5 Best Serp Checker to Find Out the Position of Your Keywords

So you are looking for the best serp checker to find out the position of your website keywords in search engines?. well, this is the right page you are visiting and should be staying at. It is right that you will always need the excellent tool to track the performance of the public contents. It lets you analyze your marketing campaign whether it moves with the right direction or not.

Why do you think it is crucial to track the keywords? Dealing with Search Engine Ranking Position which you know as SERP, tracking the keywords has a role to give a hint on the online marketing campaign progress. SERP tracking is a must-do rule to make sure that you are staying away from the SEO with negative impact.

In this concern, here we have selected the 5 best serp checkers which are affordable and free yet they are coming in premium and excellent tools existing on websites today. Scroll the page down and check them all out:


5 Best Serp Checker You Can Get With Free and Lower Price


1. SERP Checker and SERPWatcher

SERP checker and SERP watcher

SERP checker and SERP watcher


What kind of serp checker do you think it will be suitable for blogger and digital marketer? The answer is SERP checker and SERP watcher. These tools is a complete package promoted by Mangools having this package will let you have KWFinder, SERP Checker, SERP Watcher, Link Miner as well as Site Profiler.

In some cases, SERP checker and SERP watcher might face a condition that they are just not enough to serve you. Yet, the other tools in the package can help arise the marketing campaign right away.

Designed as a bundled package, this serp checker offers lots of features. One of which is the ability of the package tools to get the critical rank tracking data through the charts distribution. This is the first feature you can definitely optimize to find out the rank tracking records. The second feature is the daily keyword position updates and interactive reports along with the localized results.

This package tool is also offering a feature of the ability to track the entire progress through the Dominance index representing the unique organic traffic. Luckily, you can have serp checker not only to track your desktop but also your mobile.

To get this serp checker from Mangools, you need only $29.90 per month. It is the cheaper price you can get than the other premium tools such as SEMRush, Moz and Ahrefs. Read: 9 Best Website Keyword Checker



2. AWR (Advanced Web Ranking)

AWR (Advanced Web Ranking)

AWR (Advanced Web Ranking)


AWR is one of the best serp checker that is very accessible. Along with the accessible label reports, you can make an easy rank tracking. If you decide to have this tool, you will be highlighted by the tools’ ability to track the keywords in any language you choose. This is one of the feature which is very beneficial, right?

Other beneficial feature you can expect to gain is the high accuracy of the data provided by the human search emulation mechanism and geo-located proxy servers. Other best features of AWR you can expect to optimize more are the easy to use interface, ready-to-use reports, powerful API to get full SERP data integration, Google analytics and search console accounts synchronization and definitely the free 30 days trial without credit card.

Never think twice to get this tool soon since it offers the most affordable starter plans which is only $49 per month yet it offers 2000 keyword tracking limit. Read: 8 Free Keyword Position Tools To Track Any Keywords


3. SERPWoo




The next best serp checker you can check out in this review is SERPWoo. This is one of the serp checker which lets you to quickly check the historical SERP and find out why and who the competitors have the higher ranking and able to optimize your blog. Along with this tool, you will also be able to monitor the ranking from your websites and strategically compete with the other brands.

There are some features of SERPWoo you can optimize just after you download and save it. Those are the ability of the tool to take a customized look at the data through the innovative reporting system, the ability to find the new chances along with the SERPs to gain more visitors and the ability to get the automatic email notifications if there is any change in the ranking position.

Other features found to be very beneficial include the start exploring features along with the free account without credit card requirements.

How much must you pay for this tool? As it has been stated that the best serp checkers we are listing here are mostly affordable, SERPWoo offers Bronze plan of $49.90 per month. Read: 6 Best Free SEO Tools for Keyword Research


4. What’s My SERP

What’s My SERP Checker

What’s My SERP Checker


Are you looking for a free serp checker? What’s My Serp is what you need. This tool comes not only as a free serp checker but also a great function which is to track the rankings for multiple keywords for only a single domain. You can also be able to manually add the keywords and your domain to start tracking.

What’s My Serp is designed to track SEO rankings on Google only. This way, you can select you region according to the target location or you may select to try Google.com for more global SERPs.

What’s more? Well, this tool makes you able to check the SERP for 20 domains along with the 25 keyword limit per domain just after you register the tool. Read: 7 Best SEO Keyword Research Tools


5. Moonsy Google Keyword Rank Checker

Best Serp Checker

Best Serp Checker


Another free best serp checker you can consider is Moonsy Google Keyword Rank Checker. It is just another platform to let you find an array of different SEO tools such as the Keyword Rank Checker tool. However, you need to know that this free tool is also limited to one keyword at a time.

But please never worry about it. you can surely add ten domains to compare the rankings for a particular keyword as well as specify the domains as your own competitors. Thus, you can compare the rankings accordingly.

For most SEO experts, Moonsy is best described as one of the best free serp checker used to track the keyword rankings on the Google search results. Well, it works out very well.