10 Best Terrarium TV Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows

Terrarium TV is a movie and TV shows app that very popular among movie lovers around the world. Terrarium TV basically only provides links to movies, and it does not have a movie or TV series within its database. Terrarium TV was always updated with the most recent movies and episodes, which is the reason why many users got disappointed as it had been shut-down.

Ever since that time, similar apps have seemed trying to take the place of Terrarium TV. With that said, we recorded down a few of the very best Terrarium TV alternative programs which you may try. These programs are updated regularly, making them credible enough to make it into the list below. Keep reading to learn more info about those programs below.


10 Best Terrarium TV Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows


1. Onebox HD

Onebox HD best movie app

Onebox HD best movie app


If you are looking for the best Terrarium TV alternatives I would strongly recommend Onebox HD. This is a simple way to watch movies and TV series. OneBox HD supports various platforms besides Android, such as Chromecast, Firestick, as well as Kindle.

Here is the reason why you must first enable your device the permission to install third-party applications initially, before downloading the program. In terms of content, the app has tens of thousands of movies and series that range from classics to recently published ones. The only disadvantage of the tool is that a few videos do not play in any way, but that little happened.


2. TVZion




TVZion is a subscription-based streaming program. This program guarantees a lot of advantages after subscribing, largely about movie quality and the number of screens you are able to watch from. The contents of this program are extremely well organized you will have no issues searching for your favourite movie or TV show to watch.

During the subscription period, you may encounter ad-free viewing for uninterrupted pleasure. TVZion can also be constructed to fit what device you’re using, particularly from Android TV. This is due to the fact that the program syncs itself to the apparatus at which it’s used, which makes it simpler for the user to utilize.


3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time


Looking for the best apps like Terrarium TV? Popcorn Time is a favorite movie streaming website, and also comes with an Android version. All the movies and TV shows in the database of Popcorn Time could be accessed from the app. This makes watching movies mobile and more convenient since you can take it everywhere. Popcorn Time also allows users to download movies and watch them offline.

The tool does not require the Android smartphone to be rooted first but requires permission from the device before it could be set up. This is because Popcorn Time is a third-party program and is not a part of the Google Play Store application. However, this is not a dangerous program for your device, making it ok to have it in your device.


4. Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ


Want to watch movies on your smartphone? Freeflix HQ is one of the greatest ways to watch movies and TV series. Freeflix HQ tons of TV series, anime, and movies. This program supports Chromecast screencasting so that you can watch from a bigger screen.

You could also download and then watch the movies offline. Furthermore, if you’re a WWE fanatic, you are able to take advantage of the WWE section inside the program. The media player within the program has a subtitle feature that could be enabled while viewing a video. Last, you can customize the way the app will look on your apparatus to meet your personality. Truly an excellent program, Freeflix HQ will prove to be a trusted app for you and your friends or families.


5. CatMouse APK

catmouse apk

catmouse apk


CatMouse APK is one of my favorite apps for watching movies on smartphones for free. This app offers various features unavailable on other applications. One example of these features is the ability to cast the screen to other devices because CatMouse APK has been Chromecast supported.

This is a feature that is not commonly accessible for free entertainment programs. Also, the app could be installed on any Android device without having rooting. Also, the program is one-hundred percent free of viruses according to its developers, which is why it’s very safe to use. All the things mentioned previously are excellent, but what’s best about this program is that it is absolutely free.


6. TeaTV

TeaTV Best Terrarium TV Alternatives to Watch Movies

TeaTV Best Terrarium TV Alternatives to Watch Movies


TeaTV is probably the most recently released app like Terrarium TV. However, that is not a reason not to check it out, because, like any other programs within this list, TeaTV is also on par with Terrarium TV. The main reason is that this app supports any Android devices, and does not require any root process.

TeaTV Is a Third-Party Streaming Program That Stream The Content Of Premium Streaming Sites For Free. Also, The UI Of TeaTV Is Quite Clean And Clear. You’ll find Fewer Ads And More Posts. Therefore, You Won’t Feel Distact While Viewing It.

Installing TeaTV On Your Device Will Give You Complete Access To View Your Favorite Movies And Web Series Anytime In Your Smartphone.TeaTV Apk Is Your Best Alternative to Terrarium TV.


7. Showbox




Showbox is another app similar to Terrarium TV, which is my favorite app to watch free movies on a smartphone. This app is probably the one that is closest to Terrarium TV because it gets updated the fastest and contains an extensive and enormous library. Showbox was taken down many times but bounced back every time.

From time to time, the Showbox app will stop working and later on will have a new version available. This is the drawback of using this program because you’ll need to reinstall the app from time to time. However, for an app that is the first to launch new TV series episodes and the most recent movie release, it is bearable.


8. CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV new

CyberFlix TV new


If you prefer streaming movies on a smartphone, I strongly recommend CyberFlix TV as one of the best alternatives to Terrarium TV. CyberFlix TV offers tons of movies and TV series. The application is lightweight, which explains the reason why it’s been downloaded over ten thousand times. CyberFlix TV also has a lot of links and sources, which provides users more options to watch. In general, CyberFlix TV remains a notable application since it remains true to its promise of providing clear-quality and newest movies each moment.


9. MovieBox HD

MovieBox Pro

MovieBox Pro


MovieBox HD is one of the top apk most users are interesting to get HD movies on their smartphones. This application provides high-quality HD films for Android users. Most smartphone users are interested in this program, We have seen thousands of movies currently released to the marketplace with a variety of categories. MovieBox HD is one of the popular free applications that you may use to download your needed software very simple for your smartphone.

This really is a great Terrarium tv alternative that you may use for watching movies and TV series. Together with streaming, it is also possible to download movies and tv shows for offline streaming. The program is free to use and its interface can be pretty much like the Terrarium Tv app which is really the very best interface.


10. UnlockMyTV

10 Best Terrarium TV Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows 1



For those seeking a free alternative to subscription streaming services, UnlockMyTV provides extensive on-demand access to thousands of HD movies and TV shows without any ads or unwanted distractions.

With an interface optimized for personalization, UnlockMyTV allows you to integrate external media players like VLC and MX Player for the best viewing experience. You also have subtitles available in over 200 languages to aid your enjoyment.

A key advantage is that UnlockMyTV contains both the latest cinematic releases in theaters now as well classic films spanning decades. This means you can both keep up with hot new titles or rediscover vintage movies from the past all within a single app completely free.

Unlike some free sites loaded with intrusive ads and clickbait, UnlockMyTV focuses solely on optimizing navigation and streaming quality for an interruption-free binge-watching experience on par with paid services.

For cord-cutters and casual streamers alike seeking a diverse catalog of ad-free HD entertainment, UnlockMyTV delivers a compelling media platform to satisfy cinematic cravings across languages and personal devices with no fees required.

FAQ: Terrarium TV App

Does terrarium TV still work?

Terrarium TV has announced it's shutting down. The programmers are no longer likely to give app support. That is sad news to the community of internet streamers who depended heavily on Terrarium TV because of their entertainment demands

is terrarium TV legal?

Terrarium TV app is legal, but in some cases, they received copyright complaints, therefore they are no longer operational anymore.

What is the best free streaming app for Android?

There are some of the best recommendations for free streaming apps for Android such as MovieBox HD, CyberFlix TV, Showbox, TeaTV.