10 The Top Cloud Backup Solutions to Secure Your Small Business Data

Running a small business comes with many challenges, from wearing multiple hats to pinching pennies. One crucial area that is easy to overlook is data backup and protection. Without an adequate data backup plan, one server crash or cyber attack could wipe out everything, destroying years of hard work.

Fortunately, with cloud backup solutions, effective data protection does not have to be complex or expensive. Leveraging the cloud’s economies of scale, versatility and security, small business owners now have access to enterprise-grade capabilities for just a few dollars a month.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Cloud Backup Solution

Any business, large or small, needs to secure its data against loss from cyber attacks or hardware failure. Natural disasters, theft or human error can also jeopardize business continuity. While you may have anti-virus software installed or use a firewall, those solutions will not help if your hard drive crashes or you accidentally delete important files.

While large enterprises typically have dedicated IT teams and infrastructure, most small businesses cannot afford the equivalent in-house capabilities. Thankfully, the rise of cloud computing has democratized advanced data services so they are accessible to businesses of any size and budget.

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There are five key advantages to adopting a cloud-based solution for your small business data backup needs:

  • Reliability & Uptime – Redundant servers ensure uptime with automatic failover. Replication and continuous backups protect against data loss.
  • Security – Encryption, multifactor authentication and other measures safeguard data integrity. Facilities feature advanced physical security and adhere to compliance standards.
  • Disaster Recovery – Offsite cloud storage facilitates fast restores in the event of local disasters. Quickly access data from other systems.
  • Affordability – No hardware costs or maintenance required. Pay only for storage and services needed. Scale up or down as requirements change.
  • Convenience – Manage data backup and DR from your computer or smartphone app. Reduce administrative overhead. Free up time for strategic priorities that grow your business.

Top 10 Cloud Backup Storage Options for Small Businesses

Gone are the days of finicky backup tapes or hard drives that inevitably crash when you need them most. Modern cloud backup solutions leverage the economies of scale of the cloud to provide world-class business continuity capabilities that won’t break the bank.

After extensive research into the most popular services on the market, here are best cloud backup solutions stand out as the leaders in usability, security, affordability and restoration assurance for small business customers.


1. Backblaze – The Best Overall Choice

10 The Top Cloud Backup Solutions to Secure Your Small Business Data 1

Please Visit Link: https://www.backblaze.com/

Key Benefits:

  • Unlimited Data Backup
  • Automatic and Continuous Backup
  • Easy to Use and Set Up
  • Strong Encryption for Data Security
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Rapid File Restoration
  • Version History and File Recovery
  • Locate Lost or Stolen Computers
  • External Drive Backup
  • Business and Enterprise Options

Searching for cloud backup solutions for small businesses? Backblaze is one of the pioneers in the consumer and small business cloud backup space, now with over 2 exabytes of data stored.

Backblaze can be a good option for cloud backup solutions for small businesses, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the business. Here are some points to consider:

  • Unlimited Data Backup: Backblaze offers unlimited data backup, which is advantageous for small businesses with large amounts of data. This eliminates concerns about exceeding storage limits or incurring additional costs as data needs grow.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to some other cloud backup solutions, Backblaze is often more affordable, especially for businesses with a large volume of data. Its pricing structure is straightforward, making it easier for small businesses to budget for their backup needs.
  • Ease of Use: The service is known for its simplicity and ease of use. The setup process is straightforward, and once configured, it runs automatically in the background. This is beneficial for small businesses that may not have dedicated IT staff.
  • Security: Backblaze encrypts data during transfer and at rest, offering a good level of security for business data. However, businesses with extremely sensitive data may want to look into the specifics of Backblaze’s encryption and security practices to ensure they meet their standards.
  • Data Recovery Options: In case of data loss, Backblaze provides various recovery options. Users can download their data or request a physical hard drive to be shipped to them. This flexibility can be crucial for business continuity.
  • Business Features: Backblaze offers features tailored for business users, such as centralized billing and administration, making it easier to manage backups for multiple users or workstations.
  • Reliability: Backblaze has a reputation for reliability and is transparent about its data center practices and hard drive performance, which can give businesses confidence in the service.
  • Limited Local Backup Options: It’s worth noting that Backblaze primarily focuses on cloud backup. Businesses looking for hybrid backup solutions (both cloud and local backups) might need to use additional software or services.
  • Customer Support: For small businesses, having responsive and helpful customer support is important. Backblaze generally receives positive feedback for its support, but the level of support can vary depending on the plan.
  • Compliance and Regulations: Depending on the industry, some businesses may need to comply with specific data handling and privacy regulations. It’s important to verify whether Backblaze’s services meet those regulatory requirements.

