Boosted Posts Vs. Paid Ads: Key Differences and When To Use Each

Boosted posts and paid ads are effective marketing strategies to generate more likes and traffic for your Facebook or Instagram business page. They are an excellent way to target niche audiences, reach more potential customers and increase the visibility of your brand. If you are wondering whether to use boosted posts or paid ads to get more likes for Facebook engagement, then this article is for you. Read on as we discuss the critical differences between the two and when to use each.

What Are Boosted Posts?

Boosted posts on Facebook or Instagram are advertisements you pay for to boost your posts. These ads are generated from the posts on your Facebook or Instagram page. A boosted post showcases your products to your target audience for a duration of time, depending on your budget. 

These posts can also be used to promote specific products, allowing you to advertise the items that aren’t getting much visibility from your general ads. For instance, companies such as Eotech use them to advertise discounts like the Eotech LEO discount for law enforcement officers. 

Boosted posts have countless advantages to your business page, including getting more Facebook likes, reaching new clients, and making more sales. Boosting your Facebook posts also enables you to reach many clients in different areas simultaneously. In addition, this mode of advertising is affordable and effective.

What Is a Facebook Paid Ad?

You can create a Facebook ad by using the ads manager on your page. Additionally, you customize your settings and decide on your target audience. Some pros of Facebook Ads include the following:

  • Where to place your ads: You decide where you want your ads to appear, for instance, Messenger ads or Facebook News feed.
  • Facebook ads have a call to action and a vivid description of products, encouraging people to buy from your business.
  • It’s easy to adjust your budget, target audience, and the duration you want the ad to run for
  • Facebook ads also have tools to help you select only your target audience and filter the rest.

When to Use Boosted Posts

Facebook-boosted posts are ideal for:

  • Reaching a wider audience
  • Targeting a specific audience
  • Getting more Facebook likes and engagement
  • Converting audience into clients

When to Use Facebook Paid Ads

Unlike Boosted posts, Facebook ads don’t necessarily guarantee to turn your target audience into clients. Facebook ads are effective for:

  • When you have more specific objectives, like a specific audience
  • Reaching a new audience
  • Tracking your progress and gauging the effectiveness of the paid advertisements
  • Reaching new audiences on other social media platforms like Instagram.


Ultimately, both boosted posts and paid ads are effective marketing strategies that can work to your advantage. However, you need to know when to use each to maximize the results of both marketing strategies. While boosted posts successfully convert your fans into clients, Facebook paid ads are more effective in reaching a wider audience but don’t guarantee converting them into clients. 

Additionally, Facebook ads have more customization options as compared to boosted posts. With Facebook ads, you can monitor your progress easily. Regardless, the choice of whether to use boosted posts or Facebook ads depends on your budget and specific goals. 

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