6 Best Sites Like CouchTuner for Movie Streaming

Are you looking for sites like CouchTuner? (CouchTuner Alternatives) Then you’re not the only one. If you don’t know what CouchTuner is or simply forgot about it, we’re going to tell you some about it. CouchTuner is an online TV series and movie streaming site where you can watch stuff from HBO, Turner, The CW, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., CNN, DC Comics, Otter Media, and many other big entertainment companies and film studios for free.

Who doesn’t love to just relax at home after a long day at work and enjoy an endless number of movies and TV shows for completely free? Which is why CouchTuner is very popular and considered the main destination to get entertainment. And yes, you heard it right, CouchTuner was free, you don’t need to pay anyone anything. They don’t really host anything on their servers, but they used a bunch of third-party hosts to store their giant collection of movies and TV shows.

There are plenty of downsides to CouchTuner, sadly. First, they’re not responsible for any content the site links to, some movies or TV shows might have been deleted by the companies or film studios, and some countries might not be able to access the site at all.

This is why people are looking for alternative sites like CouchTuner. If you’re unable to access CouchTuner, there is a high chance it’s being blocked by your ISP. Besides looking for an alternative, you can us a VPN service to bypass the internet filter put by ISP but not everyone knows or have the patient to do that, besides good VPNs can be very expensive. In this article, we’re going to give you our list of streaming like CouchTuner.


6 Best Sites Like CouchTuner (Alternatives) for Movie Streaming Online

Don’t miss Sites Like CouchTuner or CouchTuner Alternatives to watch free movies online on your smartphone or PC!


1. Daily TV Fix

Daily TV Fix

Daily TV Fix


If you looking for CouchTuner Alternatives, maybe dailytvfix should in your list. The name of the site might catch your interest and you won’t be disappointed with what you’ll find here. If you can’t live without getting your fix of movies and TV shows, you should try this website.

They offer a lot of stuff from the latest and most popular movies to not-so-popular TV shows. They have a really big collection that might surprise you. You can see the newest TV show episodes right on the homepage, so if you follow your favorite shows, you can see the newest episodes immediately.

Daily TV Fix has a good solution to keep everything up and running for everyone. For every movie or TV show, they list more than a dozen of mirrors that you can try. If one link down, you can try the others. If you can’t find your movies or shows or maybe all mirrors are down, feel free to head down to the forum to ask for help. The community is pretty active, and everyone discusses their favorite shows all the time there, as well as make requests, and socialize with one another. Read Also: General Ways to Watch Disney Movies Online Free Sites


2. Primewire

Best Sites Like CouchTuner

Best Sites Like CouchTuner


Primewire is among other popular sites like CouchTuner. You can watch newly released movies without paying anything here. All movies are available in multiple resolutions that you can try, even if you have a slow internet that won’t stop from enjoying movies from Primwire.

Another great thing from Primewire is that users can rate which mirrors are great based on their quality. So, everyone can see which mirrors might work great for them and which are should be avoided. If you want to contribute and make the most out of the website, feel free to make an account and read the site’s guide to help you enjoy the content safely. Read: 5 Sites Like 123movies


3. Moviewatcher

Sites Like CouchTuner for Movie Streaming

Sites Like CouchTuner for Movie Streaming


This one is a free movie streaming service to watch your favorite movies and TV shows only. You can enjoy everything for free and without registering an account. You’ll be surprised at how big their collection is. You can find your favorite shows with no doubt.

You can check out the menu for genres, and see if you can find your favorite genre among many others. The genre options are fantasy, horror, noir, gameshow, history, comedy, crime, adventure, action, animation, biography, documentary, drama, family, fantasy, music, musical, mystery, news, reality TV, romance, short, sport, talk-show, thriller, war, and western. Impressive isn’t it? They have something for everyone out there, including you.

For people who love organizing their movies by genre will love this website, as you know most websites don’t really bother with tagging their database and this causes many problems when trying to find their movies or TV shows. One of the best sites like CouchTuner.


4. AZ Movies Watch Full Movies

Watch Full Movies in Great Quality for free

Watch Full Movies in Great Quality for free


Just as the name suggests, they have something from A to Z. The interface looks similar to a paid online streaming service, we know that some people really love this kind of interface. But don’t worry, their content is completely free. They made the interface that way to attract more people to use their site and we think it works.

You can use AZ Movies to share your love of cinema to other people all over the world. Their collection is very big and very fitting for our list of sites like CouchTuner. Their older movie in the database is released in 1915 and it was directed by Charlie Chaplin and all the way to the newest movies that is being released today.


5. SolarMovie




The next site like couch tuner is Solar Movie. SolarMovie is without a doubt one of the most popular sites on this list. It has a huge collection of movies and TV shows of all genre and the interface looks very well-made and makes it very easy for anyone to find their favorite or new movies and TV shows. It’s also very easy to find new and trending content on SolarMovie, so when you don’t know what to watch, you will always be able to find new shows to watch.

To enjoy more of its features, you can register an account to save interesting movies or shows for later, rate movies and TV shows and requests for movies or shows that aren’t evaluable. Registration is completely easy and free of course. You’re not required to give out any personal and sensitive information. If you want to be extra careful you can use a throwaway email. Just like the other sites listed here, SolarMovie doesn’t keep anything on their servers, all content is stored in third-party servers.


6. New Episodes

New Episodes

New Episodes


Yet another website that looks like a paid service but it’s completely free guaranteed. The interface looks really good and professional. As the name suggests, New Episodes is the best place to watch new episodes of popular TV shows, even mere minutes after it aired on TV. You can pretty much find anything that has been aired on TV, from the oldest to the newest. Check the schedule menu for a more comprehensive list of shows that are available or will be available.

New Episodes lists new shows that aired during the current week, and you can sort the shows in alphabetical order or search for them directly using the search bar to make everything even easier.

Another good news is that, just like Daily TV Fix, it has an active forum filled with a lot of people who share each other’s passion in cinema. You can introduce yourself first before requesting for new TV shows or reporting a problem on the website. There is no doubt, that it’s a great alternative among other sites like CouchTuner.