file formats. In this case, the original fonts and images will stay in their original files.

As one of the best PDF converters, the Nitro PDF converter offers you to change email attachments and media into PDF files and archive them in order for easy accessibility. Other features highlighting the users are the converter capabilities to convert some files at once and the spell-check feature for professionalism promotion.


9. PDFmate Converter Pro

PDFmate Converter Pro

PDFmate Converter Pro


To what extent does PDFmate Converter Pro assist you in file converting? Along with OCR technology, this type of converter is able to convert and edit scanned documents for daily use. This tool comes with a-6-in-1 PDF converter including some unusual formats such as EPUB fire-books. This way, the documents are merged by specifying any page selections you can wish to convert. The documents can also be split into separate files in your desired folder.

Other capabilities of PDFmate Converter Pro you can optimize include the ability to set a password to protect files from being seen, edited, or stolen by third parties and the ability to set page formats in orders and sizes you have chosen. While you are performing these capabilities, you can also run this converter on Windows.


10. Freepdfconvert

pdf converter

pdf converter


If you need PDF Compressor Online, then this is the best tool to reduce PDF size. Not only that, you can combine several PDF files into one. This tool is quite popular, especially in the publishing industry, where it is used as a way to reduce the size of PDFs without losing quality. It is easy to use and can compress PDFs without compromising on quality.

The idea of PDF Compressor is to create a way for people to compress any file they want and send it to someone else with ease. The website offers a couple of different options to compress files, such as compression, encryption and transfer. The site is easy to use, the interface is simple and the upload process is quick.


What To Consider In Choosing PDF Converter

Sometimes, it needs extra effort to deal with PDF files. This might be one of the reasons why you would convert them into another editable format. In this concern, there are several things to consider when you want to choose pdf Compressor. Those are:


Supported file format

Makes sure you have already had the file format you want to use to convert the files. The supported file formats commonly include Microsoft Office Words, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, text and many others.


Conversion quality

It is really important to have a high-quality conversion to retain all the formatting from the sources PDF files. Thus, there will be no data loss.


Conversion speed

Conversion speed will determine the efficiency of time used to complete the conversion. This way, it is better to choose a converter that is able to convert quickly and instantly.


Optical character recognition (OCR)

Apply the OCR technology to convert the scanned images or documents into readable text. Some of the best PDF converters we have just shared above have actually OCR technology. Be selective to choose.


Partial conversion

Some converter comes with partial conversion features to allow you to convert a few pages in PDF files. While at other times you just want to convert the files into other file formats.


Windows 10 compatibility

Most PCs now run Windows 10, the latest Windows version. Thus, make sure you have this compatibility to install the application of PDF converter.


Overall design

Choose a PDF converter with the overall design offering a clean user interface along with understandable instructions to accomplish your duties without the need to learn curve.



Price is often the most important factor to consider. There is a wide range of PDF converter prices, from free to a few hundred dollars cost. In this case, you can choose a converter at a reasonable price but please balance it with the features you need most.



There is no converter created equally. Some of them might be difficult to learn and some others are not, causing you have some questions while you are using the software. This way, you need to reach customer support to help you with the satisfying answers.



In short, it is always easy to convert your PDF files into any file format you want to use. Out of the 10 best PDF size converters we have just shared above, you may choose a converter with features that meet all your need suiting your personal importance or business.