In summary, Backblaze can be a good fit for small businesses seeking an affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable cloud backup solution. However, businesses need to assess their specific needs, especially regarding data volume, security, compliance, and recovery options, before making a decision.


2. Carbonite – Best For Compliance & Support

10 The Top Cloud Backup Solutions to Secure Your Small Business Data 2

Please Visit Link: https://www.carbonite.com/

Key Benefits:

  • Automatic Cloud Backup
  • Strong Data Encryption
  • File Versioning and Recovery
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Flexible Backup Options
  • External Hard Drive Backup
  • Remote File Access
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Compliance Support
  • Customer Support

Carbonite stands out as the go to option for more advanced small business backup needs and superior customer support.

Carbonite is another well-known provider of cloud backup solutions, and it’s often considered a good option for both personal and business users. Here’s an overview of what makes Carbonite stand out, along with some considerations:

Strengths of Carbonite

  • Automatic Cloud Backup: Like Backblaze, Carbonite offers automatic cloud backup, ensuring that files are continuously backed up without user intervention.
  • Data Encryption: Carbonite provides robust encryption for data both in transit and at rest, which is crucial for securing sensitive information.
  • Versioning and Deleted File Recovery: Carbonite offers file versioning, allowing users to restore previous versions of files. It also keeps deleted files for a certain period, which can be helpful in case of accidental deletions.
  • Ease of Use: The interface and setup process are user-friendly, making it a good choice for individuals and businesses without extensive technical expertise.
  • Various Plans for Different Needs: Carbonite offers multiple plans, including options for home users, small businesses, and larger enterprises, each with different features and pricing structures.
  • External Hard Drive Backup: Some Carbonite plans include the option to back up data from external hard drives, which can be a significant advantage for users with external storage needs.

Considerations and Limitations

  • Pricing: Carbonite’s pricing can be higher than some competitors, especially for plans that include additional features like external hard drive backup and server backup.
  • No Unlimited Plan for Business: Unlike Backblaze, Carbonite does not offer an unlimited backup plan for business users. Pricing is based on the amount of data and the number of computers.
  • Speed of Backup and Recovery: Some users report that the initial backup and data recovery processes can be slow, which might be a concern for businesses with large amounts of data.
  • Mobile Access and Backup: While Carbonite offers mobile access to backed-up data, its features for mobile device backup are limited compared to some other providers.
  • No Local Backup Option: Carbonite focuses on cloud backup, and if you’re looking for a hybrid solution (both cloud and local backup), you might need to use additional tools or services.
  • Customer Support: The level and quality of customer support can vary depending on the plan chosen.

Suitability for Small Businesses

For small businesses, Carbonite can be a good option, particularly for those who value strong security features and don’t mind paying a bit more for a user-friendly service with solid data protection capabilities. However, businesses with very large data sets or those requiring fast backup and recovery times might need to carefully consider their options.

Carbonite offers a range of features suitable for different user needs, but as with any service, it’s important to weigh its strengths and limitations against your specific requirements and preferences.


3. IDrive – Excellent Value For Tighter Budgets

10 The Top Cloud Backup Solutions to Secure Your Small Business Data 3

Please Visit Link: https://www.idrive.com/

Key Benefits:

  • Low price point
  • Disk image backup
  • File sharing & sync
  • Local backup option
  • Ease of Use
  • File Versioning and Recovery
  • Hybrid Backup
  • Compliance Standards

For cash-strapped small business owners needing to maximize value from limited budgets, IDrive hits a sweet spot.

