5 Best Roku Web Browser that Is Handy for Browsing the Net

Ever since Roku was introduced to the market, many have questioned about the best Roku web browser. Roku itself enables you to watch video contents (whether it is paid or free) on your TV through the internet. It works similar to applications within a smartphone where you need to download streaming services (Sling TV, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon, or Netflix) with it.

With Roku, you should be able to enjoy your entertainment picks – such as TV shows, movies, or live sports events. However, Roku doesn’t have its own native or built-in browser – which can be difficult when you have to browse the internet. You can still surf the net, but you need to install the extra third-party (web) browser on the device. That’s why the knowledge of the best Roku web browser is crucial – especially if you can get it for free. Who doesn’t like free stuff, anyway?


5 Best Roku Web Browser that Is Handy for Browsing the Net


1. Web Browser X

This has always been claimed as the best Roku web browser – and for good reasons. But don’t get your hopes high, though. If you think of it as somewhat updated and ultra-modern interface, be ready to be disappointed. Web Browser X was designed back then in the 1990s – and the look is still the same. Don’t be too surprised to find old-fashioned interface and also fonts.

Web Browser X


The browser still works although it may have to struggle hard to format and render complex pages. Simply enter the URL to visit any site that you want. If you have your own (frequently) visited websites, add them to your favorite list. That should do it.

If you want to navigate a website page, make use of the right and left buttons on the remote. To scroll a text through, use the down and up arrows. It’s an outdated system so you need to be patient when using it. Naturally, it has its own downsides. Clearly, it won’t be able to play videos, which means that you won’t be able to access Youtube and such things alike. And if you have to deal with web forms (where you have to fill them up), you won’t be able to do it. And it includes filling out password fields and username fields. Many users claim that it is easy to use and quite simple, but then again, don’t expect it to be sophisticated or super modern.


2. Media Browser

Another option for the best Roku web browser is the Media Browser. It is said that Roku supports it, enabling you to explore the net without any difficulty. Unlike the Web Browser X, this one is able to handle heavy contents, which can affect the performance and speed.

5 Best Roku Web Browser that Is Handy for Browsing the Net 1


The idea of Media Browser is enabling users (like you) to stream media to your Roku-connected devices via the local network. That’s why the platform comes as a suite of applications. You need to download (Media Browser) server first and then install it within the local computer. After you have configured the server, you can launch the app from the Roku device. Use it for scanning the network and the finding the server.

The downside is that you can’t play or load videos on this. But this platform works well for regular and common browsing time. After all, you can always stream your video contents on Roku, so you don’t really miss out much!


3. Poprism Web Browser

This is basically an outdated system, like the Web Browser X. If you think that Web Browser X is lousy and lame, wait until you use Poprism – because it is worse! But since you are going to use Roku, this is the best Roku web browser so far. Thanks to this, you can browse and surf the net. When you are using this browser, be ready with the text-based feel and appearance. It happens because the system only read texts. It won’t read CSS, JavaScript, GUIs, images, and others.

poprism web browser roku


Whenever you visit a page, the layout will be the same. Only text – and the layout can be unformatted and messy. There are a few sites compatible with this browser, which means that you have bigger chance to enjoy the design and layout better. But in general, be ready to deal with a big pile and mass of unformatted text, where you need to struggle so hard to read it. But on the positive note, exploring the web can be easily (and quickly) done with the down, up, right, and left keys on the remote. You can use Return key to return to the home screen.


4. Xfinity

If you are looking for something modern and easier to use, then this system would be perfect for you. In fact, this is one of the best Roku web browser with modern design and layout. Whether you want to access music or videos or web pages, Xfinity can help you manage your work.

Roku Web Browser


It is claimed to be one of the user-friendly and modern interface, offering you a handy platform where you can navigate and explore around easily. However, this isn’t a free service. Unlike the previous platforms, you will have to pay for this service. And it may not be a favorite for those with limited budgets but want to enjoy the service.


5. Web Caster

This is another paid service that enables you to browse the internet with your Roku devices. It is considered one of the best Roku web browser because of its feature and layout. Not only you can browse sites, but you can also enjoy live streams, watch shows and TV, and so much more.

5 Best Roku Web Browser that Is Handy for Browsing the Net 2


The platform offers seamless and continuous support to your Roku TV to improve your browsing enjoyment and also experience. On the downside, though, the platform will cost you. But it won’t be as high as the Xfinity as you ‘only’ spend around $5 a month for the service.


Screen Mirroring

Another possible way is to use screen mirroring. Yes, the browsers can be handy but you have to admit that they aren’t exactly the best options. They are considered the best browser because they are the ONLY options available. With screen mirroring, you basically launch a browser from your devices (whether computer or phone) and cast it to the Roku device directly.

How to use Windows to cast the web browser. If you are using a Windows operating system, these are the steps to do:

  • Your Roku needs to be at least 7.7 version. Check it at Settings, then System, and About.
  • On your Windows, open Action Center. Click the link on the lower right side corner of the screen.
  • There is a Connect tile. Go with it
  • Let Windows scan the Roku for a moment. It should take around 30 seconds
  • Once you see Roku’s name within the devices’ list, it means that the connection has taken place automatically.
  • Open whatever web browser that you want to use, and off you go!
  • Happy surfing!
  • If you want to turn off the casting, simply Disconnect on your Windows device or choose Stop Video from the TV screen.

Now, what to do if you have Android devices? Here are the steps:

  • Access the Setting
  • Choose Connected Devices and opt for Pair New Devices
  • You need to wait while Android is trying to find Roku set-top box or streaming stick
  • Tap on your Roku’s name and wait until the connection completes
  • Once you are done, open the web browser and you are good to go!

However, be advised that not Android gadgets support Miracast.


The Downsides of Screen Mirroring

Even screen mirroring is still not the best option. This screen mirroring feature depends on Miracast technology. So far, only Android and Windows devices can do this – and if you remember, not all Android devices support Miracast. macOS and iOS don’t have such a support, and you will need a third-party app for the purpose.

Moreover, MIracast alone isn’t a reliable or trusted protocol. It is sensitive to pairing failure, connection dropouts, and lagging issue – among other problems. So, you shouldn’t really expect much from it.


FAQ: Best Roku Web Browser

Why is it so difficult to browse the net with Roku?

Not necessarily. If you read the article thoroughly, you will see that some platforms do support Roku, but you will have to pay to get the service.

Does it mean that I can’t browse the internet with Roku?

You still can if you are willing to go through the extra length.

With all of these troubles, why would people still buy Roku?

The main reason for using Roku is to enable them to stream their favorite video contents to the TV. So, the main purpose of having Roku isn’t for browsing the net, but for watching their favorite entertainment and show.


In terms of internet browsing, don’t get your hopes high on Roku. Think of it as a handy platform to stream your favorite contents – and the ability to browse the internet should be considered as a bonus. Once you manage to change your mindset, you won’t be too disappointed with the real facts of best Roku web browser.

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