8 Best Pokémon Emulators For PC & Android To Play Pokémon Games

If you love Pokemon, it is probably a good time to have Pokemon emulator for pc and start to play Pokemon games. However, before going further, please be sure that we are not going to let a little pokemon into your everyday life. The Pikachu is not going to appear and eating your sandwiches in your lunch box. Now, it won’t happen.

Emulators are merely software that emulates a game console emulating for PC is not illegal. In the other words, it is legal. However, there are viewpoints on the subject.

What we are going further is to share the best Pokemon emulator for pc to enable you to play pokemon games on your PC. Now is the time to battle, catch, snap and explore the region of the favorable pokemon at home without bringing so many devices.

So let’s check out the following top pokemon emulator to play the Pokemon games…


8 Best Pokémon Emulators For PC & Android To Play Pokémon Games


1. DeSmuMe

Best Free Pokemon Emulators For PC


Looking for the best free Pokemon Emulators For PC? DesMuMe comes a little weird with its name and it has the worse pronunciation. However, DeSmuMe is one of the best DS simulators for PCs. It is greatly available on Windows and Macs. This pokemon emulator runs pretty smoothly on the platforms though the players may experience frame drops in their MacBook Air especially for 2022 edition while they are playing the games on the maximum graphics. Ultimately, the game’s performance will largely depend on your PC configuration.

There are dozens of customization offered by this emulator in graphics and settings. There are also other useful features added including cheat code manager and USB controller support. Besides, this emulator offers a save slot feature that allows you to continue the game from anywhere else you left off.

Among pokemon emulators by Nintendo DS fans, a few problems arise with the open project. For example, the developers seldom conduct the project and the stable update arrived back in 2015. Though you may be able to play pokemon games, there aren’t many games available. Further, Wi-Fi emulation isn’t either available.

Due to the graphic customization and high compatibility, DesMuMe is still widely used today.


2. MelonDS

melonds pokemon emulator


If you want to play pokemon games through Nintendo DS emulators for your computer, Melon DS can be one of the most recommended. This way, MelonDS is always coming up compared to the dominant NDS emulator like DesMuMe.

However, MelonDS is unlike DesMuMe. It has lacks emulation and graphic choices. The new feature called OpenGL render will allow you to choose the extreme resolutions no matter the medium performing system and new JIT re-compiler. This way, MeelonDS will the fast emulation. In short, this emulator can be the perfect option to fit if you are searching for the best emulator to play pokemon games. In addition, it is also listed as the best emulator for Windows.

MelonDS offers other highlight features such as the local Wi-Fi support to play the multiple-player game. This feature is only an experiment and it works only with a small number of games. Aside from that, this emulator is designed with the save slot option, a small number of screen layout options, and joystick support.

There are only two reasons why people keep using this emulator. First, it offers high performance at some in increased resolutions, and second, it has high accuracy.


3. RetroArch

retroarch pokemon


Unlike the other emulator to play pokemon games, RetroArch is designed as all-in-one emulator that enables you to play the games of nearly all retro consoles. The main idea of building this emulator is to possess an amalgamation of some emulators only in a single software.

In this case, to emulate DNS titles, RetroArch offers MelonDS and DesMuMe . Considering that it is an all0in-one emulator, it can run more games like Atari, MAME and all Nintendo consoles inlcuidng NES, DS, SNES, 3DS, 64, DSi and more.

RetroArch comes with the interface that seems intimidating at first, yet it gets much easier when you start using it. However, it is considered more difficult to run the game with RetroArch than with that of Nintendo DS emulators.

There are some big offerings you can utilize when using this pokemon emulator. Those are the emulation options and the essential graphic. This way, the native resolution can be increased up to 4K and the shaders can also be applied to significantly change the game’s look. Further, there are also some additional features including the joystick support, save slot choice, and different screen layout options.

The biggest downside of this pokemon emulator is the fact that it can be problematic when it takes up more PC resources. However, the overall overview shows that this emulator is still one of the recommended emulators for PC.

Wondering why people use RetroArch? There are two points that makes people stay with this emulator to play pokemon. Those are the all-in-one emulator and the few pre-loaded games.