At only $99 per year for 5TB of backup space, they beat out the competition on pure bottom-line pricing. Unlimited devices can be linked to the same account, without any storage limits per machine imposed.

IDrive retains deleted files for up to 30 days and lets you back up entire drive images for more comprehensive protection.

While missing some bells and whistles offered by other vendors, IDrive nails fundamentals like auto-scheduling encrypted backups to keep data secure. Storage takes place across facilities located on different power grids for resilience.

They also enable simple file sharing and sync across devices – handy for distributed teams needing to collaborate.

For local backup needs, the installable IDrive Express plugin can backup to a NAS or external drive on your premises using the same web console.

If keeping costs down is priority number one, definitely consider IDrive. The lower pricing does not come at the expense of core backup functionality or responsive customer support.


4. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – Extra Security Focused

10 The Top Cloud Backup Solutions to Secure Your Small Business Data 4

Please Visit Link: https://www.acronis.com/

Key Benefits:

  • Advanced cyber protection
  • Artificial intelligence enhanced
  • Secure block chain based file authentication
  • Broad platform support
  • AI-based Anti-Malware and Antivirus Protection
  • Endpoint Protection Management
  • Compliance and Data Sovereignty
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting
  • Management of Patch Updates
  • Remote Desktop and File Sync and Share
  • Integrated Backup and Cybersecurity

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a comprehensive cyber protection solution designed for businesses, offering a blend of data protection and cybersecurity in one platform.

For small businesses needing backup capabilities tightly integrated with enhanced cyber threat detection and response tools, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud delivers a compelling package.

Going beyond just data protection, their integrated suite protects against malware, ransomware, zero-day threats, remote desktop takeovers and phishing attacks. Leveraging AI and machine learning, the advanced behavioral analysis tools automatically detect suspicious activity and quarantine risks.

Acronis provides an additional security option that verifies data authenticity and integrity using blockchain technology. Their “Cyber Notary” capability generates a unique fingerprint signature for stored files. Any unauthorized tampering attempts to backup data will be flagged.

In addition to securing standard PC environments, Acronis Cyber Protect natively supports and protects 20+ platforms frequently used by businesses. These range from Windows and Linux servers to virtual machines, Microsoft Office 365, G Suite accounts, smartphones, and more.

With comprehensive cyber protection capabilities fused into a platform supporting all common IT environments, Acronis stands apart as the best option for security-focused organizations. The integrated defense tools provide warning of suspicious activity before an attack damages systems or data.

For small companies lacking dedicated IT security personnel, outsourcing this vigilance to Acronis makes solid financial sense.


5. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage – Excellent For Archival Needs

10 The Top Cloud Backup Solutions to Secure Your Small Business Data 5

Please Visit Link: https://wasabi.com/

Key Benefits:

  • Ultra affordable storage pricing
  • Integrates with backup tools
  • Specializes in archival data
  • Designed for infrequent access
  • High Performance
  • Immutable Storage
  • User-Friendly Interface

For less active data needing long term retention, Wasabi’s ultra low cost cloud storage delivers tremendous savings. Their Hot Cloud Storage solution meets growing archival demands at one-fifth the price of mainstream cloud providers.

While Wasabi lacks backup software capabilities, they earn their spot on this list by partnering and integrating with leading tools like Veeam, Commvault, Veritas and more. This makes it seamless to stage aging, inactive data to Wasabi for archival purposes. Storage costs get slashed without sacrificing ability to access the data when needed.

Specializing solely on data archiving rather than general purpose computing, Wasabi keeps costs minimized through optimization. Data gets stored on low cost storage media in a reduced redundancy setup given less frequent access requirements.

All data remains encrypted, with support options available if you need to retrieve archived information.

If your small business needs affordable storage for long term data retention that only needs to be accessed periodically, definitely check them out. Their pay-as-you-go pricing tiers alleviate headaches trying to predict storage needs years in advance.


