11 Best Sites like CricHD for All Sports Aficionados

What are the best sites like CricHD? If you are one of those sports fans and enthusiasts who have high value over their sports entertainment show, then knowing the alternative services to CricHD would be crucial. CricHD is one of those sports websites offering free sports streaming contents. However, this site isn’t only broadcasting sports events or matches, but it also offers complete and comprehensive analysis of those matches and games.

It is safe to say that the site is the premier source of sports contents (streaming videos, in-depth analysis, and others) that are coming with logical predictions on every game (and also each major sport event) in America. Not only you should be able to watch their contents for free, but you can also get daily updates of your favorite sports programs.

The site claims that they want to ‘disrupt’ the online sports community analysis’ status quo by delivering and offering high-quality contents. All of those contents would be supported by statistical trends, insights, and also research. And everything would be laid down in an unassuming, professional, clean, and straightforward platform. So, what are other sites sharing similar nature and characteristics as CricHD?


11 Best Sites like CricHD for All Sports Aficionados


1. Volokit

Best Sites like CricHD


If you are coming to volokit.com, you will be pampered with tons of sports contents options. There are so many different sports categories to access, including XLF, UFC, NHL, MLB, NFL, and so much more. You simply open the browser and access the site from there. It’s that easy! As one of the best sites like CricHD, not only Volokit has many options for their contents, but they also make sure that visitors are comfortable when accessing their service.

You are able to stream the regular-season events and also the playoffs. All of them are offered in HD quality, which you can access directly right from the browser. And have I told you that it is a free service? Yes, you should be able to get the access effortlessly.

However, the site also has ads, which can be annoying for some people.  And be advised that there is no download option for the stream, which means that you can only access them online, not through offline. But if you want to get access to a site where you are able to open more than a stream (at once), this is your go-to option.


2. Strikeout



This is another site where you can watch your favorite sports without breaking a sweat. The website has a simple layout, which encourages easy navigation and maneuver. Although many people say that this website is exclusive for soccer fans, there are actually other sports categories to choose.

There are some major sports sections located on the top side of the browser. If you want to have more options, there is a button ‘More’ on the right top side. If you click on the dropdown menu, you will get lists of various sports categories. Be advised, though, that the site has ads. For each click that you make, you will be taken to another site. For some people it’s okay, but not for the others. What about you?


3. Worldcupfootball



Don’t let the name fool you. The site isn’t exclusive to football contents only, so sports fans (any of them) are free to come and explore the site around. Just like the previous websites, this one allows you to stream your favorite sports contents without difficulty or fuss. You will see many and different sports categories listed on the site.

Whether it is basketball, baseball, MMA or UFC, boxing, or others, you should be able to find all of those links at this site with such an ease. As one of the best sites like CricHD, everything is displayed in such simple and straightforward manner. The live streaming contents are just a click away! And there is no need to worry about the quality as all of the contents are broadcasted in high-quality image, so you won’t have to worry that it would be lame or lousy.


4. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer


If you are interested in watching games or events from the UK, then BBC iPlayer would be your best option. Use the iPlayer interface system to connect to the service and stream contents, including basketball, soccer, cycling, cricket, golf, and football. Not only you can get access to the matches and games, but you can also access the highlight shows, stream, and other (special) events.

The website provides channel and category filter that can be helpful to make your search easier. As one of the best sites like CricHD, the site can provide HD contents, but as long as those contents were recorded in that quality. It depends on the quality during the recording. Be advised, though, that the service is limited to residents in the UK, so you will have to use the VPN. And it depends on your internet connection too. It can drop if there is obstruction. But this is one of the services offering free contents without too many ads. So, it is a worth-to-try service.


5. Nhl.com



Is hockey your favorite game? Are you crazy over all of the events, not limited to one country or area only? If all of your answers are yes, then nhl.com would be just the perfect spot for you. This is a website that is exclusively dedicated for hockey fans. Unfortunately, it isn’t the perfect website for sports fans who want to stream different kinds of sports categories or event.

But it is definitely the perfect option for those who are into hockey so much because they can get very detailed information about hockey. There are news, scores, videos, players, stats, playoffs, teams, shop, and even nhl.tv. Everything is laid out and managed in simple layout on the site. All you have to do is click each provided link and you will be taken to your destination. This is definitely a site that all hockey fans shouldn’t miss.


6. 6stream

6stream mma stream


Just like other best CricHD alternative that already listed here, this site is also offering their service in sports streaming contents. Feel free to watch various kinds of sports contents as there are different categories available on the website, along with the streaming options. There are also schedules (for those streams) so you won’t have to worry about missing your favorite events or matches.

There is also IPTV channel available for those who want to access it. The performance for each stream is quite well, as all of them are available in HD contents. There is also a chatting line for those who want to interact (and communicate) with other visitors. Simply click on the chatting box and you can start your conversation. This is a great website for those who want to stream their favorite sports as well as interacting with others.


7. 12th Player

11 Best Sites like CricHD for All Sports Aficionados 1


The site is created especially and exclusively for football fans. You may not be able to watch all kinds of sports streaming matches or events, but if you are one of those hardcore football aficionados, then this site will improve your knowledge (and also insight) about the football industry. You should be able to access not only the high-quality sports streaming service, but also all the in-depth knowledge and performance.

The site has impressive online support, and they continuously have regular updates that will make your day! This is a free service, which means that you don’t have to pay anything to subscribe, but you do have to register to be able to access the service. And be advised that this site does have ads, so you may want to consider that before signing up.


8. Buffstreams

Sites like CricHD


This is another popular alternative that most sports fans often go to. It is one of the best sites like CricHD because some of the best traits. The site provides straightforward and direct access to sports events and TV broadcasts, streams, and also live streams. The best thing about this service is the fact that users like you can easily access it on the browser as well as on the smartphone.

Yes, you can access your favorite shows from your mobile devices. The service is completely free and yet you won’t have to worry about the overall quality or performance. Be advised, though, that Buffstreams has ads. They aren’t obtrusive or extremely annoying, but it is one factor that you want to consider before signing up. But if you want a website that can provide multiple feeds and link options, this is definitely one option that you shouldn’t miss.


9. NHLstream

NHLstream 2021


The website may focus on hockey, but you can actually find other sports categories in this site. The site may not offer many sports categories because they are mainly focusing on the hockey contents, but you can watch basketball, basketball, and American football (or some people call it rugby). As the name suggests, the main focus of the website is about hockey.

It is about the streaming videos, news updates, players, and others. As one of the best sites like CricHD, you should be able to enjoy high-quality contents without obstruction. Accessing the service is also easy as you only need to choose and click, and you are good to go!


10. VIPboxTV



If you come to the website, you will see this super clean and straightforward web design. All of the sports categories are available there – right on the front page. Simply click an icon and you will be taken the destination.

There is also a search box that you can access in case you know the exact video that you want. There is also an option ‘Live Now’ that can give you access to the current live contents straight away. In short, if you want a website that doesn’t have any complication or drama, this would be just the perfect one for you.


11. Streameast

StreamEast Alternatives


This is another popular and reliable sports streaming website that you can access if you want to enjoy high-quality streaming videos in various sports categories. There is basketball, American football, baseball, and others.

The basic service is free, but if you want to enjoy multiple streams, then you need to upgrade to a Pro version, which is a paid service. The website has a nice and simple layout where the current live actions are display on the main page. It is completely fuss-free, making it one of the best sites like CricHD that you should check.

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