4. OpenEmu

Pokemon Emulators To Play Pokemon Game


Another front-end software for other console emulators to consider is OpenEmu. This kind of emulator is nearly the same with RetroArchin terms of emulation options and supported consoles. However, there is one thing that makes OpenEmu different from any other emulator. What is it? It is the stunning streamlined UI. If you use Mac, the interface will alarming you of iTunes. For example, the box art is shown for games by the emulator. Further, it is sorted by the platform. OpenEmu comes with DeSmuMe if you want to play Nintendo DS games.

One of the weaknesses is the lack of some graphic settings. In addition, there isn’t any option to increase the internal resolution. Apart from it, this emulator comes with the screen layout options, save states and cheat code support and etc. This list of controller support is available including Switch Pro, DualShock, Wiimote and many others. Overall, this emulator is also one of the best DS emulators for Mac.


5. Citra – Nintendo 3DS Emulator

nintendo 3ds emulator pokemon


Without any doubt, Citra is considered the best emulator offered by Nintendo 3DS to play pokemon games on your computer. It is built with a mediocre system that can run on some 3DS titles at fill graphics and high resolution.

This emulator is noticeably able to allow the users to set internal resolutions up to 4K so that you can play Pokemon games and The Legend of Zelda gaming experience. Citra emulator also comes with the official website along with a section at which you can view the compatibility of PC emulators with Nintendo 3DS games.

Like many other pokemon emulators, Citra is designed with cheat code support, joystick support and screen layout options. It also comes with an in-house screen recorder. Besides, it emulates 3DS local Wi-Fi, too. As a result, you will be able to play multi-player with the other people who are running the games on this emulator.

Citra is available on Android, making it the only one emulator working on Android. As one of the best recommended emulator to play pokemon, Citra is compatible with Windows, Android and Linux. Overall, people keep using this emulator because of its multiplayer support and 10x internal resolution.


6. DraStic DS Emulator

drastic ds emulator pokemon


In the world of emulators, DraStic DS Emulator is best described as the better DS emulator on Android. When it comes to features, this app is no less than DS emulator on a personal computer. Like many other emulators, this one is designed with save states, controllers support, button mapping and etc.

DraStic DS Emulator allows for increasing the internal resolution. However, the biggest expectation toward this emulator is only the high-configuration smartphone. Due to the fact that DraStic DS Emulator has different smartphone screen dynamics with Nintendo DS, it recompenses by offering the six different layout options.

This kind of emulator has a stacked view, a single view and an option to keep one screen shorter than the other. The only downside of this emulator is its paid version of Android app which is prices at $4.99. However, this price is considered no problem due to the number of features.

Why do you think you will use the DraStic DS Emulator? In general, it is widely used in online Google Drive space to save data and to increase emulation speed.


7. Lemuroid

Lemuroid pokemon


Another best Pokemon emulator for Android users is Lemuroid. Provided by Nintendo DS, this emulator allows you to play pokemon games at free. Further, it is also free of advertisement.

Greatly, Lemuroid comes with the support for many other system such as Atari 7800, Atari 2600. Atari Lynx, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and many others. There are also some necessary features that every user can utilize while playing pokemon. Those are quick saved and gamepad support. This way, you can connect multiple gamepad, too. Moreover, the Android app to play pokemon games has also a directory where you can see all your games.

Lemuroid is usually used to connect more than gamepads and to provide zipped ROMs with the supports.



no$gba pokemon


The last but not least pokemon emulator you may consider using is NO$GBA. Though it started with emulation the Gameboy advance games, it had the high rank listed in the best Nintendo DS emulator for Windows. The main and primary thing about NO$GBA is its plus point to provide supports for GBA, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite games, too.

In graphic settings, this emulator comes with a handful of features. However, the few tweaks in settings make it be a good game graphic compared to DesMuMe. In fact, this emulator works very fast even on underperforming PC’s. Further, it also takes fewer system resources than the other best NDS emulators we have mentioned.

The biggest downside of this emulator is the lack of screen layout features and the multiplayer option which is still experimental. Further, this emulator couldn’t work for all cases. This way, the emulator is available only on Windows. Luckily, it comes with typical features like joystick support and the save state option along with in-house cheat code support.

NO$GBA is usually used due to its low memory usage, high speed, and support for GBA.



All in all, there are always some best pokemon emulator options you can consider using if you are one of the pokemon game fans. Out of the 8 choices, we have just shared, pick up one that may fit your need and preference. Or you can even try more than one emulator we recommend.

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