6. NinjaOne – Best for MSPs and Distributed Networks

10 The Top Cloud Backup Solutions to Secure Your Small Business Data 6

Please Visit Link: https://www.ninjaone.com/

Key Benefits:

  • Made for MSPs and IT networks
  • Unified dashboard across customer environments
  • Predictive issue resolution powered by AI
  • Broad platform support
  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
  • Endpoint Management
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Patch Management
  • Customizable Alerts and Reporting
  • User-Friendly Interface

NinjaOne, formerly known as NinjaRMM, is a unified IT management platform designed for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT professionals.

NinjaOne delivers a top-tier unified solution designed specifically for managed service providers (MSPs) and distributed IT networks. Their integrated remote monitoring and management (RMM) capabilities combine backup with endpoint protection, patch management, automations and advanced scripting.

With NinjaOne, MSPs maintain visibility and control across all their client sites through a centralized dashboard. Custom reporting and billing options assist with tackling client requirements at scale.

Advanced AI functionality predicts potential issues and proactively resolves them before they disrupt operations. This automation enables more efficient staff utilization so you can support more customers with less bench overhead.

Their backup configurations extend beyond standard file retention to include full system imaging, Microsoft 365 data protection, popular SaaS apps, hypervisors and more.

For MSPs needing an all-in-one solution spanning endpoint management, service delivery, automation and backup across distributed customer environments, NinjaOne delivers maximum value.


7. Veeam – Most Flexible Deployment Options

10 The Top Cloud Backup Solutions to Secure Your Small Business Data 7

Please Visit Link: https://www.veeam.com/

Key Benefits:

  • Software-defined solutions for cloud, virtual, SaaS, Kubernetes
  • Natively integrated ransomware protection
  • Instant recovery options
  • Made in the U.S. with global presence
  • Cloud Data Management
  • High-Speed Recovery
  • Data Loss Avoidance
  • Advanced Monitoring and Analytics
  • Multi-Cloud Support
  • Strong Community and Support

Veeam distinguishes themselves through backup, recovery and data management solutions flexible enough for any IT environment. Software-defined and agent-based capabilities support cloud, virtualization, container, Kubernetes, SaaS platform and physical system protection.

Integrated ransomware detection alerts administrators to unusual activity so threats can be promptly neutralized. Frequent immutable backups facilitate instant recovery and minimize data loss from such attacks.

Veeam Cloud Data Management provides a control hub to unify visibility, compliance and mobility across multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

With broad platform support complemented by 200+ ecosystem integrations with leaders like HPE, NetApp and Cisco, Veeam solutions slot seamlessly into existing technology stacks.

For the ultimate in choice across IT environments and infrastructure partners, Veeam delivers flexibility other vendors struggle to match.


8. MSP360 Managed Backup – Top Pick for First-Time Buyers

10 The Top Cloud Backup Solutions to Secure Your Small Business Data 8

Please Visit Link: https://www.msp360.com/

Key Benefits:

  • Full managed backup service
  • Cloud Backup Solutions
  • Month-to-month terms
  • Unlimited storage and backup jobs
  • Free 24/7 support and onboarding
  • Centralized Management Console
  • Data Encryption
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Block-Level Backup
  • Bare-Metal Recovery
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • API Integration

MSP360 Managed Backup makes it easy for first-time backup customers to deploy an enterprise-grade solution without needing dedicated IT expertise. Their fully managed service handles cloud storage costs, backup scheduling, performance tuning, retention policies and configuration best practices for you.

Storage requirements are completely flexible with no arbitrary limits imposed. Expand backup jobs and protected devices as your needs evolve. MSP360’s experts monitor your backups around the clock to ensure completion, troubleshoot any issues and optimize as needed.

If disaster strikes, their 24/7 support staff help guide restoration remotely or dispatch an expert on-site to your facilities. With month-to-month terms and straightforward pricing per protected computer, MSP360 simplifies getting started while delivering reassuring outcomes.

For SMBs seeking a trusted partner to securely manage the heavy lifting behind bulletproof backups, MSP360 is an exceptional choice.


