8 Biggest Car Companies In The World

So you are looking for the information about the biggest car companies in the world, well, we’ve got you covered. Yup, this article is going to present a valuable information dealing with the largest car companies on the globe. Stop searching and stay with us for ten minutes only.

Toyota, Volkswagen and Daimler are the few examples of the leading car manufacturers in the world. There are still many other big car companies like Mercedes Benz, Ford, Honda and more. These companies have been going strong for so many years although the hardest challenge to remain producing is sometimes going down because of the newcomers.

It is assumed that a good quality of car is much determined by how old the company is. In other words, the old company that remains operating up to this modern era proves that it continue to serve the customer with the best quality of products.

Without taking too much time, here are the top biggest car companies in the world you can check out in the review.


8 Biggest Car Companies In The World (Most Valuable Auto Companies)


1. Honda Motor Company

Honda Motor Co., Ltd

Honda Motor Co., Ltd


Maybe you are curious about what is the biggest car company in the world? Who doesn’t know Honda? It likely becomes the legend of vehicle especially a car. Honda Motor Co., Ltd is originated in Japan with the unit sale of 5.36 million. As Japanese automaker’s global sales has improved during 2019, Honda develop the increasing profit forecast by 113% to $7 billion. This is a very significant increase especially in March 2019.

Honda is slowing sales in China. This makes the company declines in sales. This may be because the Japanese and the rivals of China. However, the two leading models which are the Civic and CR-V-SUV comes with good qualities.


2. Ford Motor Company

Ford is Biggest Car Companies In The World

Ford is Biggest Car Companies In The World


The next biggest car company in the world you need to know is Ford.Ford is originated in United States of America along with the unit sales of 6.25 million. It has an annual revenue which increases 3.3 % for the fiscal year of 2017. However, it soon dropped significantly in 2018. The revenue goes down 37% because of the significant sales drop either in China or in Japan.

Ford motor company is categorized as the family-owned business which was originally producing a few cars each day. Later, the revolution of the large-scale car production across the world makes the company go bigger.


3. Toyota Motor Corporation

toyota motor corporation

toyota motor corporation


It is not uncommon to see Toyota in most cars in the street. Along with the annual revenue of $240 billion, the company is listed as the biggest car companies in the world. The first car production presented by Toyota Corporation Motor is the Model AA sedan in 1936. This led the company to involve in the competitive presence in the automobile industry. In 2000, Toyota Motor Corporation is announced to be the largest car company in Japan.

Did you know? Toyota Motor Corporation is a company arising its family heritage. It is family-owned business

founded originally by Sakichi Toyoda.


4. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Biggest Car Companies In The World

Biggest Car Companies In The World


Have you ever heard Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) ? You may have probably seen the Fiat car but may not know more about the company. Well, as one of the biggest car companies on the globe, Fiat has an annual revenue $130 billion. The headquarters location of the company include Amsterdam, Netherlands and London, and United Kingdom. Jeep Cherokee is the popular card produced by the company.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is an Italian-American multinational car company. It was formed by the merging of Fiat and Chrysler Companies in 2014. Thus, this company is recently originated that is in 2014. Now Fiat Chrysler Automobile keeps maintain subsidiary in both countries. It also keeps operating the four different global markets. The company’s popular brands are including Jeep, Dodge and Lancia.


5. Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group


Out of the list of biggest car companies in the world, Volkswagen Group is considered at the top rank. The annual revenue reaches $117 billion with the headquarters location of Wolfsburg, Germany. This company was founded in 1937 by the German government with the aim to create and provide the people with the affordable car. Volkswagen Group Company was firstly operated by the German Labour Front.

Volkswagen Company is the Nazi-run organization manufactured the equipment for military vehicles. This made the company become a target for destruction. As a solution, a revitalization was done by the British after the war. It was so much successful.

One thing you need to know about Volkswagen Group Company is the fact that it has an ambitious plans to launch a large number of electric vehicles in the next decade. This is supported by the idea of cooperating with Chine to produce and supply the lithium batteries.


6. Daimler AG

Daimler AG

Daimler AG


If you want to purchase a car form the biggest car company, you can consider Daimler AG. The annual revenue of the company is $80 billion along with the Mercedes Benz Sprinter as the popular car production.

Daimler AG is categorized as the multinational company as well as the largest truck manufacturer on the globe. Daimler AG offers the majority of the Germany’s information technology services and the number of financial services both in Europe and North America.

As one of the biggest car companies in the world, Daimler AG plans to expand its compact-car production network and increase the compact-car family with five to eight models.


7. BMW




If you don’t know BMW, you must be a person just coming out of the jungle. BMW is listed as one of the biggest car company on the planet with the annual revenue of $72 billion. There are two headquarters location of the company that are Munich and Germany. BMW 3 Series is the popular car production of the company.

Did you know? BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works which is the top auto exporter in all of European countries. It is a very famous car company which started out producing aircraft engines during World War 1. After the war, BMW produced more efficient engines for Luftwafie during World War II.

Nowadays, BMW company keeps maintaining 30 production locations in 14 different countries. This company employs 129.932 people to work for.


8 General Motors

general motors

general motors


What about General Motors? Have you known more about the company? Founded in 1908, this company grows with the annual revenue of $52 billion now. It has three headquarters location that are Detroit, Michigan and USA. Do you know Chevrolet Impala? It is the popular car produced by the company.

General Motors is best described as one of the “Big Three” automakers in USA. It offers the world a reputable brands like Buick, Chevrolet and GMC. Firstly, it produced the full-sized hybrid electric pickup trucks in 2004. Later, it gets developed to go greener and lessen its negative impact on the environment.

Did you know? In 2014, General Motors has CEO named Marry Barra. She is the first woman to be in charge of major car maker.



Finally, you may come to the conclusion that reading on the review of the biggest car companies in the world is important. Perhaps, you need the information dealing with your willingness to purchase a car with the best quality. Thus, you must consider purchasing it from the biggest car company.

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