Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

Do you ever see your wife behaving strangely? Do you feel she is hiding something from you? If so, this is how you recognize something wrong occurs to your marital status as your wife focuses on staying with her phone, making you arise a question; can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing?

Truly, we live in the years when digital mobile phones are the vital devices on everyone’s hands all the time. At home, at work and everywhere else, if your wife keeps peeping on her phone, something must happen there.

In this regards, we recommend you use Spyic to track your wife’s phone even without letting her know it. Is it possible? Why not? Tracking your wife’s phone will be the best way to monitor all her whereabouts, including the locations and activities done there.

In this post, about Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing using Spyic apps. So let’s get into the details.


Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing? Use Spyic App and Go Tracking

Spyic is a spy app that is luckily compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Thanks to iOS that requires no installation of the app that you should do on your wife’s device. This means that everything can remotely viewed and done without even jailbreaking.

Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing


However, if you are using Android, installing this 2MB lightweight app is needed. Since the app runs in the stealth mode technology, your way of installing the app and running on it will not be detected by the device’s owner. Further, you don’t either need to root the target device.

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing? Do it with Spyic. It remotely gets the data you need from your wife’s device such as photos, videos, files and etc. Spyic enables you to easily track your wife’s phone without needing any technical expertise. Along with the use of technology, the app automatically sync with your wife’s data and updates you.

In this case, the data synced by the device will be synced to your web-based account instead of just storing it. Thus, when you log out, no one will be able to view your data. Spyic is safe, reliable and secure. There are more exceptional capabilities that Spyic stands out from its rivals.

Spyic is designed with the location tracker feature to track your wife’s phone. It also transmit the live location updates to you. Supported by the feature of timestamps with GPS and WI-Fi-based data, you will be able to obtain the target’s current location. In this case, the information also has GPS coordinates of both the present and the past positions.

What’s more?

Spyic geofencing feature is much of advantage to help track your wife’s device without her knowing. It enables you to set a geographical boundaries for particular areas. Thus, you will be notified every time your wife goes out of the provided perimeter.


Great Features of Spyic

As one of the potential surveillance app, Spyic offers lots of great features that you can dive in to discuss some of the app’s elements.

Here is the list of Spyic features you can read in details so that you can utilize them when running on the app:


Social Media Spy

Spyc is a social media spyware which is designed to monitor someone’s Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat and more. All of messages including the sender’s credentials, timestamps and the attached media files can be viewed well. This app also allows you to read all of the deleted messages and download all the multimedia files that have been shared.


Call Tracker

Call tracker feature is functioned to allow you to view your wife’s call logs, call numbers, time duration, call ID and etc. Luckily, you can also be able to record your wife’s phone calls to find out what she is saying and who she is talking with.


Website Monitor

Website monitor is another unique feature offered by this app. Truly, website monitor feature enables you to view and examine all of the history of the internet browsing. You can even go ahead and block the access to websites.



Another feature offered by Spyic is the keylogger. This feature keeps a record of all the keystrokes made on your wife’s device exclusively. In this case, the keystrokes are well-organized based on the app your wife types on. So you will discover anything such as your wife’s login details and typed messages.


Quick Setup

Beneficially, using this spy app is easy due to its easy setup feature. For both iOS and Android, installing this app needs only five minutes. Once you installed the app, you could start monitoring your wife.


No Root and Jailbreak

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing? Why not? If you use Spyic app, it would be great enough since the app has a superior technology. This way, Spyic needs no root or jailbreak. This app doesn’t either need the device customization. So you won’t compromise your wife’s device then.


Stealth Mode Operation

To stay unnoticed, this app has stealth mode operation. In iOS, the app uses iCloud while in Android, the stealth more is functioned discreetly.



Among the spy apps, Spyic is legitimate and secure. It values your privacy and doesn’t steal your information. Further, it doesn’t drain the battery while the data is synchronized.


Internet-based Service

Spyic entirely runs on an online-basd interface. So you can just open the app’s control panel in

any of your web browser.



Another luck derived from downloading and installing Spyc app is the fact that it is affordable. Compared to the other spy apps, the features of this app is more than they charge. So if you want a budget-friendly spy app, Spyicn is a solution for all your needs in monitoring your wife.


How To Track Your Wife’s Phone Through Spyic App Without Her Knowing

How To Track Your Wife’s Phone Through Spyic Ap


So you want to track your wife’s phone without her knowing, Spyic is the right app to do so. It simply allows you to monitor the device only in a few minutes. To start with the app, you need only a smatrhphone or PC that is reliable with the internet connection and working an email address.

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing? Here are the steps on how to track your wife’s phone using Spyic:


Step 1

The first step to do in using Spyic is to create Spyic account. Use your email and password to sign up and select your wife’s device OS. Later, pay for your preferred subscription plan.


Step 2

Wait for a few seconds. You will a receipt in term of login credentials to setup the guidelines. If you use Android, download and install Spyic app using the emailed link. Don’t forget the stealth mode to hide the app as the installation finishes.


Step 3

If you are using iOS, it is necessary to validate your wife device’s iCloud username and password. Later, wait for the synchronization.


Step 4

This is the last step you can perform in using Spyic app to track your wife’s device without her knowing. In this step, re-access your web-based account. There are Spyic’s exclusive features viewed along with the target’s device summary on the dashboard. Click on the location feature which is on the left bar menu of the dashboard. This is aimed to track your wife’s location.


Final Words

Can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing? Use Spyic app and you will be able to surf on your wife’s device unknowingly. Utilizing the stealth mode feature enables you to track your wife’s device without being detected.

In this post, we have presented everything you can track on your wife’s phone along with the steps on how to track your wife’s phone using the app. If you still feel doubt about Spyic, read on the features specifically to ensure yourself that this app is unquestionable to help you go with the tracking.

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