9. Unitrends Backup and Recovery – Best Customer Support

10 The Top Cloud Backup Solutions to Secure Your Small Business Data 9

Please Visit Link: https://www.unitrends.com/

Key Benefits:

  • U.S. based white-glove services
  • Customizable data retention policies
  • Forever Cloud option for long-term archival
  • Spin up temporary cloud environments

Unitrends commits to customer outcomes through premium North American based support and services. Their white-glove assistance fine tunes backup environments for flawless fits unique to each company’s workflows and recovery requirements.

Flexible retention policies balance cost efficiencies of long-term archiving against performance needs of hot data. Unitrends Forever Cloud option provides compliant storage for unlimited data retention at low TCO.

To empower test drives of new computing capabilities without commitment, customers can spin up temporary cloud environments restored from backup archives. This sandbox access helps inform future infrastructure modernization efforts.

For mission-critical data protection complemented by genuine human partnership, Unitrends support teams excel at delivering stress-free results.

Unitrends Backup and Recovery is a comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery solution designed for both physical and virtual environments. Key aspects of Unitrends Backup and Recovery include:

  • All-in-One Solution: Integrates backup, replication, and recovery processes in a single platform.
  • Support for Multiple Environments: Compatible with a wide range of environments, including virtual, physical, and cloud-based systems.
  • Automated Backup: Offers automated backup scheduling, ensuring regular and consistent data protection.
  • Instant Recovery: Features rapid recovery capabilities for minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): Provides disaster recovery services in the cloud, enhancing off-site data protection.
  • Ransomware Detection: Includes ransomware detection to safeguard against malicious attacks.
  • Granular Recovery: Allows for granular recovery of individual files and folders, as well as entire systems.
  • Compliance and Reporting: Helps businesses comply with regulatory requirements and provides detailed reporting for audit trails.
  • Appliance-Based and Software-Based Options: Available in both appliance-based and software-based deployments to suit different IT infrastructures.
  • Cloud Integration: Supports integration with major cloud platforms for seamless cloud storage and disaster recovery.
  • Scalability: Easily scalable to accommodate the growth of business data requirements.
  • Advanced Deduplication: Utilizes advanced deduplication technology to reduce storage needs and optimize backup efficiency.
  • Unified Management Interface: Offers a unified, user-friendly management console for simplified monitoring and management of backup and recovery processes.
  • SLA Policy Automation: Automates Service Level Agreement (SLA) policy management, ensuring that backup and recovery objectives are met.
  • Flexible Storage Options: Supports a variety of storage options, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid configurations.

Unitrends Backup and Recovery is designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses, providing robust and flexible data protection solutions that ensure data security, compliance, and quick recovery in the event of data loss or system failures.


10. Redstor Backup and Archiving – Excellence for Data Privacy

10 The Top Cloud Backup Solutions to Secure Your Small Business Data 10

Please Visit Link: https://www.redstor.com/

Key Benefits:

  • Exclusive control over encryption keys
  • Choose on-premise or cloud data storage
  • GDPR and data privacy regulation friendly
  • Archive directly from Microsoft 365 and Salesforce
  • Efficient Data Management
  • Data Archiving
  • Single Control Centre

Redstor gives clients exclusive control over encryption keys securing backup data. On-premise or cloud storage options apply standards-based AES-256 bit encryption ensuring data privacy from vendor personnel.

Support for regional compliance regulations like GDPR and CCPA makes Redstor ideal for global businesses. Consent and data access auditing assist with adherence requirements.

Tight integrations with Microsoft 365 and Salesforce accelerate full content archiving from those SaaS platforms into governed on-premise or cloud data stores. This consolidation simplifies oversight while still benefiting from native app capabilities.

For the highest levels of regulatory compliant backup flexibility alongside client-exclusive data access controls, Redstor delivers a refined solution.


Key Capabilities To Compare When Choosing a Cloud Backup Service

Of course, securing your small business data involves more than just finding the cheapest solution. The optimal cloud backup platform for your company depends on your operating environments, security policies, retention needs and recovery requirements.

