How To Check Website Status Down Or Not?

Is your website status down or not? The important thing when choosing a server is uptime and loading speed. maybe some of the users are fooled by the price and when the website runs, they find the site down?

this case happens to webmasters or bloggers (Beginners) I would recommend you to check the website uptime, it is the best way to find out the quality of the server you are running.

Today I went to share how to find out if your site is down or not? Please use the following tools for server down checking.


How To Check Website Status Down Or Not

How To Check Website Status Down Or Not

How To Check Website Status Down Or Not



There are several reasons why your website is down

  • Bad hosting server provider
  • Hacker attack
  • DDoS attack
  • Overloaded visitor traffic
  • Incorrect website configuration
  • Natural disasters
  • Server migration


How to check if your website is down

Some things that can cause the website down, some cases that occur are due to DDoS attacks and Server migration at the end of the year. When your website is down, visitors cannot access the website, including you. Therefore to make sure your server or website is down or not, please check with the following tools.


1. is a common way to check websites down. This tool helps you to check and track your website up or down. All you have to do is enter the URL in the column and then press the green button. Please wait for the process you will see data about your website. If you see green and UP, your site isn’t down!



The best way to check websites down or up is using This tool is useful for finding out whether your site is really down or your browser has a problem? Do you know that Amazon lost thousands of dollars because their site went down in just 1 minute? And some banks also suffer losses because their customers cannot access the site?

Make sure you check the website uptime as often as possible, because it affects your website’s traffic. You can easily use a smartphone to check your site’s uptime. Only pegi to the browser and enter your url to know the status of servers is down or not?



Next is, one of the best tools for checking website down history. To check the status of your server, please enter the URL without www and SSL. Example Then click on the green button and wait for the process.

This tool will display data about the status of your server. Such as Service Status, Response Time and Response Code.



I would recommend as one tool that can show your sever status, is it down or up? This tool is simple and only takes a few seconds to find out your site’s data.


5. is the best recommendation to check whether your site is down worldwide or only on your computer? They have a server in the USA that helps to check the status of your site. In just a few seconds this tool can display specific data such as Service status, IP address, Response time and Response code.


6. Website status check

Track the uptime and performance of your website from over 60 locations across the world. Get detailed insights on critical performance metrics like DNS resolve time, connect time, first byte time, last byte time, and total response time. Click here to check if your website is accessible to customers worldwide.



Knowing the website’s down history is the best way to compare server quality. I would strongly recommend you to use VPS on your site. It is a solid service to get quality server Uptime. Unlike shared hosting, the IP address is divided into several users, so this setting occurs down. In fact there are many factors that cause a site down, but the quality of the server is the main.