10 Best Torrenting Sites Worth To Try

What is the best torrent proxy? If you have ever wondered about the best torrenting sites, there are several options that can help you with your computer and browsing needs. In case you don’t know it, torrent is a type of file containing metadata.

It actually doesn’t contain a file in general, but it helps the (torrent) software search and look for computers that share the file. Once the software has been located, the software can connect to computers so it can copy ebooks, music, movies, photos, documents, games, podcast episodes, and applications.

The file-sharing method takes place in P2P or peer-to-peer networks. The computers are called peers. The sharing is called seeding. When there are more seeders, the download will happen faster. Torrenting a popular way to connect and gain access to many contents – files and folders.

No wonder if there are many torrent websites available – although some of them may experience challenges of being shut down. They often have to open and close their operations many times. So, what are the available options?


10 Best Free Torrenting Sites Unblocked

Different Torrent Site Types

Keep in mind that before choosing the best torrenting sites, there are two categories for them. Private sites or private trackers would limit the contents and access to members only.

New members, in general, can register only through invitation. So, an existing member must provide permission to the new one through invite code or email. And all members must meet the ratio of upload to download to prevent leeching.

The public sites or open trackers allow the users (any user) to get access to the tracker address. It is very easy and simple to download files from the sites quite different from the private (torrent) sites. Which is better then? Naturally, when you prefer easy access, public sites are better.

But if you prefer safety and secure download, then private trackers are better. Again, it goes back to your personal preference and want.


1. The Pirate Bay

most popular torrent sites

most popular torrent sites


When we are talking about one of the most popular torrent sites with easy access and simple navigation, nothing can beat The Pirate Bay. After all, it is also one of the oldest torrent sites that provide easy and obtrusive access to all users. One of the things to like about the site is the tag that will notify you whether it is safe or not to choose (and download) the files. The site also has its own wide and expansive collections – finding files should be easy and even fun!

The user accessibility is impressive and the features are quite nice. Because of these features, no wonder if The Pirate Bay is ALWAYS included within the list of the best torrenting sites ever existed. However, you need to know that the site has always been off and on for the last several months – yes, it is one of the many challenges the site has. But the site has its own mirrors, such as thepiratebay10.org, proxybay.xyz, pirateproxy-bay.com, thepiratebay.cx.



YTS AM Torrent

YTS AM Torrent


This is another torrent site that increases in popularity. YTS AM is claimed to have several beneficial features – one of which is its ability in accommodating the smallest size files. The small size is definitely helpful because it won’t hurt your bandwidth and it won’t take up many spaces in your device.

Another cool thing is that you won’t have to worry about quality. Most of the files have good quality so there won’t be anything lousy. In most cases, torrent files are available in 720p as well as 1080p,  they provide a great torrenting experience.

In the event that you are looking for mirrors, there are several options. You may find such things as yts.unblocked.krd, ytss.unblocked.is, and yts.pm and more.


3. Zooqle

Best Torrenting Sites

Best Torrenting Sites


Zooqle is another public best torrenting sites that you can use if you want to enjoy a flawless torrenting experience. The existence and popularity of Zooqle are increasing because of the strong and growing followers. Feel free to use it to download everything, such as games, movies, TV shows, ebooks, and so much more. One of the things to like is the good interface and interesting display that will make navigation easy and whimsical.

The search bar is also nice and super handy. It enables you to find any content you want without compromising comfort. For mirrors, open your eyes for things like zooqle.unblocked.krd


4. Torrents.me




Not only you can use the site to search the files or folders, but you can also use other sites. When you gain access to this site, it can connect you to other sites and finally find the files you are looking for. The menu and the user interface is quite nice because it enables easy to track and search.

Expect to find a tracker showing popular (download) categories and also trends so you can pick the suitable contents for the download. If you are one of those data geeks, then this site would be right up your alley. This is definitely one of the best torrenting sites to try. Who knows? Maybe you will like it!


5. TorrentGalaxy

torrentgalaxy proxy

torrentgalaxy proxy


If you have never tried this site, maybe this is your chance to do so. They have a pretty expansive collection. They offer various themes, topics, and categories, such as documentaries, games, ebooks, music, and so much more. Want to stream TV shows and live movies?

They have a special section for it. If you are into streaming so much, this site would be one of the best you’ll love. Not to mention that navigating the site is a breeze with simple operation. For the mirrors, expect to find things like torrentgalaxy.unlockproject.live, torrentgalaxy.mrunlock.pro, and torrentgalaxy.nocensor.icu.


6. TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk logo

TorrentFunk logo


Looking for the best Torrenting sites? This is another torrent site that you can use if you are looking for different kinds of files and folders. The collections are quite many. Can’t find the files you are looking for? This is kind of impossible because of the expansive collections they have. Not only they have so many different titles, but they also come with different categories like ebooks, software, music, games, and movies.

It is guaranteed that finding the files you want would be so easy. When compared to others, this torrent site may not be overly popular but you should try the easiness in using the site. The mirrors include torrentfunk1.unblocked.is and torrentfunk1.unblocked.lol.


7. SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents l

SkyTorrents l


This is another public torrent that encourages easiness and simplicity in finding the files you want. The site is claimed to provide its users with minimal tracking – meaning that it doesn’t take a lot to find the files you want. You should be able to download ebooks, software, music, videos, and many more easily. In fact, the minimalist interface can be inspirations for other torrent sites. The mirror is skytorrents.lol.


8. Torrentz2

10 Best Torrenting Sites Worth To Try 1



It isn’t exactly a full operating torrent site but it is more appropriate as a meta-search (engine) type that is able to combine results from different (and several) torrent sites. Because of its nature, it can give you more content than other regular torrent websites. Many have used this site for downloading music although you can also use it to download other types. Using and navigating the site is easy and simple – it is completely a no brainer. The mirror is torrentz2eu.in.






RARBG is a big directory of torrents, popular for a very active community of seeders and high-quality torrents. This website offers torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol.
Its library size is adequate, and it has updated frequently, which means you get a higher prospect of finding fresh torrents on the website.

RARBG also comes with an extremely similar download speed as The Pirate Bay. The only distinction is that advertisement infestation is somewhat larger on RARBG, so take that into account when picking one of the two.


10. 1337X



1337X is the best place to watch movies, TV shows, and download music. Some users use it to browse for game torrents as well, but from our research, it does look like both RARBG and The Pirate Bay have more torrents in that category, especially for older titles.

1337X is great for those who are after older or more obscure torrents. 1337x is the top torrent site that may user access today. probably their torrent database is not as huge as some other websites, but it is likely to have what you’re after.

Those are some of the best torrent sites you can access today. Perform your own search to find the best torrenting sites,  whether it is private or public. Please, use these sites wisely and we are not responsible for what you do in the future.