When evaluating solutions, make sure to analyze options across these key dimensions:

Data Encryption & Security

  • Encryption protocols used for data in transit and at rest
  • Multifactor authentication supported for access
  • Compliance with data protection regulations
  • Cyber threat detection and prevention capabilities

Backup Configurations Supported

  • File-level vs full system image backups
  • Application-aware vs standalone
  • Local storage options available

Restore Functionality

  • Granularity of restores – file vs image vs application
  • Self-service restores available 24/7 or dependent on support tickets
  • Onboarding services to validate successful restoration

Storage Infrastructure & Data Durability

  • Public vs private vs hybrid cloud facilities
  • Geographic disbursement across regions
  • Data replication and redundancy specifics

Subscription Plans & Additional Charges

  • Storage allowance pools vs per-device limits
  • Ability to easily scale up and down
  • Bandwidth fees or other hidden costs

Customer Support Responsiveness

  • Communication channels available – phone, chat, ticketing
  • Location of support personnel
  • Availability outside business hours
  • Hands-on assistance for troubleshooting and optimization

Analyzing across these elements will highlight the solutions that best align to your operating realities today, while offering flexibility for future needs.

Do not get distracted sifting through extensive feature checklists across backup vendors. As with real estate, the most critical factors are “location, location, location” – in this case, encryption, restores and transfers.


FAQs: Key Questions Asked About Cloud Backup Services

What is the difference between cloud backup and cloud storage solutions?

Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive focus on file sync and sharing capabilities. While incredibly handy for accessing files across devices, these consumer-grade tools lack the infrastructure, security measures, retention policies and recovery controls necessary for business backup.

True cloud backup platforms offer additional redundancy, custom retention rules, networking optimizations, encryption safeguards and recovery guarantees critical to operational resilience. Advanced solutions also facilitate entire system imaging, application backups and cloud-to-cloud protection.


How quickly can my data be restored from the cloud?

Leading services allow self-service restoration of individual files in just minutes. Recovery of full server images or application data generally completes within 2-4 hours if a recent local copy is unavailable. For maximum business continuity, consider a hybrid approach combining local and cloud backup. This allows rapid local restores following most outages, with the cloud safety net for more catastrophic events.


What happens if the backup provider goes out of business?

Reputable services provide contingencies ensuring continued data access even if they discontinue operations. Often they escrow encryption keys with third parties to facilitate access by customers. Make sure to validate any provider has strong funding sources backing them before signing any long term contracts.


How can I calculate the total cost of ownership of a solution?

Consider all facets:

  • Monthly subscription fees based on storage consumed
  • Per device charges if applicable
  • Bandwidth/transfer overage charges
  • Professional services fees
  • Licensing differences between production vs. cold data

Price out options using both current and projected future capacity requirements. Changing vendors down the road can prove very challenging, so build in room for growth.


How often should backups run?

For maximum protection, cloud backup services should run continuously to capture changes. Typically software agents will scan for new/modified files every 15-60 minutes around the clock. Application-aware solutions may leverage log file tracking to identify additions in close to real-time.

Containing bandwidth usage usually requires some degree of periodic batching of transfers rather than continuous. Defining an optimal frequency depends on appetite for potential data loss. Continuous replication approaches offer the most granular recovery points.


What are the risks of relying on cloud backups?

While extremely reliable when configured properly, cloud platforms do experience occasional outages. Maintaining recent copies of critical data on local storage provides an extra hedge against disruption.

Also consider potential impacts if a provider unexpectedly discontinued operations or experienced breach. Contract termination clauses, key escrows and compliance controls help mitigate such scenarios.


Conclusion – Prioritize Cloud Backup Now To Protect Your Small Business For The Long Term

Every small business owner pours blood, sweat and tears into their company. Avoid losing years of hard work because of inadequate data backup preparations.

Cloud backup platforms bring enterprise-grade disaster recovery capabilities within reach of organizations on even the most modest budgets. The solutions highlighted in this guide represent the top tier of offerings tailored specifically to the needs of small businesses across a range of industries.

Take the time now, before disaster strikes, to secure the unique digital assets that power your company’s growth. Your future self will thank you! With cloud continuity strengths guarding your back, you can focus energy on moving your operations confidently toward greater prosperity.

Here’s to your business’s continued success! May your backup worries become a thing of the past and innovation roar